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  1. Try just talking with the player and see if he would bench the character for awhile. Explain to him that the game is not as fun when everything rides on his actions alone. Point out a few scenarios when the rest of the group didn't have fun and see if he agrees with you. He can retire his OP character for a short time until the rest of the group catches up in level. Make up a story like he needs to take care of a sick aunt or help out on the family farm. Bench him for awhile and then bring him back into the game when the party is more compatible. This will give your power gamer an opportunity to play a different type of character for awhile and let him/her experiment. Win/Win for everyone.
  2. It's obvious that FFG is not supporting Anima based on that nothing is being released currently. I will agree that there are better RPG's on the market in regards to game mechanics, but I am disappointed that Anima hasn't been more developed because of its content. There are quite a few roleplayers who are also big Anime fans so I wish this would have taken off to support that crowd. I actually like the Gaia world they have developed and would like to see more. I was hoping for english releases. I'm hoping Asmodee picks it up and runs with it! We'll see.
  3. I just noticed that the Anima game books on the on-line store are discounted 75%. Is this just an amazing holiday special or are they cleaning house?
  4. Will this wolf's pack have the same statistics or will the pack have the stats on pg 281, being Freelancers instead of shadows?
  5. Gaia 2 would be the next purchase I make. I enjoyed reading the first source book. They did an excellent job creating and developing this game world. It was chock full of adventure ideas and back ground material! I vote for an english translation!
  6. Count me in as well! The art work for this game beats all other table top rpg's hands down. The Gaia world is also well developed and interesting to read about. They definitely need to give this game more time to take off!
  7. Thank you for posting the errata. It is very helpful. Just a side note on the entry for Droksmog on page 59. You noted that the secondary attack type would be heat. In the main rule book on page 69 TABLE 26: Common Weapons it notes that battle axes have a second attack type of Impact. In Droksmog's description it lists a secondary attack type of Heat. Do you think it loses the Impact attack type or is heat in addition to having Impact like a normal battle axe?
  8. I give two thumbs up for Gaia 2! I enjoyed reading the first guide. They did a great job of presenting their world. There were lots of campaign ideas in there as well as some personalities to work with. I look forward to its release.
  9. Page 15 also notes the restrictions under the "Common Advantages" heading. The Add One Point to a Characteristic advantage notes the restriction of Strength, Dexterity, Agility, and Constitution cannot be increased to more than 11 and that Intelligence, Power, Willpower and Perception cannot be increased to more than 13.
  10. The stylish guy has one serious flaw! The undead, mechanicals and animals are pretty much immune to its affects. That would put you at a disadvantage against more than half of your opponents. However, you could rule that a style that god-like in nature could even affect mindless and inanimate objects. Even the rocks love you! Perhaps a style that high would have a chance of attracting Beryls or Shajads. Interesting…. Ok, I'm inclined to say that you cannont get a Style inexcess of 100 at the start of the game. It seems like you would need an "inhumanity" skill or a "zen" skill at some point. Nobody is that cool. My eyeballs hurt just thinking about it.
  11. There is no precedent for Style to be used in Combat, that is true, but the guy just dropped 500 DP on and some serious creation points just to get an epic level style of 275! Sure he can't fight his way out of a wet paper sack, but DANG he looks good in that hat! It has to have some in game benefit. I browsed through Those Who Walk Amongst Us and nobody has a style of 275. Omega, The Ultimate Being has only a 200 in his Lord of Infinity form. The rulebooks states, "At very high levels, a successful Ability Check would allow the thunder and lightning of a storm to provide rhythmic accompaniment to a character's theatrical movements." This is under Style on page 46. If Omega gets this kind of treatment with a score of 200, imagine what this guy's hat could do! At the very least, when this guy walks in the room, everyone is going to stop what they are doing and check out that hat. I mean seriously, this is one amazing hat! This would definitely be a fun character to have in your party. Just to watch the DM scramble to adapt his descriptions to accomodate that hat!
  12. A style score that high has to have some benefit in combat. You would think it would help with initiative rolls because the opponents are distracted by the hat. Or just before the killing blow the villain steps back and says, "Before I kill you, please tell me this…. Where did you get that hat." Of course the story is long winded and buys time for help to arrive.
  13. I like the padded weapon combat at the end. However, unbeknownst to the comatants, either the Moral Majority or the crazy mad doctor, has let a group of piranahs or a bull shark into the pool. Lets keep it interesting. Oh, also if there is mud wrestling there needs to be a midget involved as well!
  14. If our players balk at a sex change in mid game, you could just have the male characters find a female to compete. You could print out some photos of actresses or models from the net and give them each certain attributes that they like. The guy who successfully shows the attribute would attract that girl to compete. It would basically be a "Who can write the best pick-up line contest" between all of the players. Then of course there would need to be some serious persuasion rolls or short quests to find things to persuade the girls to wear the swimsuit of your design. Use some stereo types to come up with quests. A material girl might want gold (or the perception that you have a lot of gold), a naturalist might want you to free some rare animals in the zoo area or get a clipping from a rare (man-eating) plant, a feminist might want you to burn a bra on the moral majority's front steps. If they can survive these little forays then the gals would oblige them and wear the suit. Just some thoughts.
  15. 1A. Lucrecio has a secret research facility in the Metzger Forest. Perhaps the Zepplin was flown there and dropped in a secret clearing. Lucanor could be using the passengers as experimental subjects for "The Process". The subjects with "altered" allegiances could then be sent back to the noble houses of Gabriel and give Lucanor a power base in that country. Another option could be that the airship was highjacked by Matthew Gual's people and brought to Togarini for reverse engineering and the development of war machines. The secret device placed on board is either for spying and/or to activate a "sleeper" agent of Lucanor's who was planted on the airship to disrupt Gaul's plans. Just some thoughts. As for why people wanted to fly after the Lady went missing, just take a look at our airlines today. Even after a crash people still take the risk. The reward of fast travel is just too tempting. The Gaia source book does mention that the world was surprised to learn that Lucanor had created four business lines of zeppelins just two months after the disappearance of The Lady. Some people won't fly, but others will be too tempted by the political and economic advantages that these new devices offer. It would be nice if they would release more content on this.
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