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  1. How about a plane like nirvana where you can meet the old characters lost in the 4th edi like Samurai, Drow, Ork like the Denizen Deck from Cataclysm
  2. The Tavern from Zealot does it fit on the Talisman Board?
  3. How about Ley Line Deck? Discovery Deck? For the Forge Deck how about an item with that Ability Chains of effort if another player open the portal of power, mine, crypt he must roll one additional diece the lowest result dice is discarded.
  4. Why not give the objects/followers some ligth fate / dark fate / unbound effect? Like Powerstones example blue (trinket) ligth = can cross any water (storm river) dark = place flood land Terrain Card unbound= gain +1 craft
  5. Why not Twist a Little bit (Confrontation TT) How a about cursed Dwarves like mid-Nor "The Dwarves of Tir-Nâ-Bor thought they were protected. No mortal force could ever launch an assault on their fortress. In this they were right. But the curse that hit them was not of this world and the enemy came from within. How did this really begin? Why didn’t the Lords of the Dwarves take the disappearances more seriously? There are as many questions as there are regrets. But evil has been done, and this insidious gangrene now haunts the Dwarfish people, for those that have disappeared have now returned. But they are not the same… Someone or something has taken possession of their bodies and of their souls. All they have become is puppets, pawns subjugated to a demonic will. Why did this entity choose the Dwarves? And more importantly, what or who is it really? One name is sometimes whispered… the Despot. And so the menace has been named and its lair is known. Its in the Chasm of Mid-Nor that the possessed Dwarves lie in waiting for their time to come. But it may already be too late. Maybe the subjugation of the Dwarves is just a step in the preparation of the arrival of the Despots real servants. Who knows what ghastly creatures are preparing themselves to surge from the depths of the chasm?" and Devourer of Vile Tis Half Elves thats allies with Wolves thats folloes a dark god. "The Devourers were originally the wolfen Pack of the Moaning Moon. When Vile-Tis, the Beast, was cast out of the heavens by the gods, he landed in the center of their sacred circle. The god of slaughter then revealed to the pack a horrible truth about the gods – their god Yllia didn’t love them, and their savage nature was not a gift, but a curse. Blessed with the Beast’s consciousness, Vile-Tis’ disciples went forth across Aarklash…" Miniatures where amazing so enough ideas for enemies, Magic items, spells you can get here. The Company going bankrupt so i don´t know how protected the fluff of the TT still is.
  6. Does anyone use miniatures for that game? If yes from which producer?
  7. I love to see a total new expansion. Best if this further expanding the players interaction. I think the biggest trouble with Timescape how to attach it its more suitable as an extra board not as an attached corner. City it's OK but actualy in our games you will only go there to power up like mules or advanced characters. So i think there are more interesting expansions. Forest I never played so the sooner the better :-)
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