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  1. Thanks as always Julia. And here's another one, and it might be a little nitpicky, but it's a question I think others will have. Ithaqua causes you to lose a stamina each time you use a spell. Jenny Barnes can discard a spell to gain the red and yellow dice. Does discarding the spell count as using it? Or can she discard it without suffering the stamina penalty?
  2. I've been thinking perhaps too hard about this game, but here are a few more questions. 1) I seem to remember reading a ruling on this somewhere, but I can't find it offhand. There is a mythos card that allows the investigators to discard all adventure cards, other world cards and monsters in play, and replace them with 6 new adventure cards. Now, Shudde M'ell as the ancient one has the effect of discarding failed adventure cards without replacing them. If you fail and therefore discard all of them, you lose. I was playing a game where a few cards had been failed and discarded, and then the aforementioned mythos card came up. I discarded the remaining adventure cards and then put 6 new ones out (rather than only 4 new ones, as Shudde M'ell had caused two of them to go away). Am I playing this right? If so, the mythos card is a lifesaver that lets you start over with 6 adventure cards against Shudde M'ell. 2) My next question is about Jenny Barnes. If she wants to discard something to gain the red and yellow dice, she does so at the start of her resolution phase. Here's the situation. The red die is locked. Jenny has a unique item (the Necronomicon) that gives the red die and one clue token. What I want to do is use the Necronomicon to get the clue token (can't take the red die since it's locked). THEN, I want to discard that clue token to gain the yellow die as per her power. The question is, once she uses the Necronomicon to get the clue token, is it considered to still be the "start of her resolution phase?" Or does she have to wait until her next turn to discard the clue token to get the yellow die? 3) Also, and this was answered on BGG, but I want to be sure - when Dexter Drake buys a spell, does he receive two spells? The same goes for Bob Jenkins buying a common item or Monterey (forget his last name) buying unique items. 4) And one more, while I have your attention. Some cards say to use after rolling to discard a monster in play. But if you go to the museum entrance, you aren't rolling any dice (except at the lost and found). So, if you want to go to the souvenir shop, can you still use the card "after rolling" to discard a monster? Or do you actually have to go to an adventure card to use it? Edit: The same question goes for the spell (Greater Banishment) that lets you get rid of three monsters "before rolling." Edit: Just thought of one more. Are spells considered "items?" When Abhoth attacks, investigators have to discard a combination of 3 trophies and/or items or be devoured. Can you discard two trophies and a spell? Or must you only discard common and unique items? I would tend to think that spells are not items, but it would be nice to have an official ruling. Thanks for taking the time to read all of this!
  3. Thanks for the swift response! Someone on BoardGameGeek said the same thing, so that's how I'll play it.
  4. I've got one more, Julia. The Dread Curse of Azathoth spell allows a player to secure two dice. Do these dice both need to be secured at the same time? Or can I secure one die on one roll, then roll again and secure a second die? And if I secure only one die with the spell during an entire turn, can I use the other space on the spell on a later turn to secure a second die? Especially if I removed the first die from the card and used it?
  5. Here's one for Unseen Forces. Let's say you are blessed, and you fail an adventure with a curse penalty. Normally, when you receive a curse while blessed, the two cancel out; i.e., the curse takes away your blessing. This would leave you neither blessed nor cursed. However, the rules state that when you fail an adventure (any adventure, even one without a curse penalty), you lose your blessing. What I'm thinking is that you first lose the blessing for failing the adventure (so now you are no longer blessed). Then the curse penalty kicks in and you are cursed. Am I playing this right? The opposite would work when you start out cursed, then succeed at an adventure that has a blessed reward. That is, first you discard the curse for completing the adventure. Then you receive the blessing, and you take the blessed card. Thanks for reading, and I hope the new FAQ comes out soon!
  6. I'm using the app on my Samsung. The latest version introduced a few errors. The game won't let me select a die face for the wild card on the red die. It also won't let the handyman change the yellow die to any face. The photographer is still able to upgrade an investigations die to plus 1 investigations.
  7. Is anyone interested in playing on Vassal any time soon?
  8. After all I've seen and read, I'm sticking to first edition.
  9. I've always enjoyed the command card mechanics of BL. I'm not sure I like what I've seen about second edition, though, particularly having only three over-sized figures per foot unit. I'm sticking to the original edition of the game, for which I have all the expansions and some customs I've made.
  10. In my games, I allow each investigator an Intellect roll to look at the first exploration card in a room. It's like a perception check in an RPG. This gives them a chance to see (and pick up) items, and to save time on "Nothing of Interest" cards. I still require an action to attempt a puzzle on an obstacle. I've also been toying with the idea of having exploration cards committed to the spaces they are in. This would not be relevant for Lock cards, but would work for obstacles, for example. In a custom scenario, the Master Bedroom could have a suitcase in one space and a bottle of whiskey (free for the taking) in the other.
  11. I'd probably use the Gibbering Mouther from the D&D Minis line.
  12. Looks like you have some cool ideas. I have my own Lizardfolk units, and they were kind of fun to play.
  13. I'm happy with the expansion, from what I see. I am willing to forgive FFG for the initial release, seeing as it was the first expansion, and that they hit their stride with the later ones.
  14. A friend of mine briefly talked to Richard Borg at a Con in Pennsylvania, and Borg told him that there was definitely more coming out for BattleLore. Beyond that, he didn't get any info, but that's encouraging.
  15. The Fire Dragon seems especially dangerous against other creatures, since it allows an automatic hit for each fire token.
  16. I'm painting some custom sculpts for goblin, dwarf, etc., heroes, but just to use in place of the regular sculpts. I have no special rules. In fact, I haven't even played the Heroe's expansion yet.
  17. I agree that CtA is the first must-have. I would then go with either Bearded Brave, Horrific Hordethe Hundred Years War as my next pack, depending on which race you prefer. Those are the best, IMO, expansion for each race. As to whether you want CreatureDragons first, that's a matter of taste.
  18. Randolph Carter would make a great investigator - and a story for him (pass/fail) could be that he gets the Silver Key card and brings it to another Dimension.
  19. toddrew said: sepayne7l said: I like BattleLore, but the whole, "No one on the left board has any idea what to do until maybe next turn-hopefully-if I draw the correct card" doesn't work for me. To each his own, but I prefer to look at this as "maybe I should have played my command cards a little more judiciously." I greatly enjoy the element of command in the game, and do not like mechanics that blunt the advantage of having a command of 6 over a command of 4, for example. Ocassionally, one does in fact get a bad hand of cards (all pertaining to one mostly empty section, for example). Usually the game is a matter of management.
  20. TheKingOfBlades said: I hope ffg doesn't make a new edition at all but I've heard people say they would make a battlelore 2nd edition more similar to westeros and I wanted to know if anyone else had heard that too. If ffg does make a second edition it better not be like westeros, Richard Borg must still be in charge of the system and the majority of existing material must be use-able or I would not purchase it. I would just continue to play "classic battlelore with all the expansions and material I already own. Borg has said that the newer rules they have been playing with include Battle Savvy as a default for all troops, and that the newer cards for Arbalests and other ranged weapons (roll 1 die when moving, instead of no dice or one less die) are also in their "second edition" rules set that might be released some day. FFG might do something else with it. I've never played Westeros, and probably never will, so I can't comment on that.
  21. I like this idea, and would love to see what you come up with.
  22. These are very impressive components. The board really spans time well (you could have the time of the dinosuars, but that's not really necessary), and the encounter cards and allies look top-notch. I wonder if this expansion would add a lot of time to the game, or make it impossible to get back to Arkham easily to close the gates, but I'd like to give this a whirl.
  23. One more thought - I don't know how to edit a previous post - rather than red only as battle savvy, blue should be as well. After all, they are "well versed in military matters."
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