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  1. Prehaps it has leather bindings, which were from a Twi'lek slaveguy/girl you fancied's Leeku? Could be a parting gift, or something the character took as keepsake after a fatal accident took the cared for individual away. http://www.coscouture.com/twilek-cosplays/ - first picture, look at the leather Leeku bindings to give you an idea of size feasibility, would work well with an extended hilt, and give your character something personal to hold on to. Or it could have the "earrings" as part of the ornation of the hilt? I would be a bit concerned as a GM with letting an apprentice level character create a superior hilt right off the bat, but if it floats at your table all the more to you
  2. Adeptus-B ; try one of these http://bebionic.com/
  3. My concern would be that the ~2-5 extra wounds you would get from that change, would last you one round compared to how the system is today. Would you also be scaling down weapon damage, or would players be expected to roll up more than one character at a time? In a system that uses different dice, I would agree with you - but since we only have the D10 to Work with in this product line, I'm not really certain it would do much on it's own, other than kill players even faster.
  4. Sounds pretty nice to be honest, I'm hoping FFG could borrow some of your ideas for DH2 supplements. You are going do play test this with with a regular group?
  5. Well, if you put it up against some of the daemonic weapons that players can make, I'm not really sure it's a problem to be honest.
  6. I (Well - we I suppose ) was unaware that it could be purchased on a 1on1 basis, so I asked for the only thing I knew of - the armour trait. My other aquisition was a Psi-focus, despite it's availability, so power gaming is far from it
  7. My GM allowed me to pick the "Careful Maintaince" power armour trait for one of my starting aquisitions, but I would likely ask him for allowance to pick it Again as to get a full working Mark VIII suit at some point.
  8. My only plea would be to ensure that they make further steps towards a unified platform, so weapons etc. have their base stats and we have something easy to build further upon.
  9. I signed up. Seems to be an interesting mix of WHF and DH 2.0 before they retcon'ed it to be DH 1.5
  10. Magnus Grendel - Sounds beautiful! I hope to aspire to make my Ultramarine into such a Coherence monster
  11. Now, I may be wrong - it has happened once or twice this Century already But "Also, I'm supposed to be the NCO in charge (the Sarge) and my buff abilities rely on me taking full actions, which I can't take. Nor can I charge." - per RAW, you can only do one sweeping order per turn, but it is not a full action to make, in all Groups I've ever been in both online and around a table such actions has always been free actions. Prehaps your GM (And Thus the commanding officer that oversaw all those battles) should decide that due to the training battles your squad has been in, the Sarge should be given training in the sweeping order "Snap Out of It!". (Prehaps as a bonus, or by giving a Little XP that is deadlocked to that order) There's also the consideration of getting +30 to the roll if you are behind cover (Page 255 in the core OW book). The average guardsmen would have somewhere along the lines of 30WP, which would give your team a 60% chance each round to get out of it and act normally - which isn't half bad (Unless you play with bogi_khaosa who always manages to roll 80+ on the dice )
  12. The ruleset from Black crusade was refined with Only War - which is considered the latest version of the 40K ruleset. It is also found in the Dark Heresy 2.0 beta test. Overall I think that going with opposing skills are the way to go, it's infuriating to have a 5+ success attack, only to have it nullified by a one DoS Dodge/Parry. Obviously players should be careful what they wish for, since NPCs will also benefit from that change, but Deathwatch in particular is all about the Marines kicking much arse, so it makes the most sense to go with the Only War ruleset.
  13. Roll20.net has some nice features. Not sure if it's the program you are looking for though.
  14. Your ideas has merit, and are very interesting, and I really wish FFG went with a unified approch right from the start. My regular Group is going to return to Rogue Trader after running with Only War, and it feels like such a huge step backwards in terms of character development. Do you have any prototyping done on a character creation selection - Aptitudes etc for classes not described in the Only War universe? (Say Arbitrator or similar?)
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