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  1. If the first player declares attacker against enemy A and does not kill it. Can player 2, during his turn declare attackers with his ranged characters?
  2. I don’t think the lack of strong sentinel heroes in lore is because ABB. It seems to me it is more due to it not fitting in the sphere archetype.
  3. Yes, but Arkham horror does not force anyone to play with errated cards because they do not reprint cards with the errata. The errata stays in the document only. For me this is the key difference.
  4. @Seastan Did not you post a deck post WANI errata that allows infinite resources? I want to remember it used sword-thain?
  5. That may have sense, because after all, the errata on ABB does not prevent making Erkenbrand the new superdefender, it just needs a bit more resources than setting Beregond.
  6. Errated cards and a forbidden card list? I would say is either one or the other no?
  7. It is even more pathetic, the errata on WANI does not prevent the infinit loop thanks to sword thain.
  8. Such an easy fix that would end all this errata discussion and avoid this pro- vs against erratas factions.
  9. That! So, now that Erebor Battle Master has shown that a card can be errated twice (at least), may be we get a right version Horn of Gondor finally...
  10. Fatty appears in 90 decks in ringsdb, Bombur in 81, SpPippin in 60. It is a fierce competition! LoGlorfindel appears in 252 decks, less than Brok! Who appears in 296. Fore core set cards, this is a veeeedy low count. As a benchmark for comparison, Power in the Earth (core set), appears in 166 decks. But hey! I agree, they are playable cards, just very bad ones given the current card pool, and they don’t recieve an errata. Notice that this argument is not that different from that that makes cards to recieve an errata “this card is too powerful given the current card pool”.
  11. Paying money to get a bunch of nerfed player cards!? Over my dead body! Include a playable version Brok, Fatty, SpPippin, Longbeard Orc Slayer, LoGlorfindel, Bombur, Power in the Earth... and we are talking 😂
  12. I would like to add that we are talking about the Horn of Gondor, such an iconic thing in the books! We are not talking about some FFG invented item, is the freakin Horn of Gondor! and in the game, it sucks.
  13. The mechanic of Horn of Gondor does (and did) not represent the theme of the item as it is depicted in the books. In my opinion they missed a golden chance with tne errata to fix this. But hey! Erebor battle master has been errated twice, so who knows!? We may be lucky and see a second errata of those cards that the first errata did a poor job 😂
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