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  1. Ent !

    I like ent decks, and I am still struggling to build one which works fine with a “the last march of the ents” tematic hero line up. I wanted to ask you how much of the efficency of the deck do you attribute to the ents and how much to Firyal. From my experience, I have found that in solo play Firyal is a mounstruosity.
  2. Bucket List

    Oh yes!
  3. Fire-filled trench If there are three of these locations in the staging area and a player uses one A test of Will, do the forced effects of each of the locations trigger, discarding the three of them? or only one of the forced effects will trigger? Leaving still two fire-filled trench in the stagging area?
  4. Bucket List

    I already added my voice to the call for a hero Radagast with some toys that can be played on Radagast ally as well, such as a staff, rabbit mount, whatever. Also Meneldor hero or ally ealge, and why not old Wilyador coming back as a hero or ally eagle as well!!? All these cards would fit perfectly within the new cycle to be released.
  5. To be in line with the other elves from the game he should have 4 hit-points
  6. I'm Back! (maybe)

    The dream chaser! The quests are awesome!
  7. If you manage to put a hero from the discard pile onto the top of your deck, can you put him in play with Vilya?
  8. Another view of Caldara 2.0

    For a multiplayer deck having Steward of Gondor, Treebeard and Gandalf locked is not the friendliest thing. Can your deck work without at least some of them? May be Gandalf and Treebeard?
  9. We have played the adventure i epic multiplayer (12 players) twice in two consequtives nights. We have had great fun, but we have been annihilated by the encounter deck after 3 rounds in stage(s) 3. Has anybody beaten the scenario in epic multiplayer?
  10. I think so, but we are having a discussion about it. Did you played at Gen Con? Is there any place where it is directly specified? Because in the rules it talks about "stage" and it gets confusing as if it refers to stage 1, 2 and 3 of the quest
  11. We are playing it with 12 players on 3 different tables, does it mean that uniqueness must be preserved across tables?!
  12. Actually something very cool would be a Radagast hero card that comes along with some Radagast-only toys that you can also play into the Radagast ally. That would be a nice way to revalorize the poor Radagast ally!
  13. In this cycle I really hope for a Thranduil hero card and may be for a Radagast hero card 🙏🏻
  14. Is this the end of LotR lcg?

    Exactly, it takes provocation, little or big. Otherwise I am a nice fella. If nobody launches provocations we all can have a reasonable discussion in these forums.