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  1. We allow to repurchase cards reimbursing the xp if a deck did not work “as it was thought”, a new card comes on a new mythos pack, or the player is just bored of his/her deck.
  2. After shutting down the awesome mode in TTS, this is both insulting and pathetic. Well done ffg!
  3. It is good that Caleb is thinking it over, it was obviously a rushed answer. I have the Set Up stage of the game broken in 7 steps in the rules of my core box from 2013, which is before the release of the black riders saga box. In any case, the unofficial-official ruling that Caleb did complicate things unnecessarily, it would be easier just errate the interaction between guarded attachments, the grey wanderer contract and set up encounter cards.
  4. With all due respect for Caleb he did not think his answer properly, he did not even had in mind the rules of the game when he did that. This text is from the Black Riders box: New Setup Instructions Setup instructions appear on some player cards and encounter cards in The Lord of the Rings: The Black Riders. If a player card with Setup instructions is in a player’s deck at the beginning of a game, that player searches his deck for that card and follows its instructions before drawing his first hand. Similarly, if an encounter card with Setup is in the encounter deck at the beginning of a game, search the encounter deck for that card and follow its instructions before resolving the Setup instructions on the quest.
  5. Sauron laughs at your limit 7 in force rating
  6. I am 100% against give him a taste of his own medicine thing. My recommendation as a GM, shift the focus of your sessions away from combat! There are so many fun things to do in a RPG but combat. When combat is necessary, or you are in the mod for some shooting, design the combat encounter so that the players have to do something different than killing everything to be succesful. This is the way...
  7. TOR is hands down the best Middle-Earth based RPG ever. It evokes and recreates the feeling of the books amazingly well. Sadly, Middle-Earth is not to the taste of my current players’ group, they don’t like worlds of black and white, good vs evil, so we stick to the dark fantasy world of Warhammer.
  8. So far we have not changed our decks (we play two) until challenge of the windraiders, which we still have to play.
  9. I really don’t like to have to build dedicated decks to beat a quest.
  10. I totally agree with the location issue you comment. The whole location mechanics is not very well thought off. Arkham definitely does a better job in that sense. The other thing I agree with is the difficulty and the bad/mediocre but thematic cards. I don’t think the game is difficult, but I do think that it does not leave too much room for those who, like my wife, likes making decks with thematic cards.
  11. We beat it with two grey wanderer decks. One with Gandalf, the other with Elrond. We were blocking the guard with support of the eagles on gandalf and with ancestral armour + arwen + something else on Elrond. On the other hand, cumpbloking the city guard should work fine
  12. I totally ignore Caleb’s rulling. It seems to me a hasty reply, and his head is totally in the Marvel Champion lcg now 😊 Don’t be hasty
  13. With the new contract ally Legolas is a new Tactics hero must!
  14. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2020/2/4/sorcerer-supreme/ Sweet!
  15. That. Therefore, house rule it to your taste.
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