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  1. Kris I feel the same way about the hero you mentioned. I was playing a 2 player game and my friend just laughed the whole time because poor mauler never got to do anything the entire time. He then said "this is too easy to win for me" and I realized stun was either way too overpowered or we were playing it wrong. I believe the latter in that we were playing it wrong. No one ability, hero, spell in a game should be that powerful on its own. I run into this a lot because my friends are power gamers who only care about destroying everything in their path (which can be fun don't get me wrong) so I read the card and from the way it is written you can get another action after the stun is shaken off. Errata needed I suppose so everyone can be on the same page. Okay rant done.
  2. I was playing my first game of descent and one of my friends played the character that can stun entire groups. Is stun just one action to get rid of or takes a whole monster turn? We played it that it takes the whole turn but I was reading the card later it says "it is the only action while you have this card" so that means once you discard the card you can still take one action. Anyone got an answer? It seems with games there is always a way things are worded to get my friends to disagree.
  3. The new Baratheon set will have a second board to use with the game so I would wait til that comes out.
  4. They just announced Baratheon. I would love to see some Greyjoy, Tyrell and even old Targaryen with the commanders riding dragons!! Well that last one may be a wee bit overpowered but still cool. I would love to see a series of scenarios with Roberts rebellion and the big battle of the Trident when he killed Rheagar Targaryen. I love this game and look forward to more scenarios!!
  5. Thank you after looking at the map again I realized the hallway in Fall of House Lynch is one long hallway. I got caught up in the fact they are two tiles connected together. Okay cool I like this game just got it. Its more story based then Arkham Horror. Does anyone else feel that this would be an awesome TV series if they did with all the characters from the games? I think it would cool and scary.
  6. Had a silly question in fall of House Lynch with the way the map is set with the sealed doors... how does one get into the Hallway 2 and the Master Bedroom it seems that area is isolated from the rest of the map. Also the ladder in Inner Sanctum does it go anywhere? There is only one ladder and the way the rules are written there should be two connecting to different areas. Sorry the answers may be obvious maybe I am just dumb and cant figure it out Thanks
  7. Massing at Osgiliath? Is that a new quest coming out?
  8. First of all I like this quest. Its tough but doable (think the Dol Guldur is the hardest but then again Dol Guldur one of the one evil places in Middle Earth) however my friend and I have beaten it and we never get the ally in time because we usually beat before. And you have to dump alot of resources on him. I realize that Song of kings is good here and also the Oaks location (which seems to come up as a shadow card often) to help that. He seems like he would make the fighting easier. What do you think? Is he worth the resources? Also it seems that not getting a hill troll at Carrock and taking down the trolls brothers one at a time is easier. the miners seems valueable because they can get rid of sacked! Gandalf with Born aloft is awesome too, its really helpful for Troll beatdown the ol Gandalf recycler lol.
  9. Is there supposed to be only quest cards in Conflict at Carrock? I only got 2 in my box.
  10. daveman006

    Elf archers

    So my friends and I were playing and I am a little confused on the timing of the elf archers. You refresh all exhausted cards at the beginning then what happened is the elf archers would be played to fight something say a stronghold. Now he would exhaust the stronghold he had to "save" and then refresh and then exhaust again then exhaust the other stronghold again for a total of 3 influence. Can he do this or does he have to spend influence only on the spend influence step and if so how does one use the units ablilities such as the pegasus rider and the warrior? I am kinda confused on this so any help is appreciated thanks.
  11. we played it with the pool of gold
  12. daveman006

    auto defense

    question... the city auto defense only counts if another player is attacking you right? it doesnt count toward instants attacking you? we were playing that it did help against instants as well which might have been wrong.
  13. Actually I was wondering the same thing. This also pertains to the Elves influence and the archer "untap" strongholds/ cities for influence. When can the elves spend influence and tap more strongholds to trigger abilities during combat? Is it outside the spend influence step? Can you "hold" influence for later in the combat step after you exhaust for influence earlier in the turn. When we were playing the game it seems the elves can snag up all the high cost neutral cards real quick with archers and a few strongholds.
  14. I have been trying to get players out here in Riverside. Gaming is very narrow out here. Pretty much Magic and Warhammer 40k ugggghhhhhh
  15. Yep Gimli is a beast when properly decked out. Takes down Trolls and Nazgul no problem.
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