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  1. I finally got to play with Darth Vader in my campaign and I am sorely disappointed with his performance 4 movement makes him too slow. His defense is quite nice but that is all he has going for him. Force choke is okay but as a damage skill is pretty useless. It was far too easy for the rebels to kite darth vader around the map. Never letting him get close enough to them and just knocking him down piece by piece. I think I lost darth vader after 3 turns of him doing practically nothing. Did I mention that stun completely ruins him and makes it not worth even using him at all? In his current form. Darth Vader is just a really expensive paper weight at 18 threat I expected him to actually make an impact.. I had more success with a single group of royal guards (standard) for 8 threat.. why? Because 5 move and reach actually makes them useful! Darth Vader needs 5 move or reach or both.. without these he's just a really useless brick wall. *sigh*
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