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  1. I do have my characters sleeved with the help of another who placed a large order. I don't have my boards framed like you do. Do you mind posting a picture of what you have done? How do you have the boards connected?
  2. I have the same card sleeves. The difference between ours is because your deck was getting compressed with the weight of all the cards on top of each other. I measured mine while they were resting on the side so none of them were on top of each other.
  3. Ok, I just realized I have a tape measure for working on my basement. The spell deck is around 2 3/4 inches All my adventure cards is 9 3/4 inches (on it's side without the weight of the cards compressing the deck. I doubt I could measure it standing up without some kind of support My Highlands deck is around 3 inches and I am sure the dungeon would be the same. My tape measure only has inches but google has a great converter. Good luck
  4. After you make the card holders, please show pics. I have all mine in FFG sleeves but don't have a ruler handy. I'd like to make a card holder too and want some good ideas. Thanks
  5. Here is where some people posted some of their solutions. It isn't the only place on this forum where people have talked about their solutions though if you look you could find some more. http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_foros_discusion.asp?efid=49&efcid=1&efidt=434686&efpag=0 Unfortunately we cannot make FFG make every solution for us. If you want something you consider professionally done you might have to find someone who can make what you want and commission them to do so. If not then you will just have to live with what you have or make something yourself. For me I like one of the solutions on that link and if I could find the material I would make it myself. I have less space than you do Turch because I have every single one of my cards in a card protector (including my character/alternate ending/ toad cards) which makes them thicker. I use multiple boxes to store everything currently.
  6. Mr. Brogger said: Here is a solution that I use. I only need two of the boxes this way. I keep all boxes in case one of the two are getting damaged. Cheers I think this looks beautiful and wonder what materials you used for the dividers. I think I will be doing this or something close. Terek
  7. talismanisland said: Just to mention that I still have a few packs of sleeves going spare. If you are interested just give me a shout directly. If I wanted to get a hold of you to buy some of those stacks from you, how would I do so. I am new to the forums and not sure how to PM you and when I look at your profile I can't see it. Terek
  8. I really hope the next expansion is City... however I am waiting patiently for whatever happens.
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