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  1. And not to mention that I lost three--yes, three--characters in that campaign. First my navigator, then my dockhand, then my beloved dwarven ratcatcher. But it certainly was a blast! To address the question, I feel like the system does break down at higher levels. But once we get to rank 3 we usually start over with new characters at first rank when starting a new campaign. Same thing happened with Enemy Within. By the time we got to chapter 4 our characters reached rank 3 and we retired them.
  2. This! I immediate thought of Death Angel after reading the preview. It really seems to be quite similar, with a couple of updates that may have been inspired by the LotR LCG. I'm really, really glad, though, that this is not an LCG. I quite enjoy playing Death Angel and it manages to have a lot of re-playability without relying on a constant influx of new content. Death Angel also succeeds quite amirably at delivering a play experience similar to the Space Hulk boardgame despite lacking minis and a board, so I'm hopeful this will manage the same for Warhammer Quest. Nice assessments. And after listening to the game developers, it seems like WQ Card Game, like Death Angel, will be very tough to beat. Oh man, I sure hope the city of Schompf fares better than my Blood Angels squad!
  3. Looking at the game setup on the video, I think it will be quite fun. My guess is that some of the mechanics will be similar to the 40K LCG Conquest (which I own) which can be quite tactical and immersive. Conquest is 2 player, so I'm interested to see how this 4 player co-op game turns out. The goblin "monster card" in the video is titled, "A Foul Stench: An Uneasy Alliance Quest" so player interaction might be somewhat nuanced. I agree! Long live the Old World! Long live Oldhammer!
  4. I would say it's not just that the Skaven blew up Morrsleib but it's the other 99 ridiculous, bat-guano, crazy events that came about with End Times/AoS. Actually, Robin, as you observe it's pretty much emblematic: Morrsleib like so many other icons of the Old World (including Morr himself), gone just like that. *sigh*
  5. The End Times/Age of Sigmar bullcrap is so *fricking* ridiculous. Did a bunch of middle-school kids invent this crap? I love the Old World (and 40K) fluff, but man I sure do hate GW.
  6. Nope. That was session 16. Piety Day resulted with my poor pistolier/knight stripped of his armor--and everything else--when he tried to help defend the gambler from coloured fiends in Middenheim's back alleys! Good times...
  7. **** ENEMY WITHIN SPOILERS, LOTS OF THEM, BELOW **** . . . . . . . . . Great suggestions, everyone. As a player, I greatly enjoyed TEW in its entirety. The numerous investigations/social encounters allowed PCs to really develop their characters. The Fop character (who generally avoided combat) became the "Hero of Averheim" while my Pistolier character (constantly in harm's way) got shot, burned, stabbed, spleen broken, etc. and generally went unappreciated. The Priest of Morr became famous for "helping people along the way" including easing the pain of the leper colony found at the Welcome Rest Inn. As an old Call of Cthulhu player, I really enjoyed the investigation side of TEW. We had tracking charts to try and piece together various plots and discover the ringleaders. I cannot express enough how much fun the players had in this campaign. As our group generally plays twice a month, 3-4 hourse each session, the campaign occupied us for about a calendar year. Our GM chose not to play the final chapter (into the chaos realms apparently) so it ended with the party thwarting the Black Cowl at the prayer vigil. I was interested to see what the ratio of combats to game sessions were so I've provided brief bullet summaries below. These are based on second-hand notes and from the player's perspective so forgive any errors and/or mispellings. As you can see, many sessions went without combats, some sessions had two combats. Final tally: 23 sessions, 16 combats. Our GM (Emirikol) is the king of impromtu encounters so he probably embellished stuff along the way. All in all I'd really encourage GMs to play up the social side of TEW... well worth it!! Session #1 — Arrival in Averheim; check-in at Journey’s End Coaching Inn; initial investigations Session #2 — Body discovered; more investigations, Upright Pig; potential gang war brewing; family saved from burning barge Session #3 — Gang war averted; Kurd Weiss hires party to find missing wagon; party ambushed but takes out raider camp (1st COMBAT) Session #4 — Welcome Rest Inn; lepers sent to Morr by kindly Priest of Morr; return to Averheim Session #5 — Hired by Clothhilde to protect carriage on journey to Manor; highwaymen driven off; pistolier loses his horse (2nd COMBAT) Session #6 — Shindig at Manor; lots of interactions/investigations; matters become heated when Witchhunter Ketzenbaum arrives Session #7 — More drama at shindig; Mauer/von Kaufmann argue over jade effigy; assassination attempt of Gislebert (3rd COMBAT); flightless griffon corralled (4th COMBAT) Session #8 — Lots of meetings (w/Bauerfast, Mauer, Clothilde); sewer map found; visit to tannery results in discovery of skaven lair; fight w/rat ogre; jade effigy nose and clapper discovered (5th COMBAT) Session #9 — Rumors of war; After meeting w/Mauer, party will take clapper to Middenheim; mutants attack a flagellant, two mutants killed and one captured (6th COMBAT) Session #10 — Journey to Wurtbad; party encampment attacked by undead hounds (7th COMBAT); small figure attempts to steal party’s wagon (8th COMBAT); weeping blade discovered Session #11 — Talabheim social encounters; on road to Middenheim beset by Chaos Marauders (9th Combat) Session #12 — Arrival in Middenheim; tasks include find Oppenheimer at Collegium Theologica, interview Ketzenbaum, investigate von Ashenbeck Session #13 — More investigations; party meets w/Brother Frost at Temple of Ulrich Session #14 — Party tries to defend Ashenbeck at his heresy trial; secret warehouse discovered, party avoids large box that contains warp beast? warp portal? (probable combat avoided!) Session #15 — Markheim is actual culprit; more shenanigans by party to save Ashenbeck; Markheim attempts to kidnap Lady Margrit; leads to climactic chase of Markheim carriage along steep winding Middenheim roads; carriage and Markheim fly off cliff, Margrit saved (10th combat) Session #16 — Follow up investigations in Middenheim lead to encounter with Tzeentch Colored Fiends (11th combat); Temple of Ulric ceremony results in cleansed clapper but Oppenheimer is incinerated Session #17 — Journey to Altdorf; roadside encounter with Chaos Zombies and Chaos Warrior (12th combat); party hires barge for remainder of journey to Altdorf Session #18 — River Talbec; River Troll attacks barge (13th combat); River Pirates hold-up barge Session #19 — Arrival at Altdorf; meetings w/Weiss, servant of Clothilde, Mauer, Bauerfast Session #20 — Little Mermaid encounter; investigations to find keg of black powder; theatre encounter; spider killings?; assassins are thwarted in attempt to kill Clothilde (14th combat) Session #21 — Clapper stolen; Frederick/Karl chased and captured; fight w/Bootscraper gang avoided; tolling of bell for Emperor’s vigil Session #22 — Encounter at Holy Hammer Inn, Arta Shaefer doesn’t want party to attend prayer vigil; epic fight results in death of Shaefer and inn is razed (15th combat); party arrives at vigil; bells ring/daemons appear, chaos ensues (session ends before combat begins) Session #23 — Climactic conclusion essentially ends with Black Cowl entering warp gate (16th combat)
  8. OK, Thindaraiel, I *finally* got around to creating some files with your plug-in for Strange Eons 3 and all I can say is, "Awesome!" Honestly, you did a GREAT job of cleaning up some of the quirkiness from ver2. It imported text and pictures nicely and all the fields I used were very accesible. Thanks again for putting in the effort and making this available to the WFRP community.
  9. It would be helpful and more convenient if resources converted to 3ed were housed in one area. Great idea! I have very little to contribute at this point but I am generating 3ed stats for both "Ill Tidings" found at the end of the 2ed Bretonnia Sourcebook and the 2ed adventure book "Barony of the Damned."
  10. Great resources as always and I really enjoyed your WFRP reminiscence. Thanks so much for your efforts!
  11. Hey thanks a bunch. I will say I find that sixth career workspace a bit optimistic!
  12. Thindaraiel! The legends were true! Great job, thanks so much for your efforts. Well worth the wait! Thanks!
  13. Get Strange Eons here. Be sure to scroll down and get the older version (ver. 2.1 alpha 13) because the plug-ins do not work with version 3. Get the plug-ins here. Once you get all that installed, play around with it.
  14. For me running a game as GM with ALL the components RAW would be a logistical nightmare.
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