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  1. How did you do the text on the fabric? I have the collecters edition of deathwatch and the collecters edition of the space marine game that came with the magnet purity seal so it's currently making my deathwatch collecters ed extra-pure (though before the collecters ed arrived it was fighting a constant battle against corruption seething within my fridge. I'd love to make some of my own. Hmm.... and maybe a couple of heretical seals.. Genestealer-Cult seals...
  2. Wow! Thanks for sharing those pics. It's great to see good clear pics for the first time. so much better than the blue-painted ones on the bottom of the box for 1st ed spacehulk which along with the wormy-headed genestealers were pretending to be the games plastic components You can really see the influence of the Imperial Rottweilers from 2000 AD (from an ABC Warriors sotry i think it might have been?) in the design for terminators in this version. Awesome.
  3. Good question! I'm wondering how you could tie her in to the team? Perhaps on loan from the sororitas due to the high amount of heretics and chaos forces the deathwatch is getting caught up with in the reach when Xenos are the Watchs usual focus. A liason, maybe even a bit of a spy?
  4. AluminiumWolf said: As for maternity leave, I can see several options. 1: Continue kicking ass while pregnant. 40k land is just the kind of place where you can lead men and have sword duels with a bump. You might want to bring along a combat-midwife from the Adepta Sororitas and take cover behind something during the actual delivery, but there is no need to otherwise let it slow you down. 2: Have the foetus surgically removed and placed in either a servator-surrogate or a large, baroque steam powered techno-womb covered in skulls which then carries it to term. Ideally this should follow you around carried by suspensors as you go about the business of the Inquisition. Both options are cool but the 2nd seems by far the most 40k to me. Very cool and i can visualise the baroque yet windowed machine, i'd maybe add mechanical spider-legs to it and some weapon servo-skulls hooked into it. And then you could have one corrupted by chaos, a dying foetus an imperial governer or the like wants to survive is saved.. by nurgle.
  5. There's a big red possibly sentient landmark in the reach by which people may be able to use to locally navigate perhaps.
  6. Zappiel said: Well, Lurker, I was simply letting slip an ever-so-delicate jab at the fact our legal system is based on 10 little rules in a popular Book detailing supernatural occurences...., since i eventually rub everyone the wrong way, i felt it wise not to expound too vociferously.... And, I agree, these idears were probly just "hung up in space" (much like bricks aren't ) with little in-depth thought....but....I can fit these idears into my perception of the grimdark....conceptually, i think they're sound....it's just they didn't give us anything concrete to go on (which seems to be standard procedure)...leaving the details to us.... (I'm more comfortable with Black Shields than the gears 'n clockwork of the ancient Erioch machine; but i think both could work.) We just need to brainstorm some good idears for these things, to make 'em work. For the entry maze, i'd be inclined to write up a chart/table to be rolled upon for navigating thru (since it changes all the time, any normal idea of a map seems impractical). It would also have to test the mettle of those venturing through. Presumably, there might be a secret, quick way thru? And it would have to be foolproof, xenosproof, chaosproof. Any further thoughts? LOL actually the claim our laws are built on those 10 rules is itself a superstition. As much of our legal system stems in fact from pagan civilisations legal systems such as the legal system of Babylon Greece and Rome. But enough wandering aside. The clockwork could be a complex psy-field generator attuned to the wavelengths of the astronomicon so that it moves and shifts relevant to the degree of the maze-walkers attunement to the emperor himself, i.e. a mechanistic version of their faith in him and devotion to his will. The cogs and gears constantly refining the shape of the complex field and alligning to literally block the passage in (or.... out!) of anything oppossed to the emperors will while straightening the path of those most in line with it. Perhaps it was not originally attuned to the emperor though... perhaps someone, possibly even a primarch or maybe even the emperor himself, re-tuned the wards to his psychic signiature? Perhaps it could be re-tuned again, or maybe there are ways to get past the mechanism that no human has ever known about... but older beings may! Perhaps while in stasis a prisoner could be carried within but in their ignorance when stasis turned off they could be adding impurities into the sacred psy-field resulting in slow corruption or destabilisation of the field and the wards? As the cells and chambers fill and those living in the fortress breed it could be slowly damaging the function of the wards. Perhaps this is even the mechanism that speeds the opening of the vault? A chart/table sounds like an awesome idea! it should have a simple modifier system so that if the players are acting extra-loyal lately they will have a better chance of an easier time while if one or more are plagued with doubts it may skew them down difficult paths. Perhaps even in stasis or dead a prisoner or trophy might make the going more difficult or present challenges to the marines.
  7. lurkeroutthere said: No feel free, I wanna hear where a reviewable situation of evidence, testimony, and proceedure compares to a bit of superstition and rumore. Don't worry I'll wait while you try and link something together. This is the Grimdarkfuture, they regularly toast planets where the infection of chaos or the alien has run too deep consigning billions of "innocents" to the fires to prevent the planets fall. The notion that they would just accept Blackshields into Enioch based solely on whether they can make it through the grinding maze (and remember space marines are hard wired to be without fear, so most of the paralyzing indecision portion of the watch fortress doesnt work. I mean when you think about it, this notion of huge clock like grinding mechanisms grinding away at the entrance to the watch fortress threatening to crush the unwary at any moment works until you remember they have to get large scale materials within, they have to get captured Xenos through the gate, they have to get Dred's through the gate, hell they likely have to get heavy vehicles through it. The maze, like the blackshields, were just something that they hung in space (potentially by two different writers) made some very specific statements about, and let it go. I'm all for whimsy in some things, but at some point the setting has to work for the waging of war on the emperor's enemies. Because that's the only bedrock truth, there is only war. and war...war never changes. Oh wait, wrong series. Yes, this is the grimdarkfuture.. a world ruled by superstition, where technology is understood with mysticism not science, where people pray to machines as maintanence, where they feed the machine rather than refuel it. We can find all manner of examples of irrationality or disputes as to effectiveness in real human history after all a current superpower relies on polygraph tests as part of it's security screening considered so unreliable as to be considered worthless in many of the worlds courts of law, one or the other is clearly foolhardy! A future ruled by such extremes of such superstition, a future which refers to the technological height of humanity as the Dark Age of Technology, is going to have all manner of holes in it's reasoning. And worse... the world of 40k has many of these superstitions manifest as real, from divine healling of technology (the emperor curing a lame Titan Legion Knight on his arrival on Mars with a touch of his hand and the words "Machine heal thyself" for example) through to Ork tech which shouldn't function at all and which often is missing vital components. In the grimdarkfuture everything is superstition, and much of that superstition works! As for prisoners and heavy items and the maze... i expect those are teleported in. Certainly the heavy items could be teleported in, perhaps archaic teleporters that can't transport living tissue so anything organic goes through the maze. A prisoner carried in statsis by marines could be carried by the faithful through the maze. Some parts of the maze involve gargantuan cogs and spindles, so paths would exist that a dreadnought, at least a faithful dreadnought, could traverse. Also many materials would be stored outside the maze, where the many ships are docked.
  8. Some dice can have air-bubbles inside that unintentionally load them. It could be the dice. And a run of a single result is covered in statistics... people can and do have a long run of results that are above or below average, giving the perception of luck or destiny when it's still a result of randomness. With the millions of people rolling dice someone is going to roll mostly 6's etc for ages and ages and still when everyones dice rolls are gathered together it will still create the bell curve. It seems to me the main problem is the impact on the other players. So create situations that will split them up and give some extra focus to the other players if the Templar charges into the enemy often he can get himself seperated from the rest. Alternatively have a deathwatch chaplain pull aside the champion and encourage him to help guide and strengthen the other marines and build more teamwork and cooperation as a vital part of truly representing the emperor on the field of battle as his champion. Turn the problem into a strength, and with the players good RP skills he can be challenged by the new responsibility with positive results for the whole group.
  9. No worries I definately think the players first passage through the outer wards is worth being a big focus of a game session. It's so weird and distinctive and atmospheric. Maybe even done in flashback if the players need to go straight into the action for their first game, or maybe they are sent to their first mission prior to their formal swearing-in because of its urgency etc. Or perhaps the players have been passing through the labyrinthine clockwork with ease for some time.. till someday, perhaps with a new team member and/or npc in tow their way becomes a great trial in itself! Added to the struggle just to find their way as a group will be the tension of what is causing them the difficulty.. is the new team member not a true servent of the emperor? Or has one of the marines started to lose their faith in the emperors light? Is there something wrong with the accompanying inquisitor? Or is there something going on with the outer wards themselves and their mysterious purpose? Or could the emperor be guiding them astray for a purpose.. with them discovering some enemies of the watch who've been lost in the wards for centuries preparing to destroy some vital component of the wards themselves!
  10. Mine arrived today! Such awesomeness! Such personalised, custom, collectable, beautiful, ornamental awesomeness! Thanks FFG!
  11. Zappiel said: this has bothered me as well....I've assumed that there is, indeed, some form of screening process (not fully fleshed out as I've not had a player opt for this) - something along the lines of the Watch Commander (or a trusted Chaplain/Apothecary) interviewing the Black Shield and doing a corruption/geneseed check on the feller. Or, Black Shields are implanted with some sort of 'loyalty guarantee' i.e. a bomb, virus, what-have-you. The way I see it, the DeathWatch appears to be a last-chance-at-redemption sorta thing, so I understand the concept of the Black Shield (heck, it's the only way to redeem a space marine who's burned all his bridges or lost his chapter) Conjures up some interesting idears, though, such as mutated chaos space marines who have (somehow) found a path to redemption and sign-on to the DeathWatch so they might serve humanity again. Black Crusade/DeathWatch crossovers, anyone? (mm, yeah, me neither; but interesting to ponder; and would make a great one-off adventure/campaign or character hook [one player one time only, imo]) Thanx, Lurkeroutthere, for asking the obvious and causing my brain to ... work ... thinking... stuff ... are there any other thoughts out thar regarding this interesting detour to the thread? It is said only true servent of the emperor may find a straight path through the outer wards of watch fortress erioch. So that itself may constitute the test!
  12. Zappiel said: Cool idear! (not the purge with fire, but the OP) (although a good fire purging can never go far wrong) I would hafta submit that, geneseed being so precious, nonchalant destruction would be a last resort. The Watch Commander may dispatch a team to investigate the blackshield's past to determine his origins...the Apothecarion would, presumably, analyze, test, and measure the geneseed for any deviation or corruption... Of course, this implies an interesting idea...just what does the DeathWatch do with such 'unclaimed' geneseed? Does the chapter have its own secret supply of geneseed? As Gaire said: can DeathWatch chapter marines be created 'from scratch' i.e. without being seconded from another Chapter? Very interesting...thanx for the thread! This is supported by a short story in the legends of the space marines book. major spoilers follow! It's in the story Orphans of the Kraken written by Richard Williams where it's mentioned that the Scythes of the Emperor chapter did a deal with the deathwatch sending them many veterans of the battles with the Tyranids in return for equipment and I'm pretty sure it says geneseed too to rebuild the chapter. This was part of several actions to rebuild the chapter which included getting those marines who would rather go out in a blaze of glory rather than rebuild away from the rest of the chapter either sending them to the deathwatch or on recovery missions searching for rumoured survivors of tyranid boarding actions. It's a dark brooding bleak and challenging story which i really enjoyed. I think those Scythes who'd join the Deathwatch after this deal would surely include some who'd feel their chapter was in effect dead to them, and so become Black Shields despite the chapter still existing. Post-kraken Lamentors marines are also good black shield contenders. However that would nead some timeline bending or changing the setting of deathwatch because the standard setting is prior to the badab war with it's profound impact on the Lamenters (and their subsequent impact on the scythes) let alone the invasion of hive fleet kraken and the near destruction of both chapters and the fall of Sotha. Another great idea occurs to me... the warp is an inconsistent and dangerous medium for travel because sometimes ships arrive years late or even arrive early... so you could have as a blackshields background a marine who arrived at their destination in the past! Fearing they would be taken as some chaos plot they may choose to join the deathwatch to still serve the emperor... and that could be quite challenging for a blackshield lamenters marine were he to meet up with some of those who will go on to be part of the tragedy of the Badab War. Or for a Scythes marine encountering his chapters past and the imperiums lack of preperation and understanding of the true threat of the Tyranids for whom the battles with hive fleet dagon and the way the crusade is dealing with it could take on an extra level of tension. And imagine what would happen were the fallen blackshields geneseed identified as Lamenters (it being pretty distinct being cursed-founding geneseed) only for the Lamenters to respond with confusion having no marines missing that could account for it. Perhaps it may be identifiable that the geneseed is several generations older (does geneseed have Telomeres?) than any should be! And what if the marines arriving in the past wasn't one of the fickle whims of the warptides but some plot by Tzeench after all?
  13. I got the email confirming my collectors edition has been posted today! WooHoo!
  14. ItsUncertainWho said: Before you start paying for a lawyer, which will probably cost you more than your CE, pay attention to what was posted before: (Sorry on the delay in getting to you. We get a large influx of emails so it can sometimes take awhile to filter through them. Our Deathwatch Collectors Edition are all customized for our customers. This process takes time since the calligraphy is done by hand. We send these out in waves to the calligrapher. We send out a wave at the end of each month. Yours being at the very end of May is included in the June wave due to the May wave already being sent out and so will being out this week to the Calligrapher. Once we receive these back from the calligrapher we will begin shipping them out. The calligrapher (depending on how many she has of course) can take from one to two weeks and then allow a week to ship.) You seem to have ordered yours at the end of August. Most likely your oath didn't go to the calligrapher until the end of September. As stated above, that means 1-2 weeks, which is about now, then another week or so before it's shipped. Be patient. You are getting a customized item, that takes time. If you don't have your item by November then start getting upset. Indeed. Though that has little bearing on my case as my oath was already done when i had to get them to delay posting while i was away from home. I was to email them when i was home so they could send it. When i was home for a couple months it was then that i got no replies. Now i'm away again but will be home again in a week or twos time and so i want to coordinate with them to ensure it gets to me safely.
  15. The communication was really good for me till recent months. Maybe they are having some sort of technical problem and so not getting our emails?
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