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  1. Hi, another question: playing with the expansions we found some cards giving the troops "numerical" skills: for example Reanimate 1 or Guard 1. What happens when such a card is played on a disk already having the skill. Do they sum up? For example, if a necromancer has Reanimate 1, playing Invocation of Nehek (give Reanimate 1), yo can give him Reanimate 2? Thanks in advance!
  2. A question on impact. Consider this testcase: 1) Disk A is pinning disk B. 2)Disk C, with Impact, moves over A (pinning it) and overlapping (but not directly touching) disk B. Disk A suffers impact, but Disk B? Thanks in advance! Umberto
  3. I noticed some blue bordered disks in the dwarf set and some red bordered ones in the undead set that let me think there will be also some reinforcements for Empire and Chaos. Is it only my faulty sight?
  4. Hi, in the old Diskwars game, as in almost every tabletop miniatures games it is forbidden taking measures before moving, activating abilities and do ranged attacks. In the DW rules I don't find anything on this topic, which can be fairy important in tournaments. Any hints? Thanks in advance Umberto
  5. I'll prefer first having more disk expanding the current factions, plus some Mercenaries to be used as cross-faction disks. Then Dark Elves and Bretonnians.
  6. Thanks everybody for the Swift answer!
  7. Hi, I read various comments on Stamina in the other threads but the rule is still shady for me. Let's use these example. 1)Empire Disk A (Toughness: 5, Stamina: 1) is pinned by 2 Orc Disks (B and C) with Attack: 5. 2)Empire Disk A (Toughness: 5, Stamina: 1) is pinned by 2 Orc Disks (B with Attack 6 and C with Attack 4). What happens in both cases? Thanks in advance! Umberto Pignatelli
  8. I am not sure if I am applying correctly the rules. Could you tell me if you see any error in this sequence? -Lannisters' turn- 1)Lannister cavalry attacks an alone Stark infantry (no Stalwart). 2)Lannister forces the Stark infantry to retreat. 3)The Stark infantry retreats becoming adjacent to two friendly Stark units, gaining Stalwart. 4)The Lannister cavalry uses pursue to chase Stark infantry and attacks again against the same infantry unit. 5)The Lannister doesn't manage to destroy the Stark infantry. 6)The Stark infantry counterattack, killing the Lannister infantry. 7)The Stark infantry uses Advance and enter the hex previously occupied from the Lannister cavalry. All correct? My doubt is especially on point 3. The infantry really gains Stalwart? Thanks in advance Umberto
  9. Hi to all, yesterday I played my first battle of the game (scenario 1) and I was really impressed! I have two questions on the game: 1)Archers. Skimming through the scenario booklet, I find that in every battle archers are always of green quality. I am missing something or Westeros archers are very unskilled guys? 2)I need a clarification on Kevan Lannister special ability. The card says that "instead of attacking he can give 2 additional dices to a friendly, adjacent, attacking unit" (I am writing without the card in front of me; these should not be the exact words). It means that Kevan must be adijacent to the enemy (so that he could attack him), or only adiacent to the unit he is going to support? Many thanks Umberto Pignatelli PS I am an italian player with the italian version of the game, if this changes something...
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