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  1. I got it the other day when it was on sale. It seems more intuitive (to me) than vassal. Everything worked well. Granted it was only me playing but I liked it.
  2. What about an accuracy that is from the evade reroll? is it a lost roll or is it still usable by the attacker?
  3. I'm putting together a list for my first tournament in a couple of weeks and was hoping for some feedback. I've played casually for a while now and have really enjoyed this list, and have gotten good at using it effectively. So, I'm looking on feedback as to what builds it will struggle against and how to optimize it. Jake Farrell + Chardaan Refit + Awing Test Pilot + Stealth Device + Outmaneuver + Predator Garven Dreiss + R2-D2 + Sheild Upgrade Kyle Katarn + Moldy Crow + Ion Turret + Jan Orrs + Hull Upgrade + Veteran Instincts (I would put R5-K9 on Garvin, but my rebel transport won't arrive in time) Thanks in advance!
  4. Does any one know what the microtext around the images of Installation 23, from the GM kit, says? It looks like they are stats for crew and the different components but I can barely make any of it out.
  5. Alright I spent some time going over the Wayfarer station. I'm guestimating that a space station is around 15x the size of cruiser and using some guess work (and extrapolating from similar components) I came up with the following: Space 78/80 Power 47/50 power space Genatorium +50 13 Multpile VSArray 14 4 Vitae Pattern LS 6 4 Stationmaster Bdg 2 2 (based of similar structures in the core book) mars pat macro 4 2 mars pat macro 4 2 starbreaker lance 6 4 civitas decks 3 5 civitas decks 3 5 civitas decks 3 5 (based of the crew quarters in the core book) Docks 13 28 (basing it off the spacedock piers BK 40) Hydroponics 3 6 (i am basing it on the arbortoreum ItS 160) totals: (47) (78) I think it looks decent but I am open to some feedback as well as ideas to convert other components to space port use.
  6. Is there anything out there to help me design a space station. I know there is the wayfarer station in the books, but it only gives a little glimpse into the ability to design my own to use in a campaign. I also found a basic utility on the forums (from bobh) but it didn't have as much detail as I was hoping for. I'm really wanting to design it from the ground up and am trying to think what components should/could go on it. I realize that it is a whole lot bigger than a single vessel and the space and power requirements will be different. Any ideas on where or how to start? (Oh and bob if you read this, your utility is great, I just want to know how you figure out all of your numbers to. I'm a math guy I like to know how you get the power and space that you had.)
  7. I completely forgot about trails in the stars. That is the answer to my tracking questions, I knew there was probably a way already in the rules. So to tow a space station it takes multiple ships? that makes sense. Though to tow another ship I'm thinking it would only take one, kinda like tug boats towing large ships. Though it should cut their speed down to 1/2, or maybe 1/3 in warp, and probably down to just their speed bonus in void travel.
  8. Warp travel is obviously important to the imperium, and I am trying to make it seem so in my game. I've come up with a couple of thoughts to do this, I wanted to hear some of your thoughts and to see how this lines up with the canon. First, tracking ships through the warp. When a ship shifts to warp space I assume that there is a certain amount of latent energy (of some sort) left behind in real space to signify this. I also assume that the energy would slowly fade over time. Given these two facts a ship with the proper sensors could determine how long someone had left the system. I am also assume that a ship could follow another vessel through the warp. This should be extremely difficult, and even dangerous due to the volatile nature of the warp. The ship would have to stay very close to its target and constantly make challenging if not hellish sensor sweeps to keep track of it. On the other hand I think it would be easier to stay under the radar due to the fact that the same checks would have to be made to find them. Second, hauling things through the warp. The hermitage space station was dragged through the warp to its current location. I'm assuming this means that any vessel or station (heck even asteroids if desired) can be hauled behind a vessel in the warp. The Trader would need specialized equipment (stabilizers for the cargo, powerful void tethers, and strong anchor plates for the tethers). With the right tools they should be able to haul things through the warp. The drawbacks would be that smaller ships would suffer a significant strain on their engine initially and their maneuverability would be almost nill.
  9. Do starships give off an RFID identifying their ship (like in star wars) or would the rogue trader have to hail them to find out who they are?
  10. Ok so I'm getting battles in the warp feasible, but a horrible idea. That sounds about right. Thanks for the help guys.
  11. What does the Est in Passage Watch 27-Est stand for?
  12. I had a couple questions about warp travel, in my mind travelling in the warp is like sailing on the ocean there are storms, currents, and 'winds' that you have to mind to get through safely. Basically travelling in the warp is like sailing on the high seas in the 19th century. So my question is could two ships 'see' each other in the warp, could the run across each and have battles and boarding actions? or should i treat warp travel as being blind inside a cocoon, once you transition over no-one else can interact with you until you transition back? Just wanting to get a read on what some of you guys think.
  13. Thank you guys, I look forward to digging into these. In the mean time, I am running a game and I want an NPC to have a really good, and warhammer sounding, insult for the Rogue trader. Preferrably something that belittles his lineage. My mind is just completely blank. Any help would be great.
  14. I am wanting to get a better feel for the Warhammer 40k Universe to use for my descriptions. I know I can get some straight facts from the wikis but I really want to get a better feel for the atmosphere. Does anyone know of some good book series I can read to help me out with this?
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