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  1. Basical no. There are different Talent Groups Basic, Pistol, Heavy… Basic weapons are counted in Groups: Las, SP, Plasma etc. So you have Basic Wepon Training Las you can use all Weapons which are listed as Basic Lasweapons, SP every Basic weapon which is listed under SP. You can´t take Basic Weapons SP twice to get a bonus when using SP Weapons. Evertime you take this talent ist must be taken on another group.
  2. As there seems none rules clarification. So I was just thinkin of makin it a hard awareness test and using the weaponrange as the basic range so only people within half the weaponsrange can make this test. With non military training myself i've only common media as reference (knowing TV isnt the best source for comparison) so asking the players with actuall knowledge here would this be usable ? How hard is it to notice a weapon fired with a silencer ? Reason is that the next game our group has to infiltrate a camp in the underhive trying to not setting of the big alarms til we're near the inner circle (witch would be a useless plan if it is to easy to notice each shot)
  3. Hi together what's the range to detect a gunshot ? Am I overreading the part all the time or isn't there any ? The only thing i've got is the part with the silencer where it say's that you can make an awareness test with an additional -20 and only with half the normal range. So what's the normal range and whats the normal modifier ? If there's any covering part in one of the books I'd appreciate a page number.
  4. Healing only 4 points of dammage sounds kinda low to me. Im playing a medic myselve and he is able to do a lot more. 1) In 50 ( rolled maximum, +5 for medic, +5 cheap raise) 2) medic +10 3) medkit (+20) so I roll normaly against an 80% You heal In bonus ( 5 ) + any numer of degree of sucess normaly he gets every player back to near Maximum after they got hit in battle. Even heavy and critical wounded chars are at least back to fighting ability
  5. It changes. the stats in the box list the normal RoF you can drop that to S/-/- to get a bigger bonus (saved the ass of my medic against orks cause with the normal las gun you can hardly hurt an ork)
  6. Most groups I know handle it that only main enemys get points on the critical table "normal" enemys just die with their wounds reduced to 0 to keept simpler for the GM to keep track
  7. Can´t choose one over the other but Chapter: Space Wolf, Dark Angel, Fire Lord´s (I like the obsession with flame weapons) no preference here Class: Devastor definetly first, followed by Librarian and Tech Marine each as second
  8. Are you using the Beta or the Print edition ? (if beta have you read the errata ) Some of the pre made Regiments are not completly build by the rules more considering the fluff 1) the heavy weapon specialist has one weapon training to choose for free “Weapon Training (Las or Solid Projectile,Low-Tech, Heavy, choose 1 excluding Exotic).” 3) have you applied all the mod´s ? and yes remember they are normaly just enlisted Soldiers as long as you didn´t tell otherwise so it isn´t easy to get stuff not part of the regimental kit. That´s mostly the part where you need someone who can work the system (Commerce as trained skill) and a usable int score. Medic or Tech priest are realy usefull. 8) The GM can always set the number of tests you can make while in Campwhich sound reasonable for him. Mission assigned gear is to be returned after mission. otherwise aquired gear belongs to the players but is not part of the standart kit. so you can keep it but if you loose it it is not automatical replaced and you have to get ammunition seperate.
  9. Solid changes so far, but i would like to see a reason why to improve the las carabine to the M36 lasgun actually there is only one more shoot at semi auto and a little more range basicly not worth spending 5 req points. maybe as a full build main weapon it should not loose it´s reliable trait on overload setting or something. (there should be a reason why it´s the main weapon as now it would be better to make the carabine version the standard main weapon of the IG )
  10. Actually im hoping that there is a lot of rewriting and testing for regiment creation in the backround. Which will be in one of the next erratas as a big change. There are some other tings which seem not completly right. Like Chameloine 3 Points is absolute overpriced i my opinion ( maybe if there is the stealth skill added to the cloak it would be mor ballanced or should be lowered to 1 or maybe 2 pointa.) Well Provisioned should give a modifier to all logistcs and commerce tests to aquire additional equipment (+5 or so) Demolitions should add 2 additional grenades per type to the standart kit or the tech-use skill to use them maybe with a limitation to demolitions.
  11. despite making me unpopular i would limit the variable settings to the M36 and maybe the bullpup till now there is no real advantage in taking the M36 over the lascarabine ( one more shot on semi auto while most of our group only fire in single shot for +10 and a little more range while in most of the fight is wihtin 50 m ) but it´s al lot heavier. absolutly no piont in spending 5 Points of req. for that. So give the M36 a advantage over the carabine version to make it the main weapon of the guard for a reason
  12. Don´t you forgett something ? - new game line --> new supply books there ist surely a supplement like IG Armoury in planning with all the new stuff you want
  13. maybe in Rouge trader (uhh baaad idea )
  14. I would limit the variable settings to the M36 maybe the Bullpup version, to make it stronger compared to the Lascarabine. There is no advantage in improving the las carabine to lasgun actually there is only more weight and one more shot at semi-auto which isn´t so much. what about good or better quality Lasguns dont loose their reliable on overcharge ? additionally the regiment points seems a little less (4-5 Req per leftover point would be better )
  15. A thought i got recently, if you don´t give the normal M36Lasgun a bigger punch, why not give them bigger clips ? They are build with higher quality parts so Las, Melta, Plasma and maybe even Flame weapons get more shots from a normal clip. +50% with good quality +100% with best quality this would make it reasonble to improve the standard lasgun to better quality without making it overpowered
  16. Thats the reason why we, after our droop trop regiment got totally busted, made in our actuall round an multipurpose Regiment (basicly a Line Infantry Regiment ) wich is able to perform almost any mission from other regiments. (we just get a proper verhicle for the mission no matter if it´s a Tauros, Chimera, Hellhound or other)
  17. There some guys around here who think the same, in our group we used the one point for an additional trained skill everyone in the regmient is trained in ( i.e. our Regiment often working behind enemy lines we choose stealth as a special skill, a highly mechanised regiment could use tech use or operate ground vehicles)
  18. Thankfully he´s not, after we told our GM the if he named him Lur he has to use his catch phrase everytime he appears I´m Lur Seargent of the 101th Omicron presi 8 Dorp troop Regiment" Our GM withdraw from the idea
  19. Andor said: If you're only drinking 1 kg of water a day you are a dead man. I don't care what your theater of operations is. If your loadout leaves you fatigued then, welcome to the Army! Soldiers carry staggering loads into battle, and it's not a fatigue free endevour. Why do you think the army is paying millions to develop creepy robot pack mules? … Which is not a bad idea in OW come to think of it, can I get a servitor mule? Please? If you think your sneaky git is too loaded down, talk the ogryn into carrying some of your share. He probably won't even notice. Or get into a mechanized regiment and leave your kit in the chimera. But yeah, if the end of the day leaves the average soldier with a level or two of fatigue, then I call that verisimilitude. Don´t forget, depending on terrain possible you don´t need to carry all the water with you when you use water purification pills and easy to carry filters like these www.katadyn.com so the overall weight for water could be cut down a lot
  20. So, after the first 4 game sessions me and my group use following house rules - Guardsman are proficent with every equipment in there standart kit (f.e. added Stub automatik as sidearm everyone is proficent in the use of these weapons) - added a additional Point for regiment creation skill speciality cost 1 may only be taken once ( add one skill as a trained one for everone in the regiment) f.e. in the tanith everyone is trained in stealth in our 101th Omicron Presi 8 droop troop regment (only name noone argued about^^) everyone is trained in operate (ground vehicle) - carrying capacity SB + TB +2 (ther´s so much standart gear everyone is expetet to carry all time around) that´s everything till now
  21. I need some clarifiaction on getting double aptitudes f.e. I get BS as aptitude from sharpshooter training and from some of the specialities(Heavy gunner, Medic ….) so when i get these is it right that the char get for the double only the Finesse aptitude ,or could i choose from some other one´s ?
  22. Sounds reasonable, so what about this version you could choose either Tauros normal version (with higher manoeuvrability maybe (+20) Tauros venator with either Hunter killer equipment or transport ( either heavy weapon equipment or crew of 5 and normal version weaponry ) or Tauros Carrier (with passanger capability of 8 but no mounted weaponry on ballancing purpose) passengers my fire their own weapons in directed firing arcs (right or left and co-driver front and right)
  23. I´d rather not push the passanger capacity too much, because then there would be no place to mount the weapon what was my main purpose to make this build. It would be better to let the squad have two tauros than one big variant, to transpost more man you could choose the chimera with enough space for all. I build this one based on the imerial armoury for use with the hunter killer, recon and droop troop regiment as a light vehicle not as a mass troop carrier, so you could add to the reconnaissance and hunter killer entry: "or two tauros (or variant) per squad"
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