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  1. I've read that but I guess I miss-read some parts but I don't remember it saying to determine right away at what they're at. But some of the other parts do make sense now. Thanks.
  2. I had one last question about Magic. How exactly do you gain Magic Levels? Are they equal to the casters level? And they decide what level goes into what? Or does the GM decide? or how does it work?
  3. Thank you, I've been wondering about this for a while but I couldn't find anything too specific. Any tips on how to create them? I did see the creature creation thing in the back of the book should I use that? Or do you still reccomend I use the other one you mentioned?
  4. I couldn't find where to modify my previous post if there is one. I had one other questions, do summons level up like characters?
  5. So far I've been going through the main book, and I was wondering. Do you need to make the summoners yourself? Or is there a place for possible summons? Besides the Arcanas
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