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  1. This game is one of the games that needs an expansion (new content) the least of any game I've played. Even the expansion that already exists (Horned Rat) didn't attempt to truly expand the game that much outside of the new faction, instead creating an "alternate universe" set of cards. That's because the game system itself doesn't really need additions. A rebalancing of some of the cards from both the base game and the expansion might be cool though
  2. Good post. I've played similar times as you (25+), and my current opinion is that Nurgle is marginally weaker in 5 player games but competitive (he's won a good ratio of our games), and that Tzeentch is marginally stronger. But yes, your weakness #1 (not having dial as a viable victory) does not really matter; I think in an experienced group point victories are far, far more likely for all Gods, so inability to win by dial doesn't really matter.
  3. I'm perfectly aware of the discussions on board game geek. The player I've seen there who is claiming the most Horned Rat expansion games (50+), ICaenus, has reported that Nurgle has been competitive. I'm much more interested in the win stats of someone who's played 50+ or 100+ games than "mass statistics" which poll 100 different incompetent newbies on their first game, or theory-craft from people who are overlooking as much data as they're referencing Most BoardGameGeek players have played the expansion less than 5 times and are probably trash players.
  4. Wow, that's a really **** good point about the rat's underground empire upgrade and skitterleap interaction with Nurgle's Quicken Decay. I think using the rules as written Nurgle would indeed be eligible for a boatload of VP! That's HUGE. Never thought of that.
  5. Thanks for the replies. Prepare for War, I would assume that Teleport is in the clear because it specifically says "to any region." Rules on cards always override rulebook rules. Likewise, Greyseer instructs you to summon "to this region", so it sohuld override game rules. However, most people naturally assume that when a card or effect says "Summon", you don't have to spend power points for it. And we all know that that is the way the game is intended to be played, even if the rules don't necessarily explicitly say that. I'm sure that no one expects that the Horned Rat's "Summon X Cultist" effect would need to be paid for. So basically, there is precedent for "summoning normally during summoning phase" to be different from "summon because of effect" Stuff like this does lead me personally to the interpretation that "Summon X Cultist" would also ignore all adjacency rules, costs, etc. but in this case the intent is less clear I think than it is in the cards, which played to specific regions or say things like "any location". I've talked to other experienced players about this and an agreement has not been reached, so I was hoping there was an official ruling out there. Sometimes someone emails FFG and gets a private response that isn't already published in the FAQ, so that's what I'm hoping for (I haven't received a response on this through the official support channel)
  6. thanks for posting back. Why was 2 incorrect?
  7. Hi, I tried to find this in the rules/FAQ/prior discusisons but could not, so any help is appreciated! The Horned Rat dial has some ticks that allow him to summon figures upon ticking. For example, "Summon 1 Cultist". Does he have to place this figure under normal placement rules (occupied or adjacent location), or can he place this figure anywhere? Thank you.
  8. if you already love the Avalon Hill version… or any older version for that matter… you are going to lose your mind (in a good way) playing the FFG version. Stop reading this and go out and buy it right now. This INSTANT. Seriously, no need to go into detail -- just trust me on this one
  9. How do you know they agree there's a problem? Where's your evidence that Nurgle is weak?
  10. Nurgle is not automatically weak just because some people are saying he is, trust me. SOME of the people claiming he is have experience. But most are following sheep with 2-3 Horned Rat games under their belts, swearing off the expansion because they played Nurgle a couple times and lost because he no longer has an auto-pilot strategy. The important thing to note is that there are few truly experienced players in the world. But of those that are, some have claimed Nurgle has done well in their games, but no one listens.
  11. It will begin appearing in US stores next week (Feb 20th-25th), most likely on the midweek days (Tue, Wed, Thu)
  12. I do think this is a good expansion to start with actually. The option for 5 players is increased flexibility -- and the new chaos cards rewrite the game more than they add to it since theyre replacement. So if you start with the expansion, you're basically just learning a different game, not a more complicated one. If you prefer the base game's chaos cards they're still there and you're free to use them as well, so no loss there The rat's strategy and tactics may be unique, but its basic gameplay is actualy quite simple and easy to get up and running with And the base game's main flaw is that the upgrade cards are just plain uninteresting. Horned Rat solves that problem.
  13. It's listed as "On the Boat" now, so by FFG's own estimates on their Upcoming page, that means 4-6 weeks putting it at a late January to mid February release
  14. SirHandsome

    Release Data?

    Looks like it was finally added to the "Upcoming" page... and its made its debut with "On the Boat" status! Guess its coming soonish?
  15. That card back probably is for Schizoid. My guess on the Morph card you see is probably going to part of a set of new cards that are either to be mixed into the deck for team games or for large games in general
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