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  1. We have played the adventure i epic multiplayer (12 players) twice in two consequtives nights. We have had great fun, but we have been annihilated by the encounter deck after 3 rounds in stage(s) 3. Has anybody beaten the scenario in epic multiplayer?
  2. I think so, but we are having a discussion about it. Did you played at Gen Con? Is there any place where it is directly specified? Because in the rules it talks about "stage" and it gets confusing as if it refers to stage 1, 2 and 3 of the quest
  3. We are playing it with 12 players on 3 different tables, does it mean that uniqueness must be preserved across tables?!
  4. Actually something very cool would be a Radagast hero card that comes along with some Radagast-only toys that you can also play into the Radagast ally. That would be a nice way to revalorize the poor Radagast ally!
  5. In this cycle I really hope for a Thranduil hero card and may be for a Radagast hero card 🙏🏻
  6. Exactly, it takes provocation, little or big. Otherwise I am a nice fella. If nobody launches provocations we all can have a reasonable discussion in these forums.
  7. As an owner of the physical version, and having a group of friends with whom I play regularly, this announcment does not interest me at all. Unless it is the testing grounds of a future second edition of the LotR lcg.
  8. I see it took you a while to understand. Next time I will add more pictures to the text for you. Do you want them of the type you can color yourself? So, yes, it is basically this. I don't trust the word of a company that has already lied on a simar situation. I want to see if the game lives passed this new cycle.
  9. Yes they did. They are rpg's. Warhammer Fantasy rpg 2nd edition, owned by Green Ronin and then bought by FFG (saying they will keep supporting it), and then the dreaded Warhammer Fantasy rpg 3rd edition (see picture) developed entirely by FFG
  10. Not true. Warhammer 2 was gone because they invested in developing the new edition, warhammer 3. This happened after they said they will keep supporting the second edition
  11. I don't see the big LotR lcg news anywhere. I see ffg news only.
  12. Oh yes, I remember FFG saying this about Warhammer 2 and then... it was gone! They have a lot credivility in this aspect.
  13. With the new game announced, we now know that Caleb is going to be the designer. What will happen to LotR lcg? Is it going to be handled to another team? abandoned? What do you think?
  14. You already have some cool ideas here. I use the following secrecy decks in multiplayer: These decks can put potentially 10 allies on the table. I don't know if this is swarming for you. Both are a hobbit pipe decks. They are very strong, you can pit them against some nightmare quests. The down side part is their low compatibility with other decks (both decks use Gandalf) and they are a bit slow to start kicking asses.