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  1. deadeb

    Burn the sorcerer

    The benefits of the Uni fraction, what i cannt find in another fraction: - Curator, with him i can search for the Hall. - Herry Houdini champion designed card it is schearchable with the Hall. - Investigation icon so it can make the deck faster, because in it are to much "expensive" character which slow down the deck. Ok this isnt advantage because syndicate has it too. I am thinking about to put into the deck somehow: - Looking for Inspection: It can make the deck more faster. - Some 1 cost character with invastigation icon instead of 2 cost character. In the first wave i can put some succes token on stories with them, than i can sacrifice the sorcererr to win story. I was thinking about to put somehow syndicate in this deck, because they have the card, i do not remember the name of it, with i can draw from the bottom of my deck. But it will be too much fraction in the deck.
  2. This is a fun deck, it wont be the winner of the tournament. Its based on Magnus Stiles, the new lodge sorcerer. If you sacrife a sorcerer you can put a success token on a story. So we need sorcerer. First i searched the mytos maybe it has a good sorcerers than a human side for a good ones but i did not find any. Then i found the Hall of Champions with i can search my deck for a character card and all of them are sorcerer, i think it will be good. So i put it into the deck and all of the neutral world champion designed card. Ok i have 1 color for my deck but the Lodge did not have lot of sorcerer so i needed to find an another fraction. I chose the Miskatonic University because they have Harry Houdini (He is a champion designed card too and sorcerer). And in the Miskatonic University is the Curator, you know the card with which you can search your deck for support card (Hall of Champion). And in that faction are lot of good sorcerer. Then i put some killing card into the deck, and deck was ready. I played some test game and it wasnt so bad. The list: Meticulous Scribe x3 Magnus Stiles x3 Steal the Soul x3 (it is a defend/attack card) Arcane Tampering x3 (cheap destroy card) Lodge Defenses 3x (Support defender card) The Deodand x2 Soothsayer x3 (Cheap sorcerer) Museum Curator x3 (Support searcher) Chess Prodigy x3 Seeker of the Profane x3 (Defense against rush) Harry Houdini x3 Binding x3 (My all start Miskatonic card) Student of the Profan x3 (cheap sorcerer and in this meta that every faction has a cost reducer card it can be very useful) The Mage Known as Magnus x3 Mentor to Vaughn x3 Descendant of Eibon x3 Hall of Champion x3 Thats all, i am thinking about to replace the Soothsayer, Chess Prodigy and Seeker/Sutdent of the profane because they arent so important card, but i dont know yet.
  3. Motto: Serpents have a Necronomicon in the Temple of R'lyeh and they dont fear to use it. 3x Beings of Ib 3x Ocean Crawlers 3x Degenerate Serpent Cultist 3x Innsmouth Troublemaker 3x Brood of Yig 3x Dreamlands Fanatic 3x Disguised Serpent Man 3x Feathered Serpent 3x Uroborus 2x Padma Amrita 3x Disguised Threat 3x Sacrificial Offerings 3x Sibilant Cry 3x Deep One Assault 3x Necronomicon (Owlswick Translation) 3x Temple of R'lyeh 3x The Rope And Anchor Tavern
  4. Hi! I made this deck yesterday, and i don't test it yet. Whats your opinion? 3 Ghoulish Predator (Cheap char. with big skill) 3 Twiligth Cannibal (Cheap char. with big skill) 3 Insect swarm ( Not so cheap char. with bigger skill) 3 Grasping Chthonian (Shubby deck without support destruction? No way.) 3 Triggerman (Cheap defens) 3 Clover Club Torch Singer (Skill manipulation) 3 Tattoo Artist (Skill manipulation) 3 Mr. David Pan (The spirit of the deck) 3 Elite Hit Squad (The ultimate attacking force) 3 Forcing the Truth (When enemy think, that Mr. Pan is exhaust, he don't need fear from him) 3 Parallel Universe (In a deck with skill manipulation it is VIC (very important card)) 3 Shocking Transformation (When Mr. Pan play hide&seek) 3 Expensive Guitar (cheap skill manipulation) 3 Altar of the blessed (Your characters get +1 skill. What doctor said) 2 Dutch Courage (good defense) 3 The seventh house on the left 3 Panic (Whit this character you can use when you like it)
  5. deadeb

    Conspiracy -decks ???

    I'm thinking about an agency conspiracy deck. The core of this deck The Blackwood Conspiracy and the Shadow Team. Character (32) 2 The OId Man 3 Obsessive Detective 3 New Recruit 3 Undercover Security 3 Repo Man 3 Goverment Exorcist 3 Unorthodox Psychologist 3 Border Controll Guard 3 Shadow Team 3 Special Agent Clarkson 3 Red Glove Man Event (15) 1 Cover Up 2 Flanking Manuever 3 Small Price to Pay 3 Shotgun blast 3 Feint 3 With Fine Toothed Comb Conspiracy (3) 3 The Blackwood Conspiracy
  6. Darkman: I don't no, but what will you do, when the opponent destroy your estate? Have you plan b?And plan b is not win the biggest resource of the world prize. Anything else? What will you do against a rush deck, which will win in the 4-5 rounds? Why use the forgotten shoggot? Because good defender (invulnerability), and you use a card (faceless abductor, journey to the other side) with you can shuffle your card, what you put on the botton of your deck with shoggot. And when you meet with another mill deck, it can win the game for you. Why use destruction card? You need to stop the opponent in the first 3-4 round. And you don't need put all of them in to the deck. I made just suggestion. You can leave angled-many thing out. Why use Curse of the stone? Because it will punish the opponent, if he don't attack just stand in the back. And you can't destroy all of his character. With this card you can discard 2-3 cards from his deck. And who know, lot of 2-3-4 cards discard can win the match for you. Why use Doppelganger? Because it can make your deck faster. It can imitate Hermetic scholar. That you don't want use it, thats your problem. O and i don't use doppelganger all of my yogi deck, but that is my problem. I forgot to mention in my previus comment, Guardian of the Key, who can defend the Estate. You don't have right, Blackmoore Estate key card in my deck too, but i don't put everything on one action like you, i killing opponent softly with this deck.
  7. Darkman: If you use shubi and want mill, you must use Shubb-Niggurath and her dark-young. You mill the dark-young out, than wiht the shocking transformation you search Shubbi, and bring the dark-young back from the discard pile.
  8. The most important card is Forgotten Shoggoth (Imho). For milling you can put Hermetic Scholar, Gatekeeper, Blackmore estate, Curse of the stone and Prism of Many Views into the deck. For fastening the deck you can put Gentleman's Club, Journey to the Other Side and All are One. You can put into Many-angled Thing, Faceless Abdutor, Simple Glimps and Ancient Skull for destroy. When your put down your Hermetic Scholar, Many-angled Thing into your domains, you can bounce them out with Twilight Gate (with 1 Hermetic Scholar and 3 Twilight Gate you can mill out 12 card from opponent player's deck, or 3 dead character with Many-angled Thing). Until you can play Forgotten Shoggoth out, you will discard lot of card, therefore use Unspeakable Resurection and Chant of Thot or you can use after shoggoth Speak to the Dead. And dont forgett the Doppelganger who can mimic anything on the table. Maybe you can put Revalation of spheres, Cho-cho tribes and Elder thing into your deck.
  9. deadeb

    Newbie Hastur/Agency deck

    Okay i forgott that Mrs Victoria is villainous character, i don't play much with Hastur. Beneath the Burning Sun has one purpose in this deck, the combat boost, for the Prize pistol. badash56: Maybe you can put 2 John Henry Prize into the deck too.
  10. deadeb

    Newbie Hastur/Agency deck

    Maybe you can put into this deck: Undercover Security and Unorthodox Psychologist instead of Hired Muscle and Museum security, Beneath The Burning Sun for more skull, Shotgun blast X3 .
  11. My problem is, that Thing in the ground kill your characters ability. When doppleganger, victoria glasser, Swooping Byakee, aspiring artist, diseased sewer rat and victorias protege come out with Thing in the ground they can't use they ability. And you use victorias loft, but it affect your character too, so you can't restore them too, like your enemy, in the restore phase. Maybe put Arkham Assylum into your deck, with that you can restore your character when victoria's loft is in play.
  12. There is one problem: Thing in the ground and Diseased Sewer Rat are on the restricted list.
  13. A little off: I need sleep, i read dwarfen womb instead of dwarfen tomb.
  14. My next deck, don't hold back your opinion: Crazed Arsonist X3 Bringer of Fire X3 Glaaki X3 Cthuga X3 Atlach-Nacha X3 Yog-Sothoth X3 Cthulhu (Lord of R'lyeh) X3 Journey to the Other Side X3 A Single Glimpse X3 Gathering at the Stones X3 All are One X3 Parallel Universe X2 Things in the Ground X3 Prism of Many Views X3 Arkham Asylum X3 Infernal Obsession X3 Victoria's Loft X3
  15. The result: this deck is slow and not so strong. But i could play against just a Shuby deck (3 games) with Mind Eater, The Vale of Pnath, Grim Wraith and Grasping Chtonian and they killed my investigation struggle and my support card. And my draw was unlucky too, i draw just 1-2 creature remover card, and my enemy made a big red horde after.