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  1. I am looking at how the expansions are currently being made, that being each expansion has one new hero for one of the spheres of influence. But how many heroes can they keep going with this model? Do you think that after these 6 get released that a newer model of expansions will be released that will not have as many heroes introduced due to lack of content in the books? What hereoes do your foresee that they could have on their shelf waiting to introduce? Or do you think that current allies may have hero versions of themselves introduced later making restrictions on using the alley versions of their cards? Just curious to hear from the LotR book fans.
  2. Thanks for everyone's thoughts, I am back and forth on the time it takes to play this game versus continuity and investment of that time into a character. I already am making adjustments to trophies for leveling your characters strength or craft. One way I am doing this is a tweak on the trophies rule where you make it 5 instead of 7 to advance. I am making it slightly quicker in that the cap is 5, not 7 but until you reach 5 its lower. Example: I have the Gypsy and she has Strength 2 and Craft 4. In order for her to get 3 Strength she needs a total trophy of 3, but her craft is already at 4 so in order to get 5 she needs a total of 5 for her trophy cash in and from there on out her total is always 5 as the cap. I felt this would make it quicker to get everyone up quicker and the cap of 5 based on the rule books variant would just be a cap. One other problem I have found is that I feel like some players hem and hull over their turn trying to best guess the result of their turnout even though at some level its a luck of the dice to some degree. I was thinking of picking up a few hour glass things from a dollar store and making people abide by that as their turn time marker to make their decision, anyone have thoughts on these? Just curious what other players think.
  3. You know I realized after reading your post on your blog that I realized this was not the Hunt for Gollum scenario coming out for Hunt for Gollum. I must say the work you did to create this scenario and others on your blog are quite stunning. They look as though they were made by FFG. I liked the branching paths idea, it reminded me of those old "Choose Your Own Adventure" books I read as a kid growing up. If you want to proceed go to page 12 and if you want to stay go to page 31 etc. I wish they made more books like that, those were fun to read and aside from the initial opening chapter the book varied a lot on how it read. That is what your scenario of the branching paths has done. My question on printing them out though is are they already sized to print out as the size of the other cards or will I need some modifying? I put my scenario cards on the clear card protectors. I really want to try these scenarios out they seem like a lot of fun. Though I am sure that solo would be quite difficult with two jailors and an Nazgul. But hey I would try it out. Thanks for putting these up and working on these.
  4. Thanks to both of you for the advice so far. If anyone else wants to keep plugging out ideas and why, that would be great. I am still undecided at this point as I am trying to really get used to the game and the rules well.
  5. Hello Everyone, I got the core game and it is easy enough to learn to play, I think the hardest learning curve is possibly deck building. Like if you mix and match different factions you have to decide if you're going to play with hero or villains. Other than that it's fairly easy to learn. I have a question concerning expansions. If I wanted to buy expansions, since the game has been out for a bit is there any particular expansions veteran players would suggest over others to start buying? Thanks
  6. A long time ago I remember reading about how Talisman was originally meant to be a sort of introductory game to Dungeons and Dragons Roleplay, except it is a board game and not simply pen and paper and a book. What I am wondering is if anyone has decided to play it like D&D meaning that you start and pick up with the same character you had advancing them etc. I am just throwing this out there for any home brewed variants to play this as would friends who start a D&D campaign where they come back and pick it up advancing a little more at a time? I for instance would keep it to just the main board, then the next time we meet we add on the Highlands perhaps, then later saying that after the events of the Highlands they uncover the Dungeon etc. Just a way to play this game more like a D&D Campaign. Anyone have thoughts?
  7. Soulbearer73

    The Reaper

    Hey I have a question, either I keep missing it or there is no official rule. But where does the reaper start when he comes into play? I mean unless I am totally missing it on the sheet they include to explain the rules. Thanks for any help.
  8. Ok thanks, I may try CoC next because its more in line with the types of games my daughters like to play. They like Clue, Clue Museum and Dungeons and Dragons Clue, and we just bought the Harry Potter Clue for her birthday. But I wanted a game of similar type but more mature in nature and more re-playability whereas Clue over and over again gets boring. I feel like C.o.C. will have a lot more to do and will have more of a story than us roleplaying our characters which is how we play the clue games LOL. We like Warhammer because it reminds us of Magic the Gathering but more involved with a different type of added strategy with the idea of protecting your home base rather than yourself. We love Lord of the Rings because of its co-working type of structure and of course I mean hey it's Lord of the Rings LOL. So it looks like between AGoT and CoC I will buy CoC and let my daughters begin to explore and more mature and complex type of game in the line of Clue type stuff. Let me know though if I totally miss the point of CoC. I know it's story based but that's about it. Also my daughters are 12 and 13, so I assume they could pick this up fine.
  9. Ok thanks for the advice, knowing them this will probably be a game that I will play with my kids who understand how to play other LCGs etc. I may just play it and then let decided if they want to take the plunge for the fun factor and not worry about possible spoilers lol. Thanks for answering I appreciate it.
  10. I am looking for someone who can compare their experience with CoC to other LCGs and how they rank this game on learning curve, playability and fun factor. I personally have and play Warhammer Invasion LCG and Lord of the Rings LCG and I am caught between which one to get next. I keep reading good things on A Game of Thrones, but CoC looks so cool. Anyway if anyone can help that would be great!
  11. Hello AGoT's players, I have some friends and we've played Warhammer Invasion and The Lord of the Rings LCG. I was talking to them about the 2 I have yet to play and one of those being AGoT and how it appears that out of the two AGoT is one of the best of the 4 LCG that FFG has released. I was planning on maybe picking it up next. One friend said that she did not want to play AGoT because the cards etc would have spoilers that would ruin the HBO show for them if they played it. I was wondering if this would be the case? For instance you might find out that a certain character is a traitor or someone dies by the art and or comments on the card. I know HBO may take liberties and change some things for the sake of story telling etc. I personally have no interest in following the show until the first season is complete and on Netflix or something. I also could care less if it has a spoiler or not. Anyway if someone could answer that question for me it would be appreciated.
  12. I'm going to throw in my 2 copper on this discussion. Let me start by saying that I have NOT played AGoT or CoC yet, but both looked very interesting once I discovered FFG's LCGs. I started with WI first mainly because LotR was not out yet. I had a tough decision on which one to start with but landed on WI. I and my friends have played WI a lot and we feel that it reminds us a lot of what Magic the Gathering felt like except with better play mechanics and no blind purchasing with booster packs like MTG was. We feel that WI is a very quick game to learn and was tested on my daughter who has never played any card games like Magic or the like etc. We also play LotR's a lot and we really like this game a lot but because it is new we find ourselves asking lots of questions about terminology and such, but overall the game is a lot of fun. We have not been so concerned with the whole Core Set and playing more than two players with one core set. While have a second core set will have some advantage, I feel like I would be wasting money because I would get all the quests and their respective deck cards all over again with no real purpose or need for them and paying the money just to get more of the cards for the player decks seem pointless unless you plan to play at tournaments or leagues which we will never do as we just enjoy playing as a group of friends. As for the LCG's I do not have yet, I have always felt that AGoT was going to be the last one I was planning on buying and really have been wanting to try CoC more. After reading the other players comments on how AGoT's plays etc it is still last on my list as it seems it will take much more time to learn and would really seem to need 4 players as opposed to the other ones. Don't get me wrong AGoT sounds like a lot of fun but we are still learning the other ones and that one may have to wait a bit before I consider buying it at this time.
  13. Ok thanks for answering that question. That's how we played it, but no one had the Spirit deck and so Dunhere was not in play for that round. That is a nice combination though Quick Strike/Dunhere. Thanks.
  14. Yesterday some friends of mine and I were playing a three player game. We had the Leadership, Lore and Tactics deck playing. I was playing the Tactics deck and there was a card (I cannot remember the name) but it states for 1 resource that the Hero can declare himself as an attacker and resolve the attack immediately, but it says that it must be an eligible target. What does eligible mean, does it mean that it must be a target that is already engaged or does the card mean that the target can be a creature in the staging area? We took it to mean that if a creature was in the staging area but was not engaged it was not an eligible target. Are we correct in our thinking or wrong? Thanks
  15. I agree with the idea that this seems like cheating to change the rules to make it more playable because you are losing. I think instead of changing the rules you may want to try working on building a two-sphere deck and tweaking it down. the solo portion of this game is challenging but not impossible. Solo play works fine and it is a lot of fun. Just keep working on understanding deck building if that is where you are hitting a wall. Just my two copper... Soulbearer
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