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  1. The only person that knows his Ascendency name is his girlfriend, Leeloominaï Lekatariba Lamina-Tchaï Ekbat De Sebat. The last that was seen of her was her arguing with some guy in Grey robes and a long beard with a stick.
  2. I would make a Chiss Soldier that used the Kyuzo War shield from forged in battle. Name him Meric. White armor with a hawkbat on the front.
  3. Also here is a breakdown. Edge of the Empire is the Core Book to play as the scum of Star Wars. It has a gritty, hungry feel to it. It is very Firefly and Suicide Squad. It has drugs, slicing(hacking), and debts. Age of Rebellion is the Core Book for a Rebellion (Empire?) campaign of starfighter jockeys and desperate Rebels. Basically Rogue One. It has explosives, tactics, and a sense of duty. Force and Destiny is the Core Book for being a Force User. It feels very "The Force Awakens" with a great system for someone falling to the dark side. It deals with morals, corruption, and supernatural power. The GM screens come with some additional stuff. EoTE has a great adventure (very horror based) and rules for creating awesome custom bad guys (Nemesis) AoR has rules for Squads and Squadrons, allowing your players to last longer in a fight and feel like their choices effect the lives of other NPCs. (Also makes bad guys last longer too) FaD has rules for crafting your own lightsaber. Admittedly this was later expounded on and, IMO, made much better in the Sentinel Sourcebook. Each Sourcebook for the different Careers is going to vary in how important it is to your game. Each one comes with new species to choose from and some game flavor and extra rules, unique weapons and gear. Get what is important to you (or have your players get it for whatever career they choose to add to their options). The Career books also give each career access to a Signature Ability which is (usually) a one time/session use of something game changing. My favorite are the special books that talk about settings, bases, and Force Planets. Thicker books than the other ones, they tend to have a lot of flavor and inspiring ideas. Lastly you have the various adventure books. Some are better than others, but most have extra bits in them that give you a unique Species, Special Gear, or a Special Force Power. When I started it was 1 book every few months. Easy for me to drop the funds at the time. For you, trying to buy it all at once would be overwhelming and expensive. Getting right to the core of what you want is important. If you have a specific idea, setting, feel, flavor that you are going for, feel free to respond on here or PM me. I would be happy to help you in the right direction.
  4. LOTJX, I have played every version of the Star Wars RPG. WEG, D20, Revised, Saga, and now this one. When I first got the Edge of the Empire Beta, it was all new and confusing and the dice were weird and I just let it sit on my shelf for months. Finally the actual product came out and I got excited again. I bought it, the dice, and set up a game. Once I got out of the mindset of D20 (success or fail, loot the bodies) the whole thing shifted. It FEELS star wars. I own every single book. I didn't get any at a discount on Amazon or anything either. I have even purchased multiple copies for my friends. That is how much that I believe in this system. I understand that you aren't that interested in the Force and Destiny theme (of the 3). Still, it is a GREAT book to have IF one of your players decides they would like to go that force using route. My personal favorite is the Edge of the Empire theme (originally the part I cared the LEAST about in Star Wars, but I fell in love with the book). I get your frustration of needing multiple books. However, think of it like this. They needed the playing and the testing and the time to make all of what we have. I am positive that we wouldn't have near as good of a system if they tried to write it all at once. The Dice. Totally against what we are used to as Role Players. This is a shared dice system (at least at my table). You have a pool of dice and everyone takes their turns rolling as they need. And it is AWESOME! Now, you can fire your blaster, miss, but hit the controls to the platform that the badguy is standing on and now he drops to the ground with the smirk off of his face. You can hotwire a door open, fail, and have the blast doors close over it making it even harder to try to get through. You can sweet talk the bartender not only into giving you a drink for free, but when the stormtroopers come in, she shows you a secret door leading under the establishment because you made such an impression on her! This isn't a normal RPG. This is a better one. This IS Star Wars. It takes a minute to get the hang of it. But when you do? I bet it will be your favorite system. It happened to me just like that. Best wishes, and may the Force of Others be with you!
  5. Of note, Vera Beroya in "Friends Like These" rocks heavy Beskar'gam armor (+2 soak, Cortosis, +2 defense). This could be her having a hidden NPC Armor Master talent or some other such upgrade, but taken as written her version would be even more powerful than the Rebel Heavy Battle Armor.
  6. I like to ask all the writers and devs this. Knowing what you know now, if they were to make a SW FFG 1.5 what would you alter about the rules or system? Obviously it is awesome as is and you all have done a great job working within what you created, but do you have any house rules that you would like to see become official in another iteration?
  7. Thank you both!! That makes a lot more sense to me. I didn't catch the "COMBAT CHECK" part. Definitely changes things! And this is why I love this community.
  8. Shatterpoint already exists as a control upgrade in Seek.
  9. Sorry if this has been covered but I ran into an issue with attack based Force Powers and my PCs. So my Nemesis throws force lightning at my PC sage. The PC's Discipline is 4 and 2, he has deflection 1 and Sense upgraded and committed. So my question is this: To throw lightning, is the difficulty just 2 purple dice? Is it 2 red challenge dice and a black setback due to the average difficulty being upgraded by my PC's usual ranged defenses? or is it 2 red challenge dice and 2 purple difficulty dice due to his opposed Discipline? Or is the staggering 4 red challenge dice and a black setback dice due to using his opposed Discipline and upgrading from the use of Sense and deflection 1??? Same question but for Move object. Is the difficulty the silhouette of the object? The silhouette of the object AND the usual ranged defenses? Or is it the PC's Discipline AND the usual ranged defenses??!? How does the adversary talent work with opposed Discipline checks coming from a PC to a nemesis? Using the Discipline as part of the check is confusing me. Thank you for any and all clarifications!
  10. I think having an adventure from this era (and more dice) is a great thing! I'm less concerned over the cost (because honestly, they don't MAKE you purchase it, either you have the funds and want it or don't) and more over new people getting involved in the hobby. It isn't like this is DLC to some unfinished game (a legit gamer gripe) but rather smart marketing by FFG. If more people get into the hobby, then there will be greater demand. Greater demand means more products. More products equals a happy me.
  11. Absolutely. I usually just require the purchasing of Synthflesh as part of character creation.
  12. Concerning Slicing: If an intruder accesses a system that has even one security program and an active slicer defending that system, wouldn't the intruder nearly always be completely locked down? Example : Intruder takes an action to disable the security program (let's say <D><D><D> ). Then their turn is over. Defender takes an action to activate a security program (<D><D>), leaving the intruder unable to do anything but try and deactivate the security program again. Rinse and repeat. Unless multiple intruders are in the system or the defending slicer fails the average check to activate the security program, wouldn't that make any intrusion attempts useless once a defending slicer knows that you are in the system?
  13. I appreciate the replies. Teamwork is a good idea, though kind of odd if you think like what a movie would show. In real life Anon would use lots of people working together to do stuff. Still, I don't think any of this addresses the very real and boring slicing rules where every defending turn is just "activate security program". If it was an opposed check, that would be great. But RAW it is just an average check. It is a ping pong. As a GM I would limit the use of it in order to keep things fun, but honestly what defending slicer wouldn't just lock the system down every turn?
  14. In the new Technician guide I was very happy to get the expanded slicing rules. However, one thing really bugs me. If an intruder gets into a system that has even one security program (and an active slicer defending that system), they are done. Here is why. Intruder takes an action to disable the security program (usually <D><D><D> or similar). Then they are done. Defender takes an action to activate a security program (<D><D>). Rinse and repeat. Unless something really exceptional happens, it is down to an easy check every round and that is if there is just ONE security program on that system. It seems... useless? Does anyone else understand it a different way or is it really as broken as it seems?
  15. I'd treat it as Suffocating. The character takes 3 strain every turn until unconscious, and starts taking Critical Injuries every round after that. Ah, yes that would be much better, thank you. Don't have my books with me so couldn't see the critical chart. Also not sure if missing the rebreather would be that severe for a Gand. Like I said, I know nothing about their biology According to the book they would be in a Rating 8 corrosive atmosphere. So the Gand could hold his breath for a number of rounds equal to his Brawn and then start taking the damage. That is plenty of time to finish an encounter (though I would gladly let my players spend advantage/his threat to reduce the rounds or have some other, more immediate, effect.)
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