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  1. The text of Coercion doesn't give the ability to pass without eventually needing to play the card as an action. And, even if they did pass, since it isn't an action, it doesn't clear the requirement of Coercion. It's not the opponent's next available action , it's the next action they take.
  2. So, responses have different interpretations and there's logic to them all. No FAQ yet, so how are tourney organizers going to know what to do? Really, FFG, cards like this need to be thought out better. Wording is complete crap. Unforeseen interactions between cards can be easy to forgive. But you've got an unforeseen interaction on this card with a core mechanic. C'mon...do better.
  3. What happens if my opponent claims and then I use Coercion? Does the effect last until opponent's first turn next round? Can they discard the event targeted at the end of the round? What happens if I have a multi-action turn and play two Coercions with different target Events? Why did FFG make dumb cards like this?
  4. FFG doesn't answer on these forums. Their previous messaging is that Awakenings and Spirit of Rebellion are now out of print, although they did make more reprints of each than I think most expected. Several retailers still have booster boxes. My local stores have boxes of everything available. CoolStuff Inc and Potomac Distribution had boxes last I checked.
  5. And, Cheat can get it back whenever wanted as well. Rend isn't the solution. Dead End scenarios shouldn't be in games regardless of their competitive stature. For the fun of the game, they should do something about this and then learn from their mistake of ever printing the card in its current form.
  6. If you claim, can't you just roll in a die? They can only lock two actions and that gives you three possibilities (resolve die, activate other character/support, play card). I don't see how they can reliably lock you down the turn after you claim.
  7. First time I read the card, my immediate thought was, "wow, this is an ignorant card design." It's one of those cards that begs for abuse and doesn't add anything to the basic strategies the game 'should' follow. The combo isn't broken, but it also isn't a positive play experience. Anyone running it against me may see me take an Action to flip the table.
  8. Han and Qui-Gon can have successful shield strategies. I have some Han builds that can roll through the current aggressive decks out there. But just because two characters can effectively use them, doesn't mean they are balanced correctly. I agree with everyone with regards to shield faces on dice being underwhelming. A shield vs a damage is not a fair trade off. So, unless you're getting multiple use out of those shield faces (Qui-Gon) or generating them consistently some other way (Han) then they're pretty much worthless.
  9. Forgot about that. Sabine w/ Thermal Paint is a great Feint target.
  10. When Second Chance is removed from play it goes to the discard pile. If you use a Rebel with Second Chance in the discard pile, you can put it back into play as part of Rebel's effect.
  11. Fast Hands is also an after effect. After effects are added to the queue behind anything already in queue. So, the Feint would need to fully resolve before Fast Hands could. Before activation effects would interrupt and work if they ever make one that does. There isn't one existing that interacts with this yet though (that I know of).
  12. Our group has already been looking at ways to abuse Feint. With FFGs lack of play testing there has to be some unforeseen interaction there. Maz was naturally where we gravitated to first, but came to the same conclusion as above, her dice are removed before She gets to resolve, but she still gets to resolve two dice. Another interesting interaction is all the 'if a die rolls this symbol' supports. They would trigger even if the die was removed by Feint. And perhaps the best thing about Feint is they've now opened the possibility to ambush any character activation (in conjunction with Swiftness). That used to be much more restrictive, but now possible for any character if you have red access. There's some trickiness there and will be more as they create more character abilities.
  13. I don't think Maz needs anything anymore. She dies first turn all the time. Sure, nerfing FN means his deck may not kill Maz first turn, but most other Aggro styles can. I'd rather them just fix FN and Rey.
  14. I've never tried it, but seems like Jetpack could be really good with Palp. Also gives you access to some control cards like He Doesn't Like You, Electroshock and One-Quarter Portion.
  15. When building two decks I'd advise to keep the control style cards and remove the really expensive stuff. Those big Supports look nice, but in a more competitive scene they'll either never hit the table, or their dice will be so slow any good result may be removed. If you pick up packs or singles, I would suggest replacing Flank and Suppression with better control cards from blue or red factions. There's a lot of commons and uncommons that do similar things more effectively.