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  1. It's not directly comparable to the card+dice colors in faction model we have in Destiny. LCGs were supposed to be the cheap alternative to the TCG model, yet at this point they become quite an investment in cards w/o particular value, so new players are rare after 2-3 cycles, and considering how often the decks change with the rate of new releases vs. the amount of tournaments, etc. Also not quite comparable to Magic because of how sets rotate there and the fact they are always in print until some point after their rotation out of Standard (just imagine a set that's out of print after the first week or so in Magic). I'd prefer if FFG start reprinting sets instead of rotating them. At least in Magic I can buy any card I need, there are hundreds of websites and thousands of players selling them.
  2. Well, yeah. Fast Hands decks, FN-2199 decks, anything with Maz, or Rey, anything with lots of Ambush, Jango decks, etc. I got it from playing it, my other deck is Jango/FN. Sure feels slow compared to it (as almost everything else). His ability if great if he gets to resolve more than a single own die with damage. Or if he gets perfect specials on the upgrades.
  3. You can drop a line to their support email, I guess more attention would make it happen faster.
  4. LCGs are yet to rotate, and Core sets are not rotating. In MtG you have a full set of say 170-250 cards that can be used in decks, we only get part of the set coming with dice, and there are next to none decks using only cheap events (it's like Pauper in Magic). And it only rotates Standard, while Modern and Legacy are keeping anything new that gets out. There are tons of differences in how the systems work and the number of yearly releases. So if Destiny rotates, that will happen in years, and if they don't come up with some form of "legacy" format, it would kill the game for quite a few people, especially considering it would happen at a time when the game will not be as popular as before. Problems with prices are easy to deal with, they only have to reprint old sets. Otherwise the secondary market prices would skyrocket for older sets every time there is a new one.
  5. Actually quite unreasonable, as this happens only with perfect rolls, and you still have to play upgrades and use all that removal. Claiming doesn't do much by itself. The exception is Force Speed, but it takes a slot.
  6. Maz is OK in every other deck despite her being a star. So...
  7. I don't get the ePalpatine hype, it's slow as hell and very unsteady, not to mention how it works poorly vs. decks with disrupts and Imperial Inspection. So it's a silver bullet. And vs. Poe/Maz - most blue removal costs something and you just can't do much against additional actions (like those Hit and Run turns where you acivate everything at once and resolve it). So whatever the chances, they are still in favor of Poe, except when resolving lucky rolls. Poe doesn't even care that much about that. Poe is broken, whatever you else you claim. The question of battlefield choice or a particular build or upgrade is irrelevant, as even throwing "everything that seems good" in it makes it work better than 90% of the decks you can come up with.
  8. Not comparable, Netrunner suffers from far too many sets and the cost of entry. Everyone loves 3 core set and 7 or 8 cycles (not sure anymore). AGoT managed to revive their community at the cost of alienating retailers (who doesn't have boxes of old AGoT stuff) and old players alike. Destiny is a TCG, and Star Wars. It has every chance to be successful, except they killed the hype with the first set.
  9. Fast Hands, Imperial Inspection on top of my mind, and they are going to be lot harder to find in few months.
  10. May be that too, and many people agree the deck is not fun to play with or against. At least judging by comments.
  11. Try a game of EDH, corner cases everywhere. What keeps corner cases under control is the Standard format with limited sets. The stigma comes from the nature of most common problem - the game is more complex than it appears. And timings. Break a phase on too many subphases and you get too much information. Too much info means less people knowing the rules well. It's one thing to show a game with 4 pages rules, and another to issue some walls of text and diagrams. Just check netrunner, it got funny at some point as they had to deal with more and more interactions. Up until the point they started restricting cards. Another thing is creation of new problems with each new set. And rules within rules, such as the case we are discussing. There is a clear example showing the correct resolution, yet someone disagrees. Surely he wouldn't do it if there is a specific rule regarding Force Illusion. For example, there is no "card takes precedence" rule in Magic. I mean there are no exceptions in MtG. Which is unlike every other game out there. In Infinity miniatures game by Corvus Beelly there is a whole wiki the size of few books, with examples and everything, and for a newcomer it's overwhelming amount of information. For me it's complete disaster as we are running into problems in almost every game. Too many rules. Yet the game is enjoyable and we cope with the slow update of rules and bad decisions regarding corner cases.
  12. Wanna bet that the reason it is not more prevalent is that you can hardly find some of the cards or the prices are just ridiculous? Last time I checked the UK group there were tons of posts WTB/WTT for detonator, and a single one on auction in ebay.co.uk. In My country there are literally 2 Millenium Falcons, and Poe wasn't easy to find too. Let's see how the UK Championship would end tomorrow.
  13. Because you have written plenty of rules and they were all completely bug-free? I do wish clarity, but if that means breaking down a turn to 800+ sections with multiple paragraphs because there will always be that guy asking for more... I'd study law. sunny, your LGS is obviously beyon reasoning, sorry to hear that..
  14. I guess they are allowed few slips. Even printing money gets old
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