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  1. Puzzle said: There was mention of an expansion, Sudden Death, at their GenCon In-Flight Report today, but no details. I actually introduced a friend to the game this last week and we talked about the same opportunities to build the game up. Really hoping to see more as we get into Q4. Puzzle said: There was mention of an expansion, Sudden Death, at their GenCon In-Flight Report today, but no details. I actually introduced a friend to the game this last week and we talked about the same opportunities to build the game up. Really hoping to see more as we get into Q4. The races have been mentioned. Release date was vague, simply said Fall of 2012. The three races will get their own "League Deck", so they won't be drawing stars from either deck in the original. Also mentioned was a mechanic that allows players who have been knocked down to get back up. It was implied this mechanic was one that was shared between the 3 new races. Thematically it was meant to represent it being hard to keep the Undead down or in the case of Dark Elves, them getting really pissed off and jumping back up. I'm paraphrasing here but it's close to what was said.
  2. I've tried the Netrunner plugins for both Lackey and OCTGN. OCTGN is way, WAY better. They've built some automation in to the plugin on OCTGN; with Lackey everything you do has to be done manually. Also the Lackey interface is UGLY. OCTGN's interface is much more pleasing to the eye. However, OCTGN is Windows only, so if you're on a MAC or Linux, Lackey would be the way to go for you.
  3. Shadowfax said: Hmmm, one of the surprise updates at GenCon this year?? Each year they have timed updates that get revealed on Thurs and on Fri and maybe even Sat. Would be awesome if there was a BB expansion…sure is ripe for one I had the same thought and am hoping for the same!
  4. AussieKSU said: Yes, I'm chomping at the bit, as I'm sure plenty of others are… I wonder, though, can the "true blue" release date be at Gen Con, with such short notice. I mean to say, the official release date hasn't been said yet, and imo the closer Gen Con gets without FFG saying the game will be shipped to stores shortly after Gen Con makes me believe that beta testing the game still isn't quite sussed. Any thoughts? Hard to say. Last year, Blood Bowl: Team Manager was "pre-released" at Gen Con. I say pre-released, because they paid extra to have 300 copies air-mailed to make it in time for Gen Con, which they had sold out of by Friday. The rest of that first print run was on a boat, and didn't hit these shores for at least another month or two (if memory serves). This year could be similar for Netrunner. Or, perhaps the boat is already here and they are just holding off on releasing stock until Gen Con hits?
  5. I'm new to the game, but I've read through quite a few threads over on BoardGameGeek. Some folks there indicated that as the game evolved, Runners quit putting base link cards in their decks. Why? Because it was always cheaper to pay two bits (credits) to remove the Tag than get into a bidding war which could cost quite a lot more. For subroutines that included Trace on previously exposed ICE, the runner would just make sure he had enough breakers/bits before running so as to not have to deal with a Trace at all. If you're not worried about combating Trace attempts, then you can leave out all base link cards from your deck and replace them with something more useful. I'm paraphrasing from memory but I think I've gotten most of that right.
  6. 1. dboeren 2. Bootylactin Though I've never actually played Netrunner before. Only read great things about the former game and very interested in trying it.
  7. Anarchosyn said: As to possibilities, there is a third: this is a hoax. I hope nobody would be that cruel, but you know how the internet can be. I assume you're directing that comment at me. I don't know you, and you don't know me, so I suppose when I tell you this is absolutely not a hoax, it doesn't mean much. But I stand by the statement. Unless you're implying FFG threw it in the Gen Con DB then retracted it just to screw with people?
  8. dboeren said: Not in my copy of the Gencon iPhone app either. Personally, I don't understand why the promotional value of keeping the release secret (even though it's already been suspected) is worth more than the promotional value of having a tournament for it. Dumb move IMHO. And now it's even worse, they've managed to lose any secrecy benefits AND lose any tournament benefits at the same time.I'd have much rather they just held the dang tournament. I suspect that the tournament IS going to happen. There's no reason they still can't hold the tournament. I think releasing the info into the Gen Con DB was a mistake on someone's part, and they quickly tried to retract it. I fully expect this to show back up in the DB as a legit event prior to Gen Con starting. It's anybody's guess as to when that will happen though. The only other possibility is that their production of the game will not hit the target date, and NO copies will be available at Gen Con. I certainly hope it's the former and not the latter.
  9. This event was temporarily in the Gen Con event database. A friend who's attending happened to spot this, and oddly enough it's still listed in his iPhone app. I do not see this in mine, however I asked him to take some screen captures and send them to me, and I stitched them together to form the image below. I've searched the app on my iPhone, and also the Gen Con event database, and this is no longer in there. My guess is they mistakenly released it early, and it pretty much spoils the release date in the description. 10am Thursday morning is when the Exhibit Hall opens for the first time. Blood Bowl: Team Manager also made a surprise debut last year at the same time.
  10. Would really love a surprise Blood Bowl: Team Manager expansion. The community has been crying for more teams since this excellent game was released, and there's literally been no news at all from FFG apart from releasing a FAQ.
  11. Those handed out at GenCon were definitely of lesser quality than the Core Set and first two expansions. Note, the quality is less, but certainly not "bad". I think it is safe to assume they were Print on Demand products. Our game group returned home with 3 copies, one of which we're keeping to play and the other two we've already sold on eBay. We grossed $152 between the two auctions. And while we're extremely happy, we're also shocked by the results. Prices have already started to drop, as more folks push their cards onto eBay in an attempt to join the "gold rush". The only thing these cards may have going for them, over the soon to be released POD product, are the two "bookend" cards which contain the Gen Con 2011 logo (and don't affect play at all). I would assume the new POD products will contain something different, but I could certainly be wrong.
  12. The FFG employee got it right. Page 11 of the rulebook: Downed players lose all abilities and remaining skills, but retain any assigned cheating tokens already placed on them.
  13. I demoed the game at GenCon before reading the rules for myself, and the FFG employee told us that if you roll Tackler Down, any skill icons that come after do not activate. It made sense to me with regard to how real Blood Bowl plays (a turnover), but I didn't find anything in the rules to support this. Did I just gloss over it and miss it, or was the FFG employee wrong?
  14. Some quick thoughts from someone who attended GenCon... They had 3 demo tables set up for LotR, and they were always full. There was a banner in that area that was as large as any of their other game banners. I can also tell you that all of their stock for Hunt for Gollum and Conflict at Carrock was sold out by Saturday morning. It may have sold out Friday, but I only noticed the empty shelf space Saturday. As far as promotion AT THE CON, it was as heavily promoted as any of their other games, in terms of visibility and demo tables.
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