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  1. Sounds like they are consolidated inventory by merging less popular armies together. The setting sounds like 2nd edition to me. Chaos on the doorstep and all that rather than lurking in the shadows.
  2. scholar totally. Or Fop if your lazy tech support
  3. What's your career and stats if your a character in the warhammer world? I'm a 3rd career watchman, see below example Career: 1 Boatman (courier), Agent (sales rep), Watchman (law enforcement) Strength - 3 - weapon skill 1 (weapons training), athletics 1 speciality unarmed (fitness + martial arts), intimidate trained (because of the uniform) Agility - 3 ballistic skill 1 (firearms training for the job, archery in the past for fun) Toughness - 3 Intelligence 4 - observation trained, specialised in navigation (from all my times spent hiking nowadays and bowhunting in the past) Willpower - 3 Fellowship - 3 deceit trained 1. (because of my sales training). Looks like I am a scout or bounty hunter archetype. According to my stats I'm good at defending myself, have good knowledge of the outdoors and the law and can trick you into believing me to get what I want. I need to pick my fights carefully and win by surprise, I can't handle a protracted fight with a stronger opponent. What character are you?
  4. I only ran the ball and removed the skaven and added ninjas and firebombs. I liked it.
  5. It's in the 2nd edition base rulebook. However this doesn't stop me trolling a female PC when they are playing a female as long as the context is appropriate. They can do just about everything a male can in my games but expect to be treated like crap by certain people. The better NPCs can earn respect for the female and never mention gender again while the worst will never let it go, despite how successful the PC is. The latter make great social antagonists if put in a position of power over the female PC. It's even more fun when the player is female so your in character insults also effect her psych, it's very meta. Us as males can pretend to be insulted when feeling discriminated against but many nerd women take it personally. I find nerd women are usually more aggressive in proving they can do everything a man can, especially since they absolutely can do everything a man can do in the gaming perspective and they hate being trolled by fat nerds who live in basements and eat doritos all day.
  6. Black Library is all about Space Marines now brother. Fantasy doesn't sell, Graham McNeil said so himself on the overlords podcast. Despite how much the authors and fans love the setting they'll do four 30k (since the heresy is their cash cow) books to one fantasy because that's what the market wants. I think the newest Fantasy series is about the high elves intrigue during the war of the beard so at least what they're putting out for the product is interesting.
  7. I used to. I use to make them write out knick knacks and if they didn't have it when push comes to shove they didn't have it. Misq inventory and managing encumbrance is something I love. Then I realized only I loved doing that so now I don't do it.
  8. It must be 10 yards. No more, no less.
  9. I still play online, unfortunately there aren't many reliable new groups around. I've got my core group and that's about it.
  10. No fun! Only I may have fun. That is all.
  11. my understanding is you don't make maps in it, you make the maps elsewhere and import them in.
  12. also does this need any more products? It's not hard to make up things for yourself. I haven't bought anything since heroes call and I think I have way too much content, not to mention all the extra goodies like the fan elf supplement and the two 3rd ed liber fanaticas which are both pretty great.
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