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  1. thx guys. I will consider your ideas for my next campaigns.
  2. just got my copy and i can't wait to use it.
  3. Just wanted to know since one of my players who is playing an acopethery wanted to trade in his grenades, bolter to max out on gear such as healing gear( drugs and consumables) but just have his bolter pistol , chainsword and clips to go with. How much of this can he carry even if he can.(he wants to be a mobile pharmacy)
  4. i love collecting the hard covers, they look great and make a nice collection. Plus i like more info (more chapters and info on jericho reach's planets) gives me plenty of idea's for campaigan building. I hope they later make something more on dark eldars and necrons , such as stats, story line and even some adventures.
  5. Thx it makes sense and i thought of that possibility. I'll have to get that book also.{Inquisitors handbook}
  6. I was thinking of buffing the starting dev backpack to 500 bullets for the case of the heavy bolter, is this too much even if it fires at a rate of --10 wich i thought with the original stash of 250 would give 25 shots total?
  7. I was checking the stealth suit ability acitve passive. Can he attack in either mode? If so will it be to hard for the player? I'm making a futur mission with the tau and was looking over there abilities again and crossed with them wich will most likely be in my campaign.
  8. in my campaign my players play with one of each and if they didn't choose one i'd player a npc to fill in the ranks of the group as well as to show them what each class can do. As for the warhammer universe ive got my knowledge from all i could get my hands on: the vidoe games, books of all series { even dark heresy, rogue trader, deathwatch} even the ultramarines movie. I'm a warhammer 40k junkie what can i say lol. I just got my hands on the copy of the last deathwatch book, i can't wait to imply it in my world. I even plan on merging rogue trader to allow my marines to explore starship combat a bit. As for dark heresy to it'll give it some extra flavor also mmmmm.
  9. I have yet to use monstrous creatures yet but I was thinking of houseruling a "monstrous creature" trait rule were you add the creature's strength bonus to its melee Pen. Would make them real powerhouses in close combat. i agree with this since it is said in the carifex intro that it was designed to destroy vehichles as a powerhouse battering ram for the tyranids.Besides we need the bigger creatures to do impressive damage in melee against smaller targets, just make the targets harder to hit.
  10. as for tyranids living outside i'd say impossible, but if they managed to get inside an abandon station or fortress of some kind and secretly been living inside feeding on what was living there before then this could be done.Say the group gat a distress signal from that location and this could be a starting mission for the kill team but later finding out that other things lurk deep inside( like the info on the watch fortressof erioch).
  11. i found the new tiles fun, mech units nad flagships also.although i must agree upon the reps, once your there out you can't vote now that would truely suck if everyone jumps on the same guy.as for the new trade its not the same less money handed out but the mercs are cool though.i have no prob with the idea of adding the lazac pre-historical secn cause it could be fun.as for rules wize on the ghost race or arborec no complications we found.
  12. yes they did survive but when some reinforcments arrivied. There was 2 kia the tactical marine and the techmarine.the ap and the assult were in critical conditions.
  13. Nihilaa said: Montreal, Quebec. Nous sommes 3 joueurs et nous joueons plus ou moins regulierement entre 2-4 fois par mois. Nous avons aussi d'autre jeux comme descent (toutes les expensions sauf seas of blood), axis and allies, republic of rome et D&D ravenloft. Nous aussi ont joue tout les jeu de ta list puis nous somme de la rive-sud.Ont veri entre 3a5 jouer dependant le jeu.
  14. Nous some une gang de 4 qui joue aussi tout les meme jeu que vous autre,,cool.nous some de la reigion de la rive sud puis ont y une table de jeu exprais still comme une table de roulette avec le bordure pour garder tout les pieces dans la table.
  15. I'm with other players and we play in saint-jean-sur-richelieu
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