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  1. I get this - people seem to think that if they turn the cardlist around the people opening selling decks on the open market would be negatively impacted. I don't understand that thinking. Seems like a good defense against unscrupulous owners to me and since I think a healthy secondary market is a good thing...I want people to be rewarded for cracking boxes.
  2. I don't understand this thinking - why would someone buying a deck on the open market care if the plastic has been removed?
  3. Regarding your other issues: 2. Being locked out for a turn is no big deal. Discarding your hand would be a massive change to the rules if you could do it optionally. I would not like this. It makes people digging for answers even more common. I could see a tweak that would say "In the rare circumstance that you cannot declare a house two turns in a row, you may ignore any ability that is 'forcing you to pick a house' and therefore pick any house that you aren't specifically prohibited from picking. In the even more rare circumstance that you are prevented from legally picking each house for a second turn in a row, you are free to pick any house for that turn" 3. Horseman rule - dealing with creatures is built into the game. Way too many options exist.
  4. Let's say this is "going off" third turn. Start with 30 cards in reserve...play 4 in first two turns...and draw 4. You have 26 in reserve and 4 logos in hand Play LA Retrieve LA Play LA again - draw 1. You now have 3 logos in hand and 25 in reserve play 3 - draw 6 Play 2 - draw 4 Play 1 - draw 2 So in the most "tame" version - you have drawn 13 cards, played 6 non LA Logos cards, have a hand of 9, and a reserve of 13. If you can't find a way to win from that position...your cards are awful. I am comfortable saying that situation is not good for the game. LA should either be subject to the rule of 6, or shouldn't Stack, or shouldn't go to the discard pile until end of turn.
  5. Playing Library Access and retrieving it to play it again...is pretty broken. If you have 3 other Logos cards it is highly likely you will draw your entire deck and play all your logos cards. the one turn win is just that...but in this circumstance you are sitting with 20 cards in your hand and going to generate a massive amount of aember. Making this subject to the Rule of 6 makes all sorts of sense to me...and here is why. I want them to make lots and lots of powerful fun combo stuff. I have loved that part of Keyforge. The rule of 6 puts a stop in place that makes it EASIER for them to keep making powerful cards.
  6. so do constant abilities - same rule.
  7. Fighting is a weak base mechanic. So the Aember is needed to get you to do it...I doubt it will often get 2 as it needs to survive the fight. Purging a creature seems slightly better than not destroying, not all too great IMO.
  8. covering your QR codes does nothing after you register the deck...you would need to keep the name hidden. Otherwise you can just look it up and get the GUID
  9. "Poltergeist only destroys an artifact after it has used it. " That is not true - it will destroy the artifact selected regardless if it was used or not. Official ruling in the Facebook group from the Game Dev
  10. I would say we are still waiting an official answer to the question dperello posted. Whether or not you must choose something that can do more would be a huge change to this game - frankly one that would be a bad decision for simplicity and understanding.
  11. They need to show their templating for something that requires the selection of "a single least/most powerful" However, this doesn't appear to have any qualifying test whatsoever. I would say that you destroy them both.
  12. nope - the "current cost" is normally 6. But some things (Grabber Jammer) can modify that. So you lose 1...and if you have 6 remaining (or whatever is current) you immediately forge a key. It's REALLY powerful
  13. generally "Only"/"can't" beats "may"...not quite sure how best to describe that. "your opponent can't fight with creatures next turn" beats anything that would have a creature fight
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