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  1. The only reason I can think of for a new corebox is to make it smoother for new players to get into the game. To nerf/ boost cards seems to me unnecessary and improbable.
  2. Not only sexist, classist and xenophobic, it clearly discriminates culture and religion! All these cards showing warriors in plate armour is clearly leaning towards the crusades and hence towards Christinanism. The fact that we have so little Harad cards (and mostly evil) is telling us Islam is unimportant and evil.
  3. Tom + Rosie = Scouring of the Shire! Oh yeah!
  4. I think they missed that train already with the core box, when they included the "citadel plate" card, and posteriorly with all the heroes and allies that are depicted wearing plate armor like in Peter Jackson's movies.
  5. Spirit Hero: Arwen Ally: Norther Tracker Attachment: Unexpected Courage Event: A Test of Will Tactics Hero: Boromir Ally: Legolas Attachment: Gondorian Shield Event: Feint Lore Hero: Treebeard Ally: Firyal Attachment: Burning brand Event: Deep knowledge Leadership Hero: Dain (the innoble) Ironfoot Ally: Dwarven Sellsword Attachment: Steward of Gondor Event: Sneak Attack Neutral Hero: Gandalf Ally: Treebeard!!!! Attachment: Gandalf Staff Event: A Good Harvest
  6. Brok Ironfist the second?
  7. I definitely agree than some more cards for an eagle deck would be awesome, may be even an eagle hero?
  8. I fully agree with Thranduil! I have quite hopes we will see him in the next cycle (that is if there is a next cycle )
  9. Since the game is about to die, or so it seems people think Which cards would you like to see before its end? For example The Horn of Rohan
  10. Hi, How you resolve the following situation? We are playing Fog in the Barrow Downs, we are on stage 3B. On the active location there is an Elf-Stone. During the quest phase the first player reveals a Great Barrow and gets separated from the group, creating his own staging area. The "main group" manages to clean the active location. The elf-stone states that the first player gets to put an ally into play, but the first player is on another staging area and cannot be affected by cards in the "main staging area". Is the effect of the elf-stone lost?
  11. So, which is in particular the help you are asking for? Do you want ideas for decks to beat the quest?
  12. I was wondering if it is within the rules to play 2 copies of lets say The Storm Comes, add one to the victory display after completing it, and later on, continue to add progress on the second copy although you cannot add it to the victory display.
  13. I have played twice (solo) The Hunt for Scatha. Some comments follow -Through the pass card says: “Put Fram Framson and Wormsbane into play, under the control of the first player.” Is Wormsbane the sword Nothung? It must be corrected/ clarified. Does Nothung (Wormsbane) start attached to Fram Framson or to any eligible character? Then it continues with “Add Dragon Pass, Nothung and The Hunting and the hunted to the staging area.” Nothung (Wormsbane) was instructed to be under the first player control already. Then it follows “Place Fram Framson in play, under control of the first player.” This was already instructed. -Why Nothung ability can only be triggered when attached to a hero and not to Fram Framson? -What happens with Nothung if the Treachery card “Foolish words” shuffles Fram Framson into the encounter deck, and Nothung was attached to him? - In the title of the card “The Hunting and the hunted”, hunting must be corrected, it writes with one t only. The same card says “When a character takes any amount of damage from an attack, add a resource token to The hunting and the hunted. If the hunting and the hunted has more than 5 resource tokens, immediately remove Scatha Ahunt from play and add Scatha Roused, to the staging area. Remove all resource tokens from this card.” What happens if the cards goes above 5 tokens when Scatha Cornered instead of Scatha Ahunt is in play? What happens if the card goes above 5 tokens again when Scatha roused is in in play? - Scatha Cornered is not immune to player card effects, meaning you can kill him with repeated uses of Gandalf, or snipping him with Haldir, without even engage him once. It also means you can put him out of play with Saruman winning the scenario without even damaging him. All in all I liked the scenario a lot! Similar to the first scenario it has a very nice flavor and cool mechanics. I cannot asses its difficulty yet. I have played it solo with this deck meaning I had not an issue with the card Scatha Ahunt, as by exhausting one of my heroes, the threat of the card rises to 30, enough as to no engage me. I have to test the quest with a deck with higher threat and get engaged by the card. It seems to me it becomes very hard then. EDIT: I understand correctly that since Scatha Ahunt is not Immune to player card effects I can blank him with Nothung and ignore his effects, right?
  14. Here it is my review of Fire under Tree As with Into the Withered Heath, theme and art of the scenario is really good. Contrary to Into the Withered Heath, this scenario is much more solid. The mechanics are really good and thematic, immersing the player into the adventure. The scenario is not an easy one, but still beatable and one does not feel unnecessarily punished or at the mercy of the randomness of the encounter deck cards. I have `played it in Solo mode with three very different decks I have obtained about 70% success ratio Some specific remarks I agree with the commments of Flrbb I think Nothung should be Restricted. I think (like in Into the Withered Heath) that all encounter cards having a shadow effect is unnecessary, but in this quest at least I have found that the effects are not that dramatic. All in all a reaaaaally good quest, congratulations! I Hope it helps.