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  1. Other than HPL I've also read all of R.E. Howard's stuff, some C.A. Smith, some by Carl Jacobi. I love William Hope Hodgson and Algernon Blackwood and have just started "The King in Yellow" by Robert W. Chambers. As for the Cthulhu Mythos stuff, I own some books by Brian Lumley but I still have to read them. What about you? Suggestions for further readings are welcome, especially for Mythos anthologies not by HPL.
  2. 1) I don't think you can do that. 2) Using the Patrol Wagon it's like teleporting, you don't have to face any monsters. Just remember that you do it INSTEAD of your normal movement.
  3. Uhm, so Act I is now forced to start in the first turns. But what about the new 4 Act cards?
  4. Well, there's always the Vassal version. It even has almost all of the expansions. But I don't know if it isok to talk about it here
  5. mageith said: I think they'll just be more of the same, not really new. What don't you like about the old system? I don't like the fact that the game just ends, so we play the Old Awakens at the third act rather than just end the game. Same as you. The game abruptedly ends and it's anticlimatic. We usually fight Hastur if the Third Act begins,then if we manage to defeat him we go on with the normal game.
  6. MrBone said: Can't say about the expansions, but there are no "Another Dimension" exclusive events in the original, which would mean you'd probably have to get lost in timespace. Would certainly make the game a bit more difficult. For "Another Dimension" we use "Other" encounters.
  7. In my group we just decided to use this house rule: when in Other Worlds, we only read the appropriate text, and we leave the "Other" text only for "Other dimension". This way we have more atmospheric encounters as they are less generic. Any thoughts on this? What do you think?
  8. I wonder how will be the new Act cards. I didn't like the old system, frankly.
  9. Well, I don't have CotDP yet, so I'm pretty much happy. I will most certanily buy it.
  10. So, basically, what does happen when someone gets arrested? In Innsmouth Horror there's a whole system for it, but in Arkham Horror? Does the investigator simply moves to the police station and ends his turn?
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