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  1. I've found that this is mostly a thing of feeling rather than numbers, and that situational factors and surroundings make really influence an encounter. As such the only three advice I can come up with are; modify number of enemies depending on number of players, introduce NPCs that can give some assistence and fill out the squad when the number of players are low, or introduce factors that improves the chances for either side, like advantage in cover to one side, possibility to suprise one side, enemies being wounded from an earlier fight, fog or darkness if one side or another would have an advantage in a situation like that. One advice I would give is however that if in doubt, make the encounter on the weaker side. Its in my opinion better to let a fight be easier than intended than make an unintended party wipe. And really, if the fight is going to easy, you can always let enemy reinfocements arrive or something. Its essentially always possible to make a fight harder after it has begun, its more much difficult in my opinion to make a fighter easier without it being obvious to the players that the GM is messing around.
  2. Those cents helps. The problem isn't that its harsh with not getting all wounds back, its that it would give the medic an edge over the tech-priest when it comes to healing. In regards to comrades I can't claim that I feel that our game has suffered in any noteable way, but then again we've been playing other military RPGs this way before so we got some experience with this way of doing things. While the specialist kit it nice, I'm not sure it can be attractive enough for players who are also tempted by the cybernetics that the tech-priest has.
  3. In my OW campaign something has come up, for which I would appreciate third party advice. I told the group that I would prefer if at least half of their characters, we play without comrades and with two characters per player, were Guardsman Specialities as it feels wierd with a squad consisting of only specialists and a sergeant to lead them. And that is that my players have concluded that the Medic specialization is really bad, as in a wasted oppertunity to pick. The main criticism is that the Medic is a one-trick-ponny and has a trick that the tech-priest ponny can replicate with ease, while at the same time the tech-priest ponny can also do other tricks as well. So far they've managed fairly well with the tech-priest as the medic of the squad. As as side note we would prefer to not make the Healing rules very complicated as we find that the grinds down the game. So that option has already been discussed´, I'm afraid. What I've suggested as additions to the Medic to make that Speciality more attractive has been: - Can heal the same attack the number of times that the Medic has Intelligence Bonus (instead of just one heal per damage suffered) - Can automatically stop a blood loss with a Half Action - +20 to all Logistics rolls for medical stuff (like medical gear, getting a party member on an express ticket to the surgeon, request a bionic replacement for a character and so on) - The Medic gets a an extra Apitude to be chosen at character creation The most vocal of them thinks its a good start but would like more before thinking that the Medic is an interesting choice. So do you guys have some ideas for how to proceeed or if I must give up and let the players dismiss this Speciality?
  4. Yes, I know that I come late. But to prevent the "everyone is a heretic" label I kind of say that the Dominate are heretics in the sense of them being against the Imperium but since they haven't forsaken the faith in the Emperor, "only" in Imperial institutions I would say that they should be termed "separatists" as they seek to break away from the Imperium. And from a Severian POV I could see that they can see themselves kind of similar to Sebastian Thor in the wars with, that Ecclesiarch with a name I can't recall at the moment, which lead to a great reformation of the Imperial Church and purging of corruption within it. Even the establishment of the Ordo Hereticus and present day form of the Adepta Sororitas, if I recall. In both cases people loyal to the Emperor saw the rot in the Imperium and refused to serve the corrupt officials while remaining true to the Emperor himself.
  5. Very interesting discussion. I am also looking for ways to introduce more forms of cavalry to my games, mostly looking at ways to bring hussars and cuirassiers, in addition to lancers and dragoons as well as other potential types, into the Only War battlefield. I do however agree that most can be used with the current rule set although some specialized equipment might, in my eyes, be reasonable in order to provide the tools for the cavalry trade.
  6. Looks cool and like something I will need in the future when I pit my brave PC Guardsmen against the Space Commies.
  7. Haven't look at it in detail but so far it looks really cool.
  8. Interesting news and its good to see that the Old World will live on. I don't know about Age of Sigmar but since I don't know about it I wouldn't be able to tell if its going to be gold or not.
  9. Just want to say, before the end claims this spot of 40kiness, that I've enjoyed my stay here wish the best of luck to everyone! Many really great people have frequented this forum and I hope that maybe we'll catch up again at some other forum in the future.
  10. Some people got way to much time on their hands.
  11. Or we'll get a Horus Heresy rpg before that. I wouldn't complain to much, but maybe that's where the trend will go?
  12. It would be really nice it someone else took over but I wouldn't keep my breath. But we still got all our old books so its not like they will go away any time soon.
  13. I understand what you're saying. To start with the Word Bearer's does not sound like a dumb idea. But do you have any suggestions on mission objectives. I had thought that first goal that they will protect the inquisitor and secondary eliminate all threats. but if you have some ideas and inprovment so please, I'll take all the help I can get. For as I said I am brand new to writing to the Deathwatch but I'm not new to the Warhammer 40k world. Primary: Protect Inquisitor's life Secondary (I always have some trouble with secondary objectives to be honest): Secure landing upon the world, ensure extraction of Inquisitor Tertiary: Slay Dark Apostle leader of the uprising, disrupt daemon summoning, destroy enemy supply depo Actually this isn't completely true, and the possibility of it not being true opens up some interesting role playng possibilities. Suppose the inquisitor is getting old and senile and overestimated this cult by a looong shot. It might fall to the players to realize this and say something about the inquisitor's failing competence. Do they dare? Also, what if this inquisitor just has a personal vendetta against this cult or someone in it? Maybe it's a slaanesh cult lead by a girl who wouldn't go all the way with him when he was a teen. Maybe the cult is lead by a relative of his and he doesn't want it coming out light his bear brother/cousin/nephew/whatever went the 8 pointed way and is overblowing this threat to get is nuked ere his family connection to the cult comes to light? Or suppose this cult is one the inquisitor failed to quash earlier or even, gasp! made a deal with the nail a bigger threat? Now he wants the truth buried and doesn't care if a kill team dies doing it. It's perfectly acceptable in the 40k universe to have a corrupt, incompetent, petty, spiteful, foolish or otherwise rotten apple inquisitor around. Maybe make the players realize this guy isn't up to code and make them report it to their watch comkmand r and see what he thinks. While its acceptable to have an Inquisitor with bad character traits, and in fact most probably do, I never have the feeling that the kind of incompetence found in other Imperial institutions have wormed its way into the top of the Inquisition due to the fact that they are watching each other and dealing with another level of threat and that its more meritocratic than most other institutions. A stupid planetary governor who is put in place by scheming courtiers makes sense, an inept general risen to his position thanks to nepotism makes sense and a corrupt priest living a life of debauchery also makes sense because he's good a producing hot air. But to me these guys don't stand in the front line in the way that an Inquisitor would and thus and outright incompetent person wouldn't have survived his time as Acolyte or Throne Agent to become an Inquisitor. Or at least that's the impression I have from the books, for example "Ascension" to Dark Heresy 1st Ed. But to play up a link between the Inquisitor and the cult is perfectly good storytelling as far as I can see. It would make things more interesting so I don't see any problem with that. But for this to get a better effect I would suggest that the cult is given a face so its not just a bunch of faceless mooks being gunned down. And thus something hard enough to survive a few rounds with the Kill Team, or even possibly retreat and come back another time, would give more effect. And for that I would suggest for example that Chaos Space Marines are behind the cult, Chaos Space Marines who have already had run ins with this specific Inquisitor and are thus very invested in seeing both the Inquisitor and the Kill Team dead.
  14. For the first mission it must be one hell of a cult to justify the personal intervention of an Inquisitor who in addition needs a bodyguard of Deathwatch Marines to take care of it. So I would say that its probably less of a cult and more of a full blown Chaos army rising in rebellion against the Imperium. Don't throw your punches or the Inquisitor might seem like a fool or a coward to your players if he requests Astartes support to put down some minor annoyance of a cult. I would personally probably throw in the Word Bearers as the power behind the cult, or some similar malicious power, as an Inquisitor and a Kill Team will kind of destroy almost any numbers of normal heretics and mutants if the players play it smart. Thus, some harder enemies should probably be included. Secondly, I would also task the players with recovering the gene-seed and potentially also some important gear from the fallen squad. Extra fun is if the gear has been taken by some Ork Mekboy who has either dismantled it and used its part in some war machine (which he will unleash on said players) or if the players are on a race to recover an Deathwatch relic before said item can be dismantled by the crazy Greenskin.
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