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  1. My opinion is that you CAN NOT shoot the second space in the following example. But you CAN shoot it if it is as in my first post. Because, how should I put it, you see the dog, it's not like it's hidden behiund another one. And your example, you can't shoot any one of these. How can we get someone official to reply to this?
  2. Hello everyone. I have been playing Doom for some time now and I came across a line of sight problem. The situation is as following. I know that to shoot an invader you have to trace an uninterrupted line of sight to one of the spaces it occupies. And the million-dollar question is: Can I shoot the dog below? I do not have an uninterrupted line of sight to the first space it occupies due to the barrier. And I do not have an uninterrupted line of sight to the second space it occupies because of the first space it occupies. The "DM" states that I cannot shoot that "dog". I believe I can. Could anyone help me? Also I have pasted parts from the rulebook that I believe make my case. Pasted from the rulebook: Line of sight is blocked by walls, closed doors, other figures, and blocking obstacles. Thus you cannot, for instance, shoot directly through one invader to hit another invader behind it. Oversized figures occupy all of the spaces they fill. Line of sight can be traced to or from the center of any of those spaces.
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