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  1. In combat, the rules are clear about when a hunter's card is canceled, but does it still resolve if the hunter is removed from combat? We determined that it does resolve, possibly allowing a hunter a parting punch, but there is some doubt. Thanks.
  2. That's so true. The one time that I played with the hidden power variant, I had the Masochist. After choosing it, I felt bad, and told the rest of the players that we should probably reset because I had an unfair advantage. They refused. So, a little bit of "poor decision making," "bad luck," and acting angry/sad, allowed me to easily win the game by losing all of my ships!
  3. I don't know. Can't you just compare the errata sheet with your set's instructions? Since a few expansions have been released, I wouldn't be shocked if the errata isn't complete. Regardless, Cosmic Encounter's variety will always lead to moments of confusion, so you'll have to check online for various interpretations from time to time. I'm glad that you enjoy the game. The world just got a little brighter.
  4. Peter, Thanks for your reply, and thank you for designing an entertaining game with virtually unlimited replay value. It's the game equivalent of Willy Wonka's Everlasting Gobstopper. I agree with your suggestions. I will continue to play using limited components when playing with new people. I will add components when the other players at the table desire it. You are absolutely right that removing an invalid card from play is the only way to proceed. The countless possibilities that make the game fun also prevent the prediction of all possible "conflicts." Please don't think that I am anti-expansions for Cosmic. I bought them all without much hesitation. Unfortunately, I can't make CosmicCon. It sounds like fun though. A.C. Donovan, Cosmic Encounter Player
  5. I ordered Cosmic Dominion because I love this game so much, and I just can't help myself. The expansions are fun, they're beautiful, and for a fan, they're addictive. Unfortunately, I think there are three minor problems with using them all. I'll outline them, and then elaborate: The addition, or absence of an expansion element can cause unexpected problems. The addition of several powerful cards from these expansions makes predictions very difficult. The addition of each expansion increases the time required to teach the game to a beginner. 1. The addition, or absence of an expansion element can cause unexpected problems. Anyone familiar with Cosmic knows that the interactions between aliens can bewilder the best of us. It's part of the game, but expansions can add to the confusion further. Example 1: Let's say that you add the Joker alien race, but don't play with the Reward deck. The R token should be taken out because it's no longer applicable. Will you remember? Are you sure? Example 2: The Remora's ability allows the player to draw a card from "The Deck" when another player does. Including the Reward deck weakens the strength of the Remora because players can easily choose their rewards from the Reward deck instead of the standard deck. These are just two examples from the top of my head. I'm sure there are more. In no way do I think that Fantasy Flight put out a shabby product. It's the nature of this amazing game. I'm just saying that more expansions can increase the odds of these problems arising. 2. The addition of several powerful cards from these expansions makes predictions very difficult. Yes, I'm talking about card counting. When that 40 is gone, and a couple of card zaps are gone, you can start formulating safer bets when it comes to strategy. Now there are so many powerful cards out there that you can't narrow the options down at any point. This makes the game much more random. Yes, Cosmic is a very random game, but there is strategy to it. I feel like the addition of this many "game changer" cards is making it far too wild to create a solid strategy toward the end game. 3. The addition of each expansion increases the time required to teach the game to a beginner. I can see arguments against my first two points, but I can't see any way around this. Adding expansions increases the amount of time it takes to teach the game to a beginner. We have techs, stations, rewards (several types), hazards, and flag ships. If you're playing with the same group all of the time, it's not an issue. Add one new player, and it's a lot to absorb. Learning rules isn't the only issue either. Knowing what to expect is also part of the learning curve. That comes with time, but will the player stick around to try again after being beaten down? Do I play with all of the aliens? Yes, they're all shuffled together. Do I often play with at least half of the other expansion materials? No, I don't, because I can't teach a new player everything at once, and not expect them to be overwhelmed. I'm not suggesting that you shouldn't buy the expansion, but I do think that the inclusion of expansions requires a little thought. Am I the only one who thinks this way?
  6. Ugh, so, how is it? Who has played it? Does a 5th player increase the game longer than expected? Is a player more likely to get knocked out than in a 4 player? Early elimination is my only criticism of Wiz-War.
  7. Is it just me and my group, or does your group also role-play when playing Cosmic Encounter? We often use corny accents and make speeches when inviting allies. I have even toyed with the idea of using a finished game of Cosmic as a back story for a role-playing game.
  8. I can't help you with the legal side, but my gut tells me that if you're using the name, concept and aliens, you should be getting permission first. Instead of going at it alone, why don't you see if FF will publish/develop it?
  9. This game doesn't seem to get the praise it deserves. Sure, it's chaotic, but it is whimsical and occasionally inspires clever strategies. I feel that some people may trash it because it's so random, but the skill in playing Wiz-War is to play in the moment, and make the best use of the situation that you're in. It also helps to laugh at the silliness of it. Laughing is good.
  10. If I had room for one game, Cosmic Encounter would be it.
  11. I don't think it would be worthwhile, or even possible to play with two players. The alliance phase wouldn't be present and that's a major part of the game. Several alien powers also work with the alliance phase in mind. Assuming that your aliens don't rely on alliances, you could play the game with two, but the end game would all come down to the cards you are dealt, and not strategy. The only solution would be to have computer players and there are just too many game changing aliens to program that correctly. There are numerous games, which can support two players, that should entertain you and your wife.
  12. player1730469


    Adam said: Adaml said: Please explain! Hopefully it is just a matter of Kevin's leaving causing slowdown on development, as I am hoping this is the reason for no Cosmic expansion announcement yet. Like I've said in the Cosmic forum, I would probably buy an expansion, but games like these, with awesome replay value, don't require expansions to keep my interest.
  13. You're welcome. It's good to know that it helped someone. Rudd1ger said: Quite helpful for my first game of Cosmic, thanks for the tips!
  14. After playing a six player game with a friend, who chose The Will, I realized that I missed an important basic strategy in my guide. So, here's strategy #13. Strategy #13: Pick the right alien. When choosing an alien, consider how many people are playing. If you choose an alien with a power that works only as a main player, or worse yet, only as the offense, you may be disappointed. In a large group, it's very possible that the game could end before you get to use your alien power.
  15. I would say no. The Claw works like this: Once per encounter, if a player plays that same card as your face down card, reveal your card. Here's why. In the rules, it uses the word play in certain situations. Revealing an encounter card is one of them. In the case of The Industrialist, the card was PLAYED. The tense is wrong. The play here refers to the encounter card that is currently being used. Also, the wording for The Industrialist is to add your "Stack". The card is part of the "Stack" and is not being played at all. As always, house rules win. These things happen.
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