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  1. @servant: I'm not complaining Sting can't be used on Boromir or his brothers-in-arms. I'm just pointing out the apparent lack of universal cards. Played a little more LotR this weekend and I can say it's not problematic yet and - given the release of new cards - probably will never be. I obviously like the theme and the flavor of the game. Otherwise I would'nt have bought 3 expansions and 8 chapter packs. I also realise releasing too many good universal cards will result in people playing with 50% of their deck all the time. I guess that may be why they're withholding. Yea sorry if i sounded like i was giving you a lesson this wasn't my intention.The problem with universal cards is that in LOTR universe most things like swords,powers,artifacts even horses are bound with certain people and as you said maybe they don't want you to use the same deck for all quest and just use one or 2 cards from a new AP. It is very nice you enjoy the game so much and if you have an idea of some universal cards please share it so we can discuss.
  2. Um. Just a note - exceptions do not prove the rules, they deny them. I think all Beorn was trying to say is the the negativity on the forums is the exception to the rule that the LOTR:LCG community is typically one of nice, helpful people. In other words, when you get the random negative jerk on the forums (the exception), it simply reminds us ("proves") that most players of this game are good people. This. Legoland:There are many nice people in this forum who you can share you thoughts and for the rest you can just ignore them.As for the Dol-Guldur quest yes you need all the luck in the world to complete it but good job anyway.Really nice to see people enjoy this game so much.
  3. From what Tolkien wrote we are sure that Gandalf is not superior and probably not even equal to Sauron.Gandalf was afraid Sauron and that's why he didn't want to join the other Istari wen Manwe asked him to.Gandalf is probably wiser and his wisdom is his true power.His wisdom was the reason Cirdan gave him the ring of fire (Narya) and Galadriel suggested him to be the head of the White Council.
  4. For the Hobbit yes i agree and i was pleased of how they made Gandalf.In the Hobbit he comes and goes and the story is based on the Dwarves.But in LOTR Gandalf is not only a hero, he is THE hero. He was the leader and the savior(Moria) of the company.He frees Theoden from Saruman's spells, saves the day at Helms Deep and the fall of Gondor was sure if he wasn't there.In a few words no Gandalf no hope for the free peoples. That being said a Gandalf hero is a must for the Lotr saga.
  5. OH! Glamdring!!! i must have . Now give me Galadriel in he next saga and i will be the happiest gamer in the world .
  6. "Dangerous? And so am I, very dangerous: more dangerous than anything you will ever meet, unless you are brought alive before the seat of the Dark Lord. 'Gandalf's words to the 3 hunters in the Fangorn forest' The Dark Lord has Nine. But we have One, mightier than they: the White Rider. He has passed through the fire and the abyss, and they shall fear him. We will go where he leads.” And that's what Aragorn said about Gandalf Tolkien gave the answers .
  7. Oh and don't forget about the Great Eagles of Manwe.I am sure they are more powerful than Beorn.
  8. Put Saruman in Shelob's place and Tom Bobandil in Beorn's place and you have my top ten. I could place the other 3 wizards in the list(they are also maiar) but i left them out of the list just because we know little about their acts in Middle Earth and i wanted to add the more active characters from the books.
  9. LOL ok. And someone like you is very mature, reasonable and intelligente person pffff.So those who voted him 6th on the list of the greatest British writers since 1945 are Lunatics and you are the voice of reason.Sleep well Einstein... Really how old are you 10?Nah forget it i am done with you.
  10. As i said before maybe my English are so bad and you may misunderstood me. I never said if you are not a fan of Tolkien you can't enjoy and have fun with this game.I talked about freedom and that Lotr games can be very restricted.This game called Lord of the rings for a reason.Have you seen the description of the game?If you read the category of this game says:Fantasy,Novel-based.FFG payed Lotr license for a reason.So if someone comes in this forum and blames the game cause he can't use Sting on Boromir or Narsil on Gimli it is not FFG's fault. As for Tolkien nuts, are you sure you used the word correctly mate?Appreciating the work of an English philologist who created a hole genre with his work doesn't make you a nut.Wanting to play a game based on his novels and this game can be true to the story events and characters doesn't make you nut.I can agree that some people over react wen something is not true to Tolkien writes but calling some one a nut it is not very polite. Anyway everyone has his own taste and reasons to play a game and my post wasn't meant to criticize anyone and i don't want to start a fight. Margina:I don't really take my sources from internet i don't really trust internet so if you want (and you don't already know) and you like fantasy genre and Tolkien's work take all his books(from silmarilion to unfinished tales) and some books of his son and you can have all the informations you need. Again i am sorry if i offended someone with my post.
  11. Nope sorry this is not the point and the meaning of Lotr and for the love of God Lotr is not just an other fantasy tale.I can write 2 pages about the meanings of Lotr but this is not the right thread. Is this game really true to the lore and themes?No. Aragorn goes on a quest with Gloin and Glorfindel fights side by side with Denethor? Lotr and Middle earth is not like DnD.Tolkien wrote a Mythos with historical events from the creation of Arda until the fall of Sauron.Middle earth is not just a fantasy setting where you can just put random armies and play with them and thats why is very difficult to make a game from Tolkien's world and give the players as freedom as they want. That being said if you are not a big fan of Tolkien and you want freedom lotr games are not the best choice.But if you are a big fan of Tolkien like me those limits and thematic cards and decks is the reason to play a Lotr game and not just a random fantasy card game(or game in general). A Silmarion based game may give to players more freedom but Christofer Tolkien owns those rights and he is not planning to give them. ps:because my English sucks i hope that my post doesn't sounds offensive or like i want to criticize you.It is just my opinion on your comment.
  12. Because i just restarted the game after 2.5 years and i have only the core set and 2 AP's what do you mean?All treachery cards have surge or they are all like driven in the shadow(like if treachery doesn't have an effect then the card gains surge)?
  13. I must a agree with booored on this.Also i think is more in the feeling of the books.Wen i first raid the books one time you are relaxed wen Tolkien describes the lands and how the Hobbits have a party etc and suddenly in the next line a Nazgul appears and s...t happens. I want to keep that feeling in my games too.I want to have my relax moments and the 'oh wtf moments'. A very good example are some games i had with Anduin river.A round past just with a troll in the staging area and a treachery card with no effect.And at the next round wen i thought that things going well for my fellowship i said ok i ll commit only Eowyn for the quest cause only the troll is in the staging area.Staging phase was a nightmare.First card was eastern crows(surge) next one an other eastern crows next one wolf rider (surge) and the final card was the brown lands.Yeap as you can imagine i wasn't ready for the troll my threat went over 30 and it was game over for me. But this is my personal taste.If you feel that you want more challenge or you want always be in danger nobody stops you for playing like this.
  14. 1.Many people don't like Peter Jackson's material from the movies but some things like sir Ian Mckellen as Gandalf, Viggo Mortensen as Aragorn,Galadriel,Saruman(sir Christopher Lee met Tolkien) and the places,.costumes etc are like they poped up from the books.Sure many things were wierd and far from what Tolkien wrote but i must give a big thanks to Peter Jackson for bringing Middle Earth to life. 2.i' am 100 % with you. 3.Meeting with my friends in real life is always better than speaking to ventrilo,skyoe etc.I agree with you again. 4.Again i agree. 5.Amen brother.If they also give me a Galadriel hero i will be the happiest gamer in the world . The best thing of card games is that you hold the cards in your hands play them on the table and have fun with your friends.Clicking on a virtual card and play alone in your pc makes the magic of a card game disappears.
  15. No its a classic MMORPG like WOW,Rift,Warhammer online etc.Strategy in mmo's its different from a card game.In mmo's you must make a strategy how you will kill the boss in pve (knowing wen to heal,where and how to tank the boss etc) or to organize your raid in pvp (where you must attack,what keep you must take first etc). That being said i like both video and card games but i play them for different reasons.Card games is more relaxed and more stategic but wen i am in a mood to kill a horde of brainless orcs with my elven sword a video game like War in the North or the upcoming Shadow of Mordor is a better choise. As for LOTRO i have only two words:Hobbit guardian .Really Turbine???
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