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  1. Er, nothing wrong with speculation on a new edition, but I still think this is what happens because people are too beholden to RAW, tournament infection, and the spirit of gaming. i still play first edition. My point is instead of speculation, why don’t you just institute changes you think should happen among the people you play with? With whatever edition you have right now? Never have I stuck with a group that holds rules over friends, happiness and comraderie. If you have that, you can make whatever changes you think should be made right now without having to guess at whatever the next edition will bring. check out the Banhammer thread, I think they’re onto it. Sorry if this is too much of a tangent but I see you’ve done a lot of thought and you should just institute your good ideas without waiting!
  2. I have gotten her finally, and I agree. Actually, I think what you could do instead of making it a 'once per turn' you could replace the charge use with using a Focus token, and yes, keep the effect for an enemy in your entire forward arc performing an attack. Seems not so OP that way but still good. Agree on Pilot Skill 7 and 24 points for cost as well. I want to work on the other pilots in the set too, now that I have the cards! Yeah, true, but that Reaper really sticks out big over the edge of that small base! It still looks mega strange to me! I don't have Z-95's as I've stuck as close as I can to strictly movie vessels. But yeah, you'd think there was something more than Y-Wings along for the ride back then. And the ARC fighters still seem super old to me...but maybe those? *shrug* I also try to avoid any Clone Wars stuff. The dials are a bit different and I agree with you for the most part. Of course, for like ships like A-Wings there are always the old dials. I like using the new Dials for anything in The Force Awakens era, however. Like using the RZ-2's ability to Seignor Loop. Makes more sense to keep the maneuverability as time advances, right? The Corvette does make me cry when it comes to rules. Part of the problem with FFG's release, and their to make you buy new stuff to get cards to try to fix the game, until it finally capitulated into 2nd edition, was a few things happening to me: 1. Trying to balance fun play and fan play with some crazy tournament number crunching maniacs 2. Selling lawts and making phat $$$ 3. A bad system for correcting flaws. Cards that were not good in first edition, like Proton Torpedoes, and things like Turbo Lasers on the CR90 stand out because they are clearly fluff and movie based cards. When people play a game, they want to play with these things because hey, that's what was in Star Wars. But...the rules for them are bad so what do you do? So far, it has worked for me to stick to movie based and era based stuff...there's no T70 X-Wings flying with T65s, there are no scum and villany ships, there are no insane upgrade cards from stuff as even most upgrades are restricted. But sometimes something really bad still gets through. Like Turbo Lasers. Good for, really, nothing at all. Just save the energy! Make no mistake though, this campaign we're doing has all the fun going on. The players involved know what's up and they're doing a great job of rolling with it.
  3. I was looking forward to getting Tallie, and realized I ordered the new RZ-1 lol! Oh well, I have yet another fancy, different painted A-Wing. RZ-2 is now on its way. Did get the Tie Reaper. That's going to help. I find it very weird that in the 1st edition it has a small ship base, but a large in the 2nd edition. I'm wondering why they did that. The U-Wing gets a large base, the TIE Reaper looks like to should get the same.
  4. @theBitterFig: Thanks. I may have to try Lando's falcon at some point. The Solo series is a weird point in time for by the movie ships. TIEs are eternal, but the rebel situation might take some work. I think the way my friends and I play it would be a one time appearance ship. I wasn't looking forward to getting it and converting it, but now with what you posted, maybe I will. Ended dropping like $90 on more first edition stuff, like another TIE another Y-Wing (who doesn't need more of those? ). Tali is going to be my first delve into converting, because worst case scenario, it's just another A-Wing figure. After that, might delve into things like the Resistance transport...weirdly out of stock in a lot of places, and maybe now the Lando Falcon. It does look pretty boss. We're playing the CR90 campaign by text right now. It's not the best at all as far as balance goes, so I'm certainly already not worried about that! But it does look great when we take pics of it and send in our text games, and it's good for having a lot of fighters on the board too.
  5. Thank you guys, I'm still open for suggestion with the exception I can't see jumping to 2.0! The turn dials I'll have to look into. RZA could easily be an old A-Wing dial, right? Scum falcon is cool but it's a bit out of the rebellion era, isn't it? And I heard a crazy rumor that Lando's falcon came with v1.0 and v2.0 rules, am I wrong on that? Oh, so glad to hear ignore linked actions...one less headache is good! Nobody around me wants to re-enact Clone Wars. Go figure....
  6. @DR4CO: Thank you, I think it is. I mean for $190 it sure is to me! First off, the Initiative to Pilot scale could be roughly doubled, with some thought put into it maybe? Avoiding Force powered ships could be easy if there is at least a base line, non-character profile that doesn't use the Force for everything (or just gets ignored, or is just counted as an automatic special ability, depending, as you say). I don't even know what linked and red actions are! lol! But I can download the book and figure it out. Factions our group only uses to recreate movie stuff. Nobody here is number crunching ludicrous force lists and stuff like that. We're basically playing Rebels versus Empire, or Resistance versus First Order. You know the way it was meant to be! But on the linked versus red actions thing, do you think there's any sort of First Edition equivalent we could try to make up regarding it?
  7. @jhh3: yeah, I would use all 1st edition upgrades. I mean, I know it wouldn't be perfect. 'Point costs' are clearly reflective of 2nd edition for 2nd edition ships, but we're not talking some sort of hard core tournament here. This is a game amongst friends, reenacting battles with ships from the movies. I just know some of these new ships are likely to take advantage of things like 'The Force'. And I'm thinking if it's just used on a card or two, or a special character, that should be no problem. But if these new ships come deeply engrained with inescapable rules from the new edition, I wouldn't want to use them. Frankly, I don't want to drop $190 to upgrade to a new edition of the game that doesn't seem to add that much bang for its buck. If I spend money on FFG, I'd like to keep it to buying ships from them and things that make the already fun play of 1st edition have more ships and options for me.
  8. No, no, I mean ships that are already for sale. So, I'm trying to figure out if the new rules are really so different than the old. I know there's a new Force stat or whatever now, but take the Resistance Transport that's already out. Would it really be difficult to use it in 1st edition? That's what I mean, sorry if I wasn't clear.
  9. My question is how easy do you think it is to take 2nd edition ships and come up with stats for playing with them in 1st edition? Obvioulsy, I'm not talking about re-released ships. I'm also somewhat talking less about someone like Tali Lintra...not knowing if her special abilities apply only to the new edition. I could easily purchase her A-wing and just use the old A-Wing rules. And...I'm not talking about Clone War ships, I have no interest in them. But when it comes to say, the Xi-class light shuttle, or Resistance Transport, do you think these things could be fine tuned for 1st edition play? How difficult do you think it would be?
  10. Well, I never had much interest in the 2nd edition for what you had to do to upgrade and the cost. And I did fall out of X-Wing because I just don't like the general direction of what FFG decides to release for its ships. It begins to look so much less like Star Wars and more like someone's personal idea of what MEU space battles should look like. That criticism aside, X-Wing is generally brilliant when you stick to ships you mostly find in the movies, even if you might use certain upgrades or characters who aren't. And in that regard, there have been several games played with the original CR90, released long ago. I just want to talk mainly on the scenarios that came with it. Some of them are very bad, and that's actually an unusual criticism. Usually, I'm down on players who have so much tournament mentality, it's like a sickness. They barely try, if ever play, some really great FFG scenarios to the point of I wouldn't be surprised if that's why FFG stopped doing them. Good scenrios take work, and when people don't play them, even when they're good, that's gotta be disheartening. Anyway, the weird exception is you buy an $80 ish boxed set of a massive Correllian Corvette. This thing is supposed to be really entertaining, and awesome, and I would think that since one focus point is the campaign, it would have that love and attention spent on it. But it's not. First, the CR90 in the game is kitted out badly, and in no way should that be. Mostly because Single Turbo Lasers are designed terribly! Sure, thematically they were meant to shoot at ships, but the whole campaign is about a swarm of fighters attacking it. Still, even beyond that, one quad laser cannon in the aft and the main gun are just not enough. And in many of the scenarios, the ship either doesn't move or it's path doesn't offer a lot of options (when you have to get off the board asap). And there's just never enough fighter support for the rebels to make up the difference. I am speaking of a time, even though we are playing it now, considering the releases available. Back then, there just weren't that many releases anyway, not a lot of weird, esoteric ships like I spoke of. Some of the most broke stuff is actually put on the side of the Empire in the game, like Captain Jonus with TIE Bombers of all things (probably the only thing Bombers could ever be called broken in), and Maarek Stele. This is all way past us now, but I have to say, I think when I look back, I sort of get why I never upgraded to 2nd edition. The cost didn't seem worth it based on my experience of the first. And when I do play, I do play first, still trying the old stuff because its flawed. But it still at least looks more like Star Wars to me, even if the Cr90 scenarios are bad And, yeah, I have still purchased ships from the first edition. My last was another Bomber and soon it will be Imperial aces which I never got. (Why would the royal guard ever fly around in red TIE Interceptors? Oh well...)
  11. Space Magic, When it comes to Star Wars, it’s the only viable fallback reason 😄 Bombs, seismic charges and sounds in space. That is all.
  12. Funny this should come up. Friends of mine and I are playing the CR90 campaign by text with pics! Its all 1st edition strictly and stuff that appeared in the movies...no TIE Defenders or weird Stuff like that. Forgot how well the game plays that way 🙂
  13. I like everything Disney has done for Star Wars movies in their entirety, although with different levels of approval. And I am certainly not a Disney fan. They own too many IPs and that's bad for the future of them all, potentially. The only think I dislike from Disney and won't participate in is their streaming service. I do not need another one, and will not get theirs, Mandalorian included. So I'm going to get that on dvd, thank you . Seriously, I can wait for things .
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