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  1. How long does it take for a drop pod to reach the surface from orbit? The International Space Station is at 340km. If a drop pod travels at 15,000 kph, then it can reach the surface in 80 seconds. I'm a little unsure on how drop pod insertions work in 40k.
  2. It's listen in the chapter IV: Talents, under Mechadenrite Use. Utility Mechandentrites count as any Mechadenrite that is not used a outright as a weapon. This includes Manipulator, Medicae, Utility, and Optical. Although you need to have the Medicae skill in order to get the corresponding Mechadenrite. For another question, how many Mechadenrite's can an Explorator have equipped at one time? Would it be possible to have all of them equipped?
  3. Voronesh said: numb3rc said: Aoife Armengarde has an Eldar Powersword that has been gifted to her. If i recall correctly. No, she got hers from winning a duel with an Eldar corsair lieutenant. She took the sword from his body and kept it as a trophy. The corsairs weren't really happy about that. For weapons I'd recommand flaming powerswords. Nothing finishes and opponent faster then lighting them on fire as well as slashing at them with two swords.
  4. I can best reply to this with a quote from one of my favorite Rogue Trader actual plays: http://forums.rpg.net/showthread.php?489083-Rogue-Trader-Into-the-Maw-or-How-I-Became-Incredaibly-Wealthy "There are two prevailing fashions in the Imperium: Armor with skulls on it, and motherfucking dead. Wear your armor at all times people! It's a Grim Dark galaxy out there, and everyone's out to get you." Also, a 40k fashion guide: img190.imageshack.us/img190/9569/voidmasterfethingdaft.png img265.imageshack.us/img265/2747/roguetradernotsensible.png img43.imageshack.us/img43/3085/madamescraemontmostlyse.png img338.imageshack.us/img338/9640/magosphillipssensible.png img198.imageshack.us/img198/9090/starshipextremelysmart.png I'd say that all Rogue Traders go around with concealable armor up to carapace with refractor shields if possible. It says something of your power if you appear to go around not wearing armor, confident in your invulnerability, but it would be the height of foolishness to not wear armor. Save the power armor for combat though, I'd say it's bad manners to show up to a fancy dinner reception in a hulking set of power armor complete with helmet. No matter how much ornamentation it has on it, it's still a large suit of power armor. How would you hold utensils? Would any chair be able to hold your weight? You'd only be able to get away with it if you were a Space Marine.
  5. You can always use one of the two lost Legions (II or XI) from the original founding. Supposedly one was loyalist and one was traitor. How about the lost loyalist legion which due to some great mistake in the past was sent with their Primarch by the Emperor into the far reaches of the galaxy in a 10,000 year or so Crusade of penance which only recently came to an end. An entire Space Marine Legion with their own Primarch would be a major force to be reckoned with.
  6. Saul loves his ship so much he went out of his way to buy every other ship like it. Now that's how you show dedication and love. He'd probably do terrible things to the people who find the lost ship and refuse to sell it to him so he can complete his set.
  7. Inquisitor sapiens potensque said: As it happens, I;m going to start up a starting game using Tattered Fates vis PBP. Obviously this will work better in the unlikely event that you have not read Tattered Fates. If interested, let me know. I'm interested as well. Send me a PM and I'll send you a mail.
  8. Another question about the Universe-class Mass Conveyor. I see no indication about what plasma drive it uses. It's the largest ship and has 94 space, but it doesn't seem right to just give it a regular Transport Plasma drive.
  9. blubbbb said: WAITER!!! Theres a DH-fly in my RT-soup. Really this is a DH-Plot. It doesn't make any sense sending the RT-Group after the Gouverneur (btw. getting send by an Inquisitor is a DH way into the Plot). He's an Inquisitor so he will most likely have more than one Acolyte-Cell at his beck and call. Instead of using people he knows and trained for undercover-work he sends the same bunch of Rogue Traders the Gouverneur MUST know to be behind the failed auction were his Agent died and probabyl knows the Inquisition was there? That should help keeping things nice and quiet? At least have the heretic/chef-evilblabla outside the Imperium in the Expanse, that way there is any sense in enlisting a Rogue Trader and his ship for the job. Yeah, that does sound REALLY DH doesn't it? I just switch it from the Governor to the Cortelex Confedereacy. Which would actually be good because the Rogue Traders ancestor had a huge part in the Meritech Wars where his dynasty lost most of its ships.
  10. I actually decided to use something like this. The Inquisitor is using them to lay a trap for one of his more radical rivals and other undesirables. He also plans to arrest them after the event if all goes according to his plan. Needless to say, it doesn't. So far in attendence I plan to have: *A radical Inquistor (With a very normal looking but powerful Daemonsword) *A member of a Radical Mechanicus faction (There for color really but could be used for a future endeavor idea) *A group of nobles that are actually an acolyte team from the non-radical Inquisitor (to make sure this goes right and to have info) *Members of a Tzeentch cult (who's not really there for the devices but to make sure something happens) *Other assorted minor nobles and NPCs (Space filler) *And most importantly, an agent of the Malfian Governor there to secure Halo devices for him. (Plot hook!) My plan is for the for the auction to go ahead and when it reaches its conclusion, have an Inquisition kill-team enter and do what the Inquisition does best. The radical and non-radical will battle it out and the non-radical will triumph, hopefully with the Explorers assistance. Meanwhile, the Tzeentch cult makes sure events unfold as they want and kills the Governor's agent. The agent will have something on him (possibly planted by the cult) that with a little work will lead back to the Governor. The Inquisitor puts off the Explorers arrest because they could prove useful in tracking down this lead. My idea is for the Governor to prove to be some sort of secret herectic who wants seperate from the Imperium even at the cost of civil war, and already enjoys the backing of a large faction of wealthy nobles. The Tzeentch cult is manipulating events on Malfi into a full blown civil war. The eventual goal for the Explorers is to defeat the Governor and his allies in a way that the sector isn't thrown into turmoil. If they succeed, the Inquisitor lets them go with the proceeds and because he may need their skills and resources at a later point. Any thoughts?
  11. I recently led my group through Into The Maw. I made a slight change to the story and instead made the wealth it carried come from a world that had ties to the Yu'vath. Therefore, I made the treasure at the end of the holds of the Righteous Path to be filled with gold, priceless works of art, and other valuable shiny human stuff. But I also had included a black box containing a number of Halo devices in the form of rings or amulets. I gave them about 7 since I ruled it was the wealth of an entire Yu'vath world. The party tech-priest rolled incredibly well on his Forbidden Lore, and thus they know the effects of the Halo devices and that they are illegal by order of the Inquisition. They're first reaction to finding out that this could get them in trouble with the Inquisition was to hand over the devices to the Ordo Xenos and try to get a reward from it since so many Halo devices together is an incredably rare find. But the party rogue trader remembered my joking advice of "Always try to sell it twice if possible". Now the goal of the party is to stage an auction for the Halo devices on an orbital station around Malfi. The players already have spread the word about their auction secretly to the right people, including the Inquisition (who knew about the auction from the beginning). Their stated goal is to auction off their Halo devices to the host of corrupt hive nobels for the highest or most interesting price they can get. Then after they get payed, have the Inquisition swoop in and arrest/purge those involved, getting a reward for capturing all these faith-lacking nobles. And so they fly away back to the Expanse for a good long time, rich with thrones, interesting tech, and 5,000 elite troops they plan to use their Inquisition reward to obtain. So what exactly is a Halo device worth? The corrupt nobles know that it would impart immortality upon its bearer, and so would pay dearly for it. What are good bids to get? My players said they'll accept money, ships, large amounts of good weapons, and resources. The one thing they won't accept is any "live" bid, like troops or slaves. Any thoughts on the auction itself are also welcome.
  12. My Rogue Trader's idea for shipboard security is in times of emergency, to outfit the crew with various equipment, the most important piecies being an adamantium combat shield (Into the Storm, for extra armor), a Mervoch Pattern Assault Lasgun (Into the Storm, for autofire), and recoil gloves (to offset the penalty for one-handed wielding). My question is whether shield and lasgun combo counts as duel-wielding and therefore gets another -20 penalty. Shields are listed as melee weapons, but they're mostly being used here for blocking. So penalty or no penalty?
  13. Like Dark Heresy, but you start with better stats, better equipment, and your own spaceship complete with tens of thousands of crew that follow your orders. That sold them pretty quickly.
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