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  1. so battlefleet gothic with Armada ships?
  2. Since those of us up north have adopted your excuse for discount merchandise, I'm curious if anyone knows any decent sales going on the Canadian side of the border? I took a look through the other threads on this, and that cross border shipping tends to destroy any discounts being offered. Foiled again by geography...
  3. "Star Wars Armada Kingston" in fact, i suppose to not be confused with the other Armadas
  4. We actually had a tourney in Kingston, 8 man turn out and my first time playing Armada. Unfortuantely, thats a bit far from Buffalo, but Armada is alive and kicking north of the border. As long as we can sneak past the polar bears that is
  5. Any store that is used to running 40k or Warhammer Fantasy shouldnt have issues with the game time for armada. My old FLGS would do 12 - 8 for weekend tournies without much in the way of issues. Armada might be cutting it a bit close though
  6. Wait, you've beat someone in 100 games of x wing without a loss? Your friend deserves these wins thanks to tenacity alone. Also, it sounds like you have some issues with focusing on 1 Victory. Try to kill one and avoid the other as much as possible perhaps
  7. Only 2 session into my campaign so far, but some interesting things have come up from my players being somewhat crazy. A Chaos Marine with an Autocannon sneaking across 200m of open terrain through a PDF defense line (didnt roll above a 10, rolled a 1 for the final check goinig through the PDF lines, so i had to let him get away with it) We figured he used a civilian car to conceal himself and somehow walked between a pair of guardsmen without them noticing. This player also blew up a planetary governor's mansion, killing hundreds of rival heretics. A human psyker that decided to push his way past an irate chaos space marine. When it failed miserably, he tried to doombolt the marine. When that failed, the marine rabbit punched him, which also launched him across the room. He later bullrushed a stunned psyker (as in head down, charging headbutt bullrush), lighting the psyker on fire due to his flaming skull. A human renegade with a severe case of lethargy and bipolar tendancies, who managed to reach 10 corruption at character creation, and grew a pair of wings. This character still does not know that he has wings since nobody has mentioned it to him and he was clubbed to unconciousness as soon as he mutated. Also, suffered from a case of having all of his ribs broken in the first combat of this campaign, due to a rampaging Ogryn trampling him and then dying on top of him, then a punch from a "friendly" chaos marine. Finally, the marine spat on him (forgetting about the whole acid spit thing), which technically killed the human, but i decided Papa Nurgle was amused by his antics and regerated him. All in all, Black Crusade is pretty awesome
  8. To be fair, watches (chronos?) and mag boots are also availible for purchase with req, and power armour comes standard with those as well, so i'd say that using a req cost as an indication of no being standard doesnt work for everything. (IIRC, don't have my book on me at the moment)
  9. To be fair, throwing a grenade into a suspcious room isnt exactly a bad idea if you've brought enough grenades with you..... If i makes you feel any better, my group has violently murdered an entire pro-imperial rebel group because they believed a corrupt xenos loving planetary governor (although they did appoint the only rebel survivor as the new governor....)
  10. What i did when my group was lacking in healing was give them a servo skull for between fight heals. Allows the missions to keep going even if a player gets badly hurt and doesnt require as much effort as running an NPC within the group. Or, offer medicae as an elite advance to someone in the group.
  11. I like them, interesting fluff text for each one, the rules are pretty solid, but nothing seems out of wack (although i still dislike the default hvy bolter stats) Only issue i can see is the sanctified sword, which may not have much use for your players due to it only working on a very specific target group. But i can't think of anything interesting to add to the weapon, maybe trade balanced for defensive, or just be lazy and add more damage
  12. I get the feeling some people will hate me for this, but.... In my campaign i've been giving my players gear rewards that give minor bonuses related to what my players want (i've even asked them to write out what kind of stuff they would like to get) So far i have doled out: A medical servo skull (that was a freebie due to the lack of an apoth) A heavy bolter with a 1 mag fire selector (so the dev can switch to fun ammo easier) An explosive headplate for more powerfull headbutting (someone asked for this, very specifically...) Wrist mounted bolt pistols (this was a mutual agreement between me and a player) Leg mounted grenade satchels (for an explosively inclined assault marine) A back banner that announces sound advice and calming statements (for the tactical marine that displays the only real rational thought in the group) A oversized storm shield with a teleporter mounted in it (think captain america) and probably some other stuff i've forgot... Anyways, my group doesnt exactly take our deathwatching very seriously, so i dont mind giving out odd/fun gear to players to compliment their characters. But as the others here have pointed out, be carefull about what you give them, since you dont want to mess up the power level within your group too much
  13. Argus, you make an excellent point about deadpool being more chaosy then a good guy. A group of chaos marines based off of comic book villians sounds like it could be a fun idea for the future. (and you can't tell me deadpool wouldnt use more then 2 guns at a time if he had the chance ) Good idea about using storm/twin linking for the weapon set up Bilateralrope, i'll probably start playing it as a storm bolter or bolt pistol for each hand to save on the dice rolling.
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