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  1. Tibs said: Yeah, I actually checked out the dates. "MrsGamura's back?" As far as I know, you should just play as though all other monsters have had their symbols drawn in black. This keeps it simple, because you're just following standard movement rules. I don't count this against rifts or corruptions, or rumors that activate on monster symbols, but the decision is yours. Okay, thanks. Hope they have something on it in the Miscatonic FAQ.
  2. Blobo said: What do you think about the Dark Druid special ability to move all other monsters along black paths? Do you move monsters even if they are in a same space as an investigator? Do all monsters move regardless of their movement type (stationary, green special, flying!?!), or are they just considered moving (Cthonians and Colours)? Is there an official rule or clarification on this issue now? (I'm posting in an old thread)
  3. Avi_dreader said: What?! But he should have rigged it in our favor! Turncoat! Double agent! Then I think he'd soon be the previous organizer
  4. Veet said: tokse said: Julia said: But.. who won this competition? Arkham Horror lost by five votes or something like that... It's 10 now, which is strange because I was trying to figure out the margin to see if this race upset the current "Closest Race" slot and it was 8 when I checked a few hours after voting closed. ColtsFan76 has the exact numbers, I should think (he's the current organizer)
  5. Julia said: But.. who won this competition? Arkham Horror lost by five votes or something like that...
  6. The Spaniard said: - 69 of 76 Investigator related cards are new - 56 of 90 Ancient One or Environment cards are new What do you mean by new cards? Is it just some small changes and reformulations or is it cards with a whole new content, new artworks etc that could be used together with cards from the first CotDP expansion?
  7. Arkham Horror is a few votes behind (5 votes) now, and it's only 1,5 hours before the contest is over
  8. AH had a solid lead of 40 votes, but Carc. is getting closer hour by hour now Carc. is only 18 votes behind now...
  9. BGG and Puerto Rico have the same number of votes now (558 - 558), so this will be a close race
  10. Only 6 behind now. We're breathing down their necks and they can see us in the rearview mirror...
  11. tokse said: Only 28 votes behind now. Come on now, VOTE ! The difference is shrinking. Only 13 behind now
  12. We played Citadels yesterday, and when a player was considering to pick the magician he wanted to know the number of district cards on each players hand. Another player didn't want to show the number of cards on his hand. He said that the rules didn't say that he had to show the number of cards on his hand. I thought this was kind of silly, and that this would be just as silly as all the players hiding the number of gold counters in their fists. What do you think?
  13. Are the characters cards (items, allies, spells etc.) supposed to be hidden (face down) or visible (face up) to the other players?Couldn't find the answer in the rulebook (perhaps I overlooked something...)
  14. What happens when your'e surprised by an elusive monster? Do you first have to pass an evade check to fight the monster?
  15. Just to make sure I'm using the masks correctly... The description of, for instance, the Mask of Vice reads: "Any: Exhaust to place tokens on this card equal to your current Sanity. Then choose one of these unused characters: Michael McGlen, "Ashcan" Pete, or Jenny Barnes. You gain that character's unique ability while you have this item. Upkeep: Do not refresh this card; instead, discard 1 token from it. If this card ever has no tokens on it, return it to the box." So if I have 5 sanity, I can only keep the mask for 5 turns (from the turn I start to use it)? Is that correct? Or can I use it for one turn when I really need one of the characters ability, and then stop using it (and therefore stop discarding tokens from it) for some turns when I don't need it, and then use it again at a later time?
  16. I think perhaps the thief and the assassin are a bit too powerful and aggressive for a two player game, and people tend to get a bit angry and bitter... Is it better to use the witch and the tax collector? Any thoughts on this?
  17. Mr. Brogger said: Here is a solution that I use. I only need two of the boxes this way. I keep all boxes in case one of the two are getting damaged. Cheers I did something similar to this. I used some double sided tape on some small cardboard boxes (boxes for watches, jewelry etc) to stick them into the original game box. Then I used some cardboard pieces to bridge the small boxes and make some more small rooms.
  18. "Guillermo Del Toro Confirms ‘At The Mountains Of Madness’ Is Dead" blogs.indiewire.com/theplaylist/archives/guillermo_del_toro_confirms_at_the_mountains_of_madness_is_dead/
  19. There is a Dunwich Horror movie from 2009 at YouTube by the way, if anyone's interested: Not very good, but interesting enough for enthusiasts I think.
  20. MustardTheTroops said: Thanks for the reccomendations, Tokse. I have seen Re-Animator, and well... it is good... but it has that one scene. Man, messed up. I can't even write out what scene it is, 'cause it's that messed up. Also, I watched it with a group of friends who weren't big lovecraft fans, and I suggested it. It was so awkward. They thought I was such a creeper, and got a completely mistaken view of what Lovecraft is like. I'll definitely check out this Dreams of the Witch House thing, I've never heard of it. The movie, that is. Don't mention it. There's two more (among many bad) Lovecraft movies that's worth checking out I think. "The Resurrected" (1992), based on "The Case of Charles Dexter Ward" have decent scores and reviews at imdb (6,6/10). I haven't found any shop yet that sells it for a fair price. "Dagon" (2001) also have ok scores and reviews at IMDB (6,3/10), and is based on "The Shadow Over Innsmouth" Just ordered this one for a cheap price.
  21. MustardTheTroops said: It would be awesome if it does work out, but I've been watching everything lovecraft on Netflix, and it's universally terrible. Well, the Lovecraft society's cool Air was watchable. But other than that, I think there is a universal law against lovecraft movies being good. Some bad lovecraft movies out there yes. Did you watch "Dreams in the Witch-House" (episode 2 of season 1 "Masters of Horror" TV series) and Re-Animator (from 1985)? They're quite good I think.
  22. avec said: I don't mean to make trouble, but it would not occur to me to describe Tom Cruise as a great actor. For you guys who think he's good, what are some roles that he was really good in? I think he was good in Magnolia, Vanilla Sky, Born on the Fourth of July, Eyes Wide Shut, Minority Report and War of the Worlds, but I'm not sure he fits in a dark theme like At the Mountains of Madness and HP Lovecraft. Ron Perlman on the other hand sounds great.
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