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  1. Does anyone know if the FFG Card Game Sleeves will fit the Anima cards?
  2. Hey, sorry I didn't get back to you sooner. Things got really really busy over here and it threw off all my plans. I'll send you an e-mail here in a little while to let you know what works for me for testing armies.
  3. Maybe 11/30 or 12/3? Those will be the next few days I'm available to do something. I'll maybe even be able to afford a small army by that point and not need to rent one from the Event Center.
  4. Sweet, we should try and get together some time, it would be nice to get advice on the Tau Empire. Maybe some days that the Event Center has more warhammer gamers. I will be needing to rent my army from the Event Center until I can collect the pieces to my Tau army though.
  5. I recently moved down to the Twin Cities region, but before I moved from Saint Cloud I was starting to get into both Warhammer Fantasy (Dwarves and Vampires) and 40K (Tau). I was still just starting to get the hang of things and really looking for some people that are willing to help me learn the ropes and play a few enjoyable games with. I really want to get more into the games and maybe get up to the point that I feel comfortable playing in tournaments. So I'm hopefully looking for one or more people who are experienced with the games, living in the metro area, to help me build armies and learn the basics of the game. At the least, for starters, I would love to know what are some average points for games so I can start thinking over some army lists. While in Saint Cloud we use to play with 1,000 point lists while I was getting the hang of things. Any help would be great.
  6. Hello, I'm a new miniatures gamer and really loving the look and idea of Anima. I'm trying to find someone in the Minnesota area (more specifically the Twin Cities area) who would be willing to take me in and help me learn how to play the game. I have done some Warhammer Fantasy, though this game stands out as something that I would be even more interested in.
  7. I can see that not to many of you seem to be too interested in playing an Anima game. I'm not sure if that is because you don't like the system, your not familiar with the system, or if you are not just interested in the type of game that I'm running. If it's unfamiliar with the system, I can always sit and talk with people, walk them through with the concept of the system and setting and see if it's something your interested in. If you don't like the style of the story that I'm wanting to run, just let me know I have plenty of other idea's for games and can run different stories. If your not interested with a games system... well I guess there isn't much I can do about that. I'm going to plan on being down at the Event Center on the Seventh of next months around 5pm so I can answer questions and talk with a few people about the game idea. You can also send me messages or comment on here if you have any questions or suggestions.
  8. So, I have recently stopped down to the Event Center for the first time, and really liked the layout and the style of the facility. Recently I have fallen in love with Anima: Beyond Fantasy and have decided that it's one of my favorite gaming systems to date. With the combination of these two events, I have decided that I would like to start up a new campaign that I have been thinking about for awhile here. The biggest thing that I'm looking for right now is how many people would be interested in it. Here's a little information on the campaign idea. There are secrets of our world, forgotten tales and ignored legends. Even in this day of 'enlightenment' we are seriously ignorant about whats around us. Thing's move in the shadows, thing's we can't even fathom. then their are hidden truths, worlds and lands that lay beyond our sight. If you have an open mind, patience, and an Iron Will, you can bare witness to something incredible. The 'powers that be' are aware of these secrets and they fear them. Our worlds Government and religious powers have developed a society that they can easily control. This comfort has given those with power a stronger desire to destroy anything that challenges their way of life. With this mind set, they have created secret forces to seek out and destroy these 'evil' or 'unholy' ways. Sometimes even twisting their rules to use the same powers and skills that they seek to condemn. We know these secrets, we are apart of these secrets. The world is secretly changing and this war was the catalyst. We gather and teach those that know them to. We are the magus order, and we train Wizards, Summoners, Psychics and Ki Masters in their arts. We hope for a unity one day, for now we train and move in the shadows. And you, you are those we train and educate. You are the future, though many dark parts still are ahead of us. This is one of those times.
  9. So I've been looking around and found some information about this Anima: Ark of Sinners game for Wiiware. Does anyone know if they are going to make this game in english as well?
  10. @ Elric of Melniboné Wow, thanks. I was hearing a lot of information about a revision of the magic system, and that was very interesting for me. I was semi interested about the skill system changes, though I'm not as sure that I would be as excited about it. I guess I'll just have to wait patiently for the next few books. I'm really excited and interested in seeing much much more to the Anima setting. I love this game, this system is so amazing and it is the closest thing to the type of system that I have been wanting for so long.
  11. I was just wondering, has anyone heard any rumors about the revised edition of Anima being translated and released? I was just really curious to know if that or any of the other Anima books are going to be translated over. I love this system so much, and really hope that it keeps growing into something amazing!!
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