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  1. Say I am attacked by ISAWA KAEDE and SEEKER OF KNOWLEDGE. I then respond with DISPLAY OF POWER. Do I trigger all 3 ring effects or just one? The cards' statements are kind of circuitous and I think an argument could be made for both "yes" and "no". Can anyone direct me to a clear rule clarification that clears this up.
  2. Let's face it, The review is no further off base than the typical preview write-up by FFG. Way to stay consistent!
  3. For Crab: More interesting Conflict characters. With their reliance or theme of holdings they need more in their conflict deck to make up for their taken dynasty spots. Right now we have 2 costers and a 1 cost...how bout some 3,4,5 cost conflict guys to free up some dynasty play. I really hope the first Deluxe Expansion is a shadowlands expansion. It doesn't even have to be it's own clan just send corruption throughout all the existing clans...I think this would be very interesting. I'd really like to see all seven Clan packs out by June (do clan releases based on winter court results...weakest clan gets first release, winning clan gets last release), then release a Deluxe expansion during the summer and then a new cycle during 3rd and the 4th quarter (or another 6 in 6 weeks release in quarter 4). It's a bit faster than monthly releases but not wholly unreasonable. They could actually keep this release schedule consistent and I think the player base would be fairly happy. It would coincide well with the major tournament schedule while allowing the meta to change reasonably.
  4. I often cut both of them and Banzai's from the deck to experiment with other card and deck concepts and interactions. See what works and what doesn't. Then as I play I see what I can cut in favor of the obvious high efficiency cards like FINE KATANA, BANZAI, ORNATE FAN, COURT GAMES, without losing the overall concept of the deck. No one can deny the efficiency of these cards but that does not always make them the best choice.
  5. I think it is just because they know how many cards they have to errata in order to make them work properly. It's really just a warning to the fanbase.
  6. I'm glad Tyler Parrott made a ruling considering this issue. Thanks Tyler! (even though it makes me 0-5 on interpretations...think I'm just gonna go with the opposite of how I think things should work from now on.) I was also happy that he indicated that it was not innately clear in this situation, and that interpretation did play into the final decision. I think this was a valid and worthwhile discussion in the beginning and I'd like to thank all of you who participated with the truest intent of finding reasons for how this interaction would resolve. I learned much and thank the community for this discussion! I would also like to second the call for an updated FAQ. I really hope they are just waiting for the Imperial Cycle to be complete so they can cover the whole cycle and core in one grand gesture.
  7. I can see running in Crab/Lion - 3x MONO NO AWARE I don't know if it would work but the fate screw potential is there. Some definite Control Deck possibilities there.
  8. Our House Rule is: If honor dial is unclear - opponent chooses the bid for you. Nice opponents ask what they intended to bid and decides whether to honor that bid or not. Sometimes it's an accident - but that accident should always favor the opponent.
  9. I think this might have been slight sarcasm but... I will use JADE TETSUBO sooner than I'd use PIT TRAP. There is a lot less chance for repeat attacks when you just remove the fate on the character. Also, there is plenty of unbow tech in the game, but a lot less add fate on character. Also 2-cost for basically the same general end state...character removal/stasis. With the CRAB CLAN's new increased fate generation (YASUKI TAKA and FAIR ACCORD). I also see people playing LET GO less (perhaps just my meta), but attachments seem safer than they used to be. Perhaps that's because you have to be more selective with playing it with the slew of decent attachments. I honestly feel like the simplest fix to bring Magistrate's back under control would have been to make their text into a triggered ability rather than a constant effect.
  10. Actually, it was sarcasm...which is really tough to get via text. I just created a card that was basically the same as HAUGHTY MAGISTRATE with a slight tweak to show how ridiculous the card would be to all other clans (sadly it still would take less characters out of play). HAUGHTY MAGISTRATE would still see play if it cost 4. I guarantee it. He's a consistent province break as a solo character and a single support card.
  11. Firstly, I'd encourage your friend to not go Dragon/Unicorn (not really best option for dragon) and go Unicorn. If you can't go Unicorn...Crane is pretty good for all the reasons above...I like the Duel cards for hand mill and bow tech, especially in less than 3 core. Get yourself a copy of KIRADA DISTRICT and go beat the pants off of your friend, take all the Dragon attachments. Dishonor is just not as consistent as I'd like in less than 3 core, so Scorpion and BACKHANDED COMPLIMENT is good but not as good as it would be when coupled with 3x WATCH COMMANDER and maybe 3x LEVY.
  12. YOU LOSE, SIR! YOU GET NOTHING! GOOD DAY! Puns are not something to be trifled with. Do you have a license for those puns?
  13. @Schmoozies I'm not playing another 4-cost Shugenja for this mediocre ability just to access to CLOUD THE MIND. I would have preffered a crappy ability and 1 cost Shugenja - then I'd get access to CLOUD THE MIND and Sacrificial Fodder...this guy is just meh.
  14. I don't feel like she's a dud of a card: double up on an end of round sac/draw stealing 2 attachments with Kirada District. (I'm gonna say I was leery about Kirada District, but I was very wrong, it swings very hard, it's worth paying the fate for card and skill advantage) Just remember, her potential will only keep getting better.
  15. NEW SOLUTION - UNCOUTH MAGISTRATE - Crab Clan 3-cost 3/3/0 All characters with glory 1 or more don't count their skill for conflict resolution. Discuss. (If you made him cost 5 I'd still play it over HIDA KISADA)
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