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  1. Kroen, it looks like a real fast old one you've whipped up there, and a game with it would be fast enough, that I might just test it after all my classes tonight. Although, one less seal required is a real boon, and without some ability to drive doom tokens up quickly, I think he might end up being easier than Yig, although the cultists are rather nasty. Hopefully I get to try it tonight.
  2. Avi_dreader said: ...I think an 11 doom track ancient one with no magical resistances and a -4 check might be too easy (especially in a 3-4 investigator game). If it turns out a little too easy, change his attack so he just devours the first player each round (like Quachil, but without the double immunities). Tastes for difficulty differ though (personally, I like very tough final combat— I hate final combat with most of the base game AOs). One thing you'll need to clarify is how the stalker movement works. Do you intend for monsters that are normally stationary to move? If not, change it to "Monsters that move also move as stalkers." While that attack change would certainly make him more challenging, I think it would lose the flavor of what Giygas is, so I think I would like to keep the ally destroying attack. so in order to up the difficulty, do you think it would benefit more from magical resistance or a nastier combat modifier? I intended stationary monsters to move with Devil's Machine, so I don't think I need to include an extra line to clarify. I think it helped the threat of stationary monsters by quite a bit. Grudunza, thanks so much for the grammatical tip there. As you said, it's pretty obvious what the intention of the mechanic was, but dispelling any possible confusion is excellent. Regarding how many allies are consumed each turn, I waffled for a bit over whether it should be one ally, or all of them. Realistically, an investigator could at most eke out two allies, right? Although Ashcan Pete, or some others who start with an ally could throw it for a loop. Thank you so much for the criticism so far, it makes me feel so warm and fuzzy. I think I'm going to start on a herald to work with Giygas. I'm going to try to build it to address the weaknesses of Giygas, primarily the terror level. I played another game with Giygas (and ended in a sealing victory again, sheesh, I want to test the final battle already.) and once again the monsters swarming the players resulted in a very controlled terror level. I'm hoping to build the herald to address that failure of Giygas, and I would love any ideas, or further revisions to Giygas himself.
  3. Hello World! My brave first post here. I got Arkham Horror about a month ago, and heavens, I am addicted, and finding strange eons hasn't helped curb the addiction, heh. But, my great old one. Unknowable cosmic horrors from the abysses beyond time and space? Hey...that sounds like... Giygas from earthbound! Thematically, I went for the idea of a JRPG, enemies never getting off of you. I've tested Giygas twice, and both were victories from sealing, so he's not the most difficult guy around the block, but I wanted some helpful criticism, or you know, outright acerbic hate if you're in a bad mood. Thematically, the final battle is based off of the game, where to defeat him you had to pray to the people of the world to destroy him. For clarifications on how I played this, Stalker monster movement took priority over any other movement type, even yellow bordered stationary monsters. As per the rules, since the skies are adjacent to all of the streets, fights would be very frantic if anything was in the sky. Of course, this meant that the terror level never really crawled up, but the fights were long and vicious. I'd really appreciate any sort of input! It was a lot of fun to make and play, and if it goes over well enough, I might try to make the investigators.
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