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  1. Nicola Zealey

    * SPOILERS * - Vengeful impulses

    The annoying thing is next time you play if the text is about a dead husband the killer will be the same and so you will immediately know who the killer is! The killer is randomly selected from one of five but even so this becomes annoying if your group plays the scenario multiple times or plays a few times and is unlucky with who the killer is. What would be better would be to have the scenario so that the suspect who has a dead husband can vary. That would have made the scenario a lot more re-playable because you would, then, need to check the other clues even when the same clue appears.
  2. Nicola Zealey

    * SPOILERS * - Vengeful impulses

    The key to solving the mystery is de-coding a key item. You should be able to guess what this key item is. As long as you've talked to the suspects (and done some searching) you should be able to deduce who the killer from the text. The following examples are made up in order not to spoil the mystery but should set you along the right path: If the text mentions say taking cows to be milked, the critical question is who might do such a thing. If the text mentions say a brother is involved, the critical question is who has mentioned a brother. If the text mentions say a dog owner, the critical question is who owns a dog. If the text mentions say a cook's apron, the critical question is who might own such an item. You may guess (from my made-up examples) Vengeful Impulses is not my favourite murder mystery scenario.
  3. Nicola Zealey

    Disappointing First Game

    Players who don't 'get' Mansions tend to regard every scenario as a simple random dice fest. They search every token in every room and either get overwhelmed or win by sheer luck. The way to consistently win is to regard the game as a race to find the critical clues. Don't skim read the text. We all tend to do this... including myself. FFG's scenario writing style is unfortunately very verbose and key information is often obscured by tons and tons and tons and tons of flavour text. Use every action carefully. Often you don't have a lot of actions to spare before really bad things happen. Follow the breadcrumb trail of clues as quickly as possible. Support other investigators - you only need to lose one to lose the game. Don't forget about the special actions an investigator can use - especially to help other investigators. Use the little known 'Push' action to move an investigator with a key item an extra space. Use the 'Trade' action to pass on a key item like a baton in a relay race. All players can help to solve a puzzle. Solving a puzzle using teamwork helps to keep everyone involved and makes solving them less of a chore.
  4. Nicola Zealey

    Homebrew scenarios now available

    If you want something done then maybe do it yourself? :) Rather than wait for FFG to promote Valkyrie why not promote it yourself on the forums? A little bit of promotion on forums such as this one and BGG may encourage others to give Valkyrie a go.
  5. Nicola Zealey

    Noob question about angry mob

    There is nothing in the rules specifying that the mob cannot move into an indoor space. So the answer to your question is Yes - the mob would move into the building.
  6. Nicola Zealey

    Homebrew scenarios now available

    Everyone is entitled to their own personal opinion but not to their own personal facts. There has been numerous new versions of the app released. I've lost count there's been so many. There is currently a major new version in beta-test which will be released soon. You've not downloaded it for a long while and you've not noticed it's been updated several times. Maybe you should check again! You are the only person I've come across who believes the Valkyrie interface is just black and white boxes. I'm trying not to be unkind but did you download the following app? https://github.com/NPBruce/valkyrie/releases/tag/release/2.0/v2.0.1 Did you check you're running it correctly? If you've got a very old version maybe try deleting it to ensure you are running the very latest version. Then give 'A Strain on Reality' a go and come back and post whether Valkyrie is just black and white boxes!
  7. Nicola Zealey

    Figure and tile collections revisited

    I don't own a Mac or Apple but I believe you are correct about Apple devices. The main issue with Apple devices is Apple have a payment licence system and I doubt if anyone will pay for a licence for Valkyrie as it's free. [Added] I believe Valkyrie does run on Mac PC's - the issue is that iphones needs a paid licence for the apps. https://github.com/NPBruce/valkyrie/wiki In the downloads there is a download for the Mac OS.
  8. Nicola Zealey

    Figure and tile collections revisited

    If you are willing to give Valkyrie a go, the Figure and Tile Packs are worth it. There are two highly rated scenarios that use these packs. https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/1916430/fan-made-scenarios-reviews-valkyrie The fan written scenario Stress and Strain requires Recurring Nightmares The fan written scenario In the Dark requires Suppressed Memories
  9. Nicola Zealey

    Tile Organization

    I use Tile Trays. One tray for each expansion.
  10. Nicola Zealey

    Overall Variety in MoM

    Yes. I have tile trays. One tray for base and another tray for each expansion, https://boardgamegeek.com/image/3912648/nicola-zee I have all the expansions and all the trays fit nicely into the core box. The base of the trays I cut out of foam board. A friend of mine printed out the internal dividers using his 3-d printer https://3d.firedrake.org/#MansionsofMadness https://3d.firedrake.org/