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  1. Ahh ok, clears up a bit, with a bonus for not being able to re-roll more than once! Not saying the combo was good idea, just wanted to know the rules interactions for all these upgrades. Now if only I could do it on like the Gladiator with 2 blue anti-squadron dice to almost guarantee 2 damage, then maybe... haha.
  2. Maybe this is obvious, but I haven't played with the Title before so I thought I'd ask. Warlord is: While attacking, you may change 1 die face with an accuracy to a hit icon. Can this ability be used on anti-squadron attacks? If the same ship also had Point Defense Reroute, which is re-rolling critical results at close range, does that mean with blue anti-squadron dice you will always do one damage? Either roll it naturally, roll an accuracy and turn it into a hit, or re-roll any criticals until you get a hit or accuracy to turn into a hit? Thanks.
  3. Got my CSI tracking number as well!
  4. I definitely enjoy the dice in this over X-Wing. Instead of basically needing your opponent to fail a dice roll, you can target what will hurt the most: accuracy dice results, targeting specific hull zones, critical hit choice with Dodonna, etc. But with the ability to repair balances it out, which is why death match for points is only a small part of objectives instead of the only win condition.
  5. So let's start a new argument, haha! The fighter packs will have 2 of each type of 4 fighters. This means we'll have to be buying multiples of each to be able to field waves of anything outside TIEs and X-Wings. Does this seem worth it? Gravitating towards the Empire, I'm looking forward to flying a lot of TIE Interceptors, more than TIE Fighters even, but Bombers and Advances? I don't think I need that many, and the core actually comes with enough Fighters that I don't need any more, but I'm getting more anyhow. And what to do with all the extra pilot cards, since there's only ever 2 needed? Are we all okay with this or would have been packs of each type of fighter been better so we could pick and choose?
  6. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/contact/rules/ Jesus, then just ask them, none of us know why that's the cut off.
  7. Of the games I've played so far I've won as the Empire consistently and I think my play is getting better, but I've also seen 3 different people play as Rebels now and they have all done the same thing for their losses, which is not utilize their "fleet". As in they send out the fighters on their own, and want to use the capital ships to do their work. I also noticed how they would yaw the Nebulon, presenting its side arc for way too many shots. So the last time I played I went Rebs and played based on my observations. I used the Escort Frigate to escort, lol. The I is the Nebulon, ^ are X-Wings, x are TIEs and V is the VSD: V xxx I ^^^ The VSD was to the left of the X and I used it to screen the fighters. I also used the Nebulon in a jousting maneuver, where it kept its front arc towards the VSD and on the turn when it got close to fire into my sides, I sped up to shoot past it to present my rear arc as fast as possible. My fighters then jumped over the frigate to engage the VSD, once the TIEs were destroyed by my Nebulon. It felt weird being close in to the VSD but always opting for maximum anti-fighter attacks over shots on the VSD, but it was the right call. In the mean time my corvette wrapped around the board and got to his rear arc with the Dodonna's Pride and my intact X-Wings to pile on shots. The game ended by rounds, but I cleared out his TIES so it could have went off points for a win. In the end, it would still be hard to say who could win with his massive repairs and still being able to shred my ships, but that's not the goal of the game, so not really a big deal. So it's more about the commander, than the tools given to them. The core is fine as it is. I'm sure the year or so of testing they put into the game is how they came to these numbers. :-p
  8. I like to think of this as a resource management game and damage is the resource. Those dice are so mean but the game is about how to mitigate them. You can't just hope your opponent rolls poorly. You have to expect big hits and it's down to how best to use your defenses, maneuver to avoid it or how to recover from it. It's so interesting and fun. It's the chess to X-wing's checkers.
  9. That sounds about right. In my learning game, I got the win as the Imperials doing something similar. My second command dial was a Squadron command and I had taken a Squadron token from Tarkin (I had 3 TIEs and Howlrunner). On that turn I was able to pounce the X-Wings, and they never got a shot off on my Victory. The expected outcome of a CR90 trailing the Victory happened at the end, after I got two turns of side shots into the Nebulon-B, but I really wasn't worried. With my load out of Tarkin, Yularen, and Enhanced Armament, if I ever get to yaw just a bit, I can get a shot off from the side hull, use a concentrate fire token for a re-roll, exhaust Yularen to gain it back, and then fire from the rear hull zone and use the token again for another re-roll. Then on my next Ship Phase I'll gain the token back from Tarkin. The CR90s only have 2 shields up front, so if you pound it, you'll eventually get them to back off or blow up.
  10. Sweet. Yeah, it seems we'll have to get used to the idea that the crit result is more of a "damage plus an effect" instead of a "type of damage." Thanks!
  11. I just wanted to get clarification on this situation... Say I roll a hit and a critical on a ship that has 0 shields on that hull zone. The ship spends a Brace defense token. Crit: If the defender is dealt at least one damage card by this attack, deal the first damage card faceup. Brace: When damage is totaled during the “Resolve Damage” step, the total is reduced to half, rounded up. This would result in only 1 damage. Is the defender able to get around the critical result and take one face down damage, or even though he is lowering the total damage dealt, there is still a critical in the attack pool, so he would take a single face-up damage?
  12. Last week I cancelled my core plus Wave 1 order from CSI and placed a new order for just the core and some stuff to get free shipping. Unfortunately they use the slowest FedEx option ever and it's still days away now that it's the weekend. :-(
  13. True enough ScottieATF. A happy compromise between full rules and house rules could be those mission cards. So you can only do it if a certain mission calls for it, that way it's not so prevalent, but we can have the way it works standardized from FFG.
  14. Firstly, do fighter squadrons have to start on the table, or will we be able to launch wings after the start of the game from Star Destroyers? It makes me think of the deep strike rules from Warhammer 40K, where you can reserve certain units, like ones with teleporters or jet packs and they can strike anywhere on the board in future turns, but the have a chance to scatter. And some ground based reserve units could come in from a random board edge. I think it would be cool if you could hyperspace jump in behind a gun line or close to a heavily defended objective. Is that pretty much ruled out for Armada?
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