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  1. I had three non-astartes and the fight right after the prophet reveals his treachery and flees nearly did them in. I had to skimp on the number of guards, and remove the phase assassin altogether. On the other hand, the nurgly sniper type guy killed the boss in two shots: opened combat with one, won initative, shot him in the face again.
  2. Personally, I had to tone down some of the fights, but I only had three PCs running around. The adventure has a lot of opportunities for tailoring it to the PCs and their specific backgrounds, I was able to give each of my players a personal goal.
  3. 1. Near as I know, the legions were simply numbered before the Emperor found their respective Primarchs. 2. Lots of Khornites are already into strategy, though their strategies inevitably focus on melee combat, the World Eaters do have commanders and champions who are more than mere berserkers. This is actually an aspect of Khorne, some Bloodthirsters are insane berserkers, some are martial champions with an honour code they stick to, and some are cunning and savage commanders.
  4. DJSunhammer said: Per bonus doesn't really do anything, neither does Int, WP, and Infamy only has an affect on starting items iirc. Infamy bonus is also what determines your infamy points, which are kinda important. As for the critical effects, they're really only meant to be used for PCs and other important characters, allies, villains, heroes and antagonists, who deserve a horrible splattery death, faceless mooks just dropd ead when they take any crit damage, at least that's what the book suggests you do so as to keep combat moving.
  5. I've ruled in the past that a character of sufficient intelligence will notice he's being compelled to do something, though he might not realize the source. A particularly stupid person or an animal won't notice the difference between the effects of Compel and their usual instincts/whims.
  6. Just like someone will still need to roll a medicae check if they are compelled to heal someone, so too will the target need to make a willpower test to put away the Hellblade (him and no one else, the psyker doesn't completely supplant the target's mind, just forces them to do something)
  7. Totally would, there are more ways powers can be useful other than combat. Using Hatestorm in a situation like that would be an excellent way to kickstart a riot, create enough chaos to assassinate a high ranking Munitorum priest, undermine faith in the Emperor, escape a difficult situation in the chaos, there are loads and loads of creative uses that I would not hesitate to reward with success.
  8. The Collars of Khorne are used primarily by the Flesh Hounds, I kinda doubt Flesh Hounds would be doing a ritual, or have infamy points to spend, so I'd say it just functions without the hour and infamy point.
  9. I very much approve of the idea of using Hatestorm during a religious ritual, it would be HILARIOUS.
  10. I've ran into this issue with my group, but have simply ruled that you can get starting package talents regardless of prerequisites.
  11. Don't forget that heretics get bonuses to the WP test, and that they get to modify any rolls on the shock table by their infamy. But yeah, it seems kind of unintended that you'd have to test every round when in the presence of something even a little scary.
  12. They stack, the phrasing in the Mark of Khorne entry is like that because you can only gain Unnatural Characteristic as a trait if you don't have it, upgrading it from 2 to 3 for example is, semantically, not the same as gaining Unnatural Strength (1)
  13. Pretty sure this isn't intended, I have no idea how you would explain it, and infamy is generated differently from other stats and does not actually concern any physical, personal attributes of the character.
  14. Don Raccoon said: The weapon training talent itself is contradictory. It gives the categories of Bolt, Chain, Heavy, Las, Launcher, Melta, Plasma, Power etc etc, however in the description it says you can use all the weapons with Class: Pistol, Basic, Heavy, Throwing and Melee within the group you've selected. So if I take Weapon Training: Heavy, I can use all the heavy pistols, heavy basic weapons, heavy heavy weapons.... you see the problem. If you can use all the classes of weapons, then Heavy shouldn't be an option for Weapon Training, after all, you don't get to take Weapon Training: Pistol or Weapon Training: Throwing. I'd say this is another conflict brought about by the changes from previous games to BC. I'm ruling that Weapon Training options shouldn't include Heavy. As for the double SP in the renegade package, I'm swapping it for Flame (which is missing from the Weapon Training options as well....), letting the Renegade start with the 'standard' weapon options, leaving the more 'exotic' for additional training picked up using XP. Flame isn't missing, it isn't there because flame weapons require no BS test, you just point them in the general direction and they either dodge or get hit.
  15. Why? Some other archetypes also get weapon training, optional or otherwise, for weapon types they might not actually be using by default.
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