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  1. It is out of print. You can try and see on boardgamegeek.com, on the GoW page. (the site is just on maintenance now, but it should not last long).
  2. Robin13

    Gears of War to be Out of Print soon?

    You are right, unfortunately.
  3. Robin13

    A more cooperative Descent?

    For someone who has historically been easily miffed by "pill jokes," you sure aren't shy about dishing them out. Am I meant to be coherent now? ;-)
  4. Robin13

    A more cooperative Descent?

    Remove the monsters and OL cards. Your players should be extremely happy about the "challenge". And serve them some antidepressants. It should help them face this hard life.
  5. Robin13

    A more cooperative Descent?

    Why not have one different previous hero player switch roles with the OL ? If the group can integrate the idea of living the unscrolling of an adventure, it could work. But, perhaps, rather than change your group, you could find another game, which fits its expectations better.
  6. Robin13

    Hand to Hand and bow attack

    He can attack adjacent. He uses the same dice as ranged attack and resolves the attack as ranged. He could just use the blue die, though, but I don't see an advantage doing so.
  7. Robin13

    Quest Compendium 2.0

    As quests depend on precise expansions, which are necessary to play the said quests, a compendium would not - at the present state of affairs - not make a lot of sense.
  8. Robin13

    Companions for Descent + More

    On your phone, there are two dice simulator programs. To create quests yourself, there is the online quest vault : http://tools.fantasyflightgames.com/descent/ But it won't work from a phone. To keep track of a campaign, I don't know if anything exists (one would have to craft a program for each campaing, as they work differently). I would suggest making an xls chart - readable on a phone.
  9. And there would be a great problem about wherefrom they come back on the map.
  10. Robin13

    Shadow of Nerekhall: Golden Mask

    Never miss a close combat. A miss for lack of range still would be possible.
  11. BTW the OL could also choose not to read the quest guide, so that he is "surprised" when the heroes pull out a win.
  12. About the arguments being repeated, the thread itself is an iteration of many other ones asking the same thing...
  13. Right. That is why the OL has to be willing to really consider if it would be unfair. It does give the OL the opportunity to be a jerk. Just don't be a jerk. Nobody likes playing with a jerk.But it gives the OL a paternalist role. I don't see why the OL would be granted that big daddy profile in a competitive, non rpg,game. I would also anticipate heroes contesting his choices when things turn sour for them.
  14. Even if one considers that players MAY not have all the information, if one of them wants to have it, one MUST provide it. But, of course, a group of players can apply a houserule as it likes.
  15. Quote : "We are the players, overlord player included, and as such we are right to interpret and use the given rules in the way that makes the game enjoyable for us." This is not about rules interpretation. This is about houseruling - which is precisely deciding not to apply the rules as written. Hiding information from the heroes is clearly advantaging the OL. In Descent, which is a tactical skirmish game, where the OL is not a GM but a hostile opponent of the heroes, this is near to cheating. I don't find that way of proceeding fun. But, of course, you can house rule as much as you want, if it fits your desires. Not the slightest problem for doing that. But in the present case, it is not playing the game as intended.