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  1. Yepesnopes


    It escapes my reasoning why they did not such a thing, indeed
  2. Yepesnopes


    I am not native English speaker and I have troubles understanding Elfhelm hero. Does a hero with two mounts get a +2? Kind regads
  3. Yepesnopes

    Favorite Hero Cards

  4. I love this aspect in Arkham lcg and I would like very much a similar implementation in the LotR lcg
  5. Yepesnopes

    The One Deck

    May be the best deck-builder, not the best player, that is nearly impossible to quantify 😊
  6. Yepesnopes

    Attack on Dol Guldur strategies

    I will be interested on hearing (reading ) how to beat this quest with 4 players in one table and also in a 12 players game. In a solo mode is doable with a strong deck (Vilya for example) and playing Firyal asap.
  7. Yepesnopes

    The One Deck

    “Fingolfin turned quietly and walked away without a word to Fëanor, in an effort to avoid division and dissention within his father's House, and among the Noldor.” Please, do so
  8. It seems a really awesome idea. I’ll wait for Seastan to make an unbeatable quest that will force Caleb to errate encounter cards 😋
  9. If the Quest card has a the Battle or Siege keyword, but the players choose a side quest without keywords as the main quest, do still abilities such as that of the Southron Company (Southron Company gets +2 and +2 while the current quest card has the battle or siege keyword.) still apply?
  10. Yepesnopes

    Ent !

    I like ent decks, and I am still struggling to build one which works fine with a “the last march of the ents” tematic hero line up. I wanted to ask you how much of the efficency of the deck do you attribute to the ents and how much to Firyal. From my experience, I have found that in solo play Firyal is a mounstruosity.
  11. Yepesnopes

    Bucket List

    Oh yes!
  12. Yepesnopes

    Fire-filled trench

    http://hallofbeorn.com/LotR/Details/Fire-filled-Trench-TFotW If there are three of these locations in the staging area and a player uses one A test of Will, do the forced effects of each of the locations trigger, discarding the three of them? or only one of the forced effects will trigger? Leaving still two fire-filled trench in the stagging area?
  13. Yepesnopes

    Bucket List

    I already added my voice to the call for a hero Radagast with some toys that can be played on Radagast ally as well, such as a staff, rabbit mount, whatever. Also Meneldor hero or ally ealge, and why not old Wilyador coming back as a hero or ally eagle as well!!? All these cards would fit perfectly within the new cycle to be released.
  14. To be in line with the other elves from the game he should have 4 hit-points
  15. Yepesnopes

    I'm Back! (maybe)

    The dream chaser! The quests are awesome!