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  1. LCG's make far fewer cards within the same timeframe as a CCG. One common knock on competitive LCGs is that the meta evolves too slowly. I've bought into LotR from the first day and I would say over its life I have spent less than $10/month on content to keep it current. That's hardly too fast a rate to keep up. And, you seem to like to round numbers to make them work for you. L5R currently has around $610 worth of retail product and it released in October of 2017. That's 28 months, costing a little over $21 per month to keep up with the game.
  2. While I don't know for sure, I'm more willing to believe it had to do with having to manufacture the dice than the release model. They could never hit a production deadline even three years into the game.
  3. ANR had the same issues at the beginning of its life. And, yes, it was every bit as popular as Marvel Champions. Its core set sold out quicker than MC's did. FFG is risk adverse. They do not want to overprint and warehouse stock, so they wait for preorders and try to get as close as possible and then immediately do a reprint run if the game is successful. It is very similar to what the comic book industry does right now. What they don't do well is balance their retailer allocation. Now that Barnes & Noble gets a take on their products, local game stores are constantly getting allocated. That's not good business. Chasing the dollar to lose the backbone of their business and it will eventually catch up with them. They also print everything in China. Most other print to reprint consumer services try to have an outlet for production in North America. If Marvel wants a second printing of Hawkeye, they queue it up and it is done and ready for delivery in a month. FFG doesn't have that luxury. Depending on the time of the year and the latest politics/health of China and shipping unions, it could take months just to get a finished product into the US or EU. If they'd move production to North America all these problems would go away. And, before anyone says that can't be done because of cost, again take a look at the comics industry. Marvel and DC print in Canada. Dark Horse in the US. A typical Dark Horse comic may have less than 40k single issues printed at $3.99 retail. If they can print that quality of product in the US, FFG could certainly do the same.
  4. The CCG 'wasted' card model is actually a design mechanic to promote limited/draft play. There are formulas used in card design to ensure that packs have an appropriate ratio of core mechanic cards so that draft can be a fun experience. I have no idea why FFG LCGs have waste cards. There's really no reason a card should be undeniably flat out better or worse than another.
  5. I list Star Wars LCG as a failure because it was an awful game that only got produced because it was the Star Wars license. If it were any other IP, it would have been pulled after the second year. It launched around GenCon 2012 and the plug was pulled January of 2018. That's a five and a half year run. You can call it a success, but the sales for it compared to all other Star Wars card game attempts were abysmal. Highlander was produced from 1996 to last year off-and-on. The first edition went four years and the fully compatible second edition has been in production since 2007 with about half of that time being collectible. Decipher LotR went from 2001 - 2007. Their Star Wars from 1995 - 2001. Those three outlasted the Star Wars LCG run. Each of the CCGs I listed had enough of a run that they were considered successes. No, they did not live on indefinitely, but neither has any LCG. Companies printed them because they made money. Some stopped because they no longer made money. Others did because of license disputes or mismanagement, the same as any LCG. Saying that the LCG model is more profitable or better than the CCG just doesn't have any facts to back that up.
  6. Unsuccessful LCG type games: Star Wars LCG Doomtown Relaunch Warhammer 40k Conquest Warlord 2nd Edition Soon to be - L5R 2nd edition CCGs that lasted five years or more: Highlander Middle Earth Vs System Magic Star Wars CCG Lord of the Rings TCG L5R Raw Deal Pokemon Yu-Gi-Oh DragonBall Z World of Warcraft It is not the model that makes a game. There are far more successful CCGs in history than you want to admit.
  7. Why do people compare Keyforge to Magic? It can’t fix Magic because it is nothing like Magic. Magic clones that fix the resource (land) issue are Final Fantasy, Original Vs System, DBZ Super, Argent Saga. Those fix Magic. Keyforge is something else, which I find to be something awful. As for Destiny, its downfall isn’t the distribution model. For every person that hates having to buy singles on a secondary market, there is a person that loves cracking packs, speculating on card values and buying/selling. Its downfall was a lack of good organized play and bad game balance just like every other FFG game ever. They are great in the beginning because of the newness and unformed meta. After the meta forms though, all their games start to crumble due to unbalanced card design. Happened in Destiny, GoT, Netrunner and on through their game library.
  8. You can't play full games with any individual starter unless you have two of each, but you can mix and match them to build full decks. Playing with the latest set will be the only way to experience the full rule set. FFG has made a new keyword or game mechanic pretty much every set. A new mechanic called Piloting appears in the upcoming Covert Missions that has not appeared before. It really comes down to what you and your friends want to play. If it's just to play the card game, then what you have should be fine. If they want specific characters, then I'd hunt down singles or buy starters for those. If you're somehow a JJ Abrams SW Sequel Trilogy fan, purchase two two-player starters and you have good Kylo/Phasma vs Rey/Poe options. If you're a Clone Wars fan, purchase two Obi and Grievous Starters. For my money, the best way to play Destiny with a limited card pool is Draft. I would really recommend having a Draft Kit for all your friends and stocking up on Legacies booster boxes (they are only $19.99 on Amazon right now). Draft is really fun and Legacies was a pretty good set, containing the first Yoda and the best Luke.
  9. gokubb

    Set 10

    Kickstarters starve out FLGS. If you want a game with a competitive scene, the stores holding the events need to profit from the product.
  10. I'm sure licensing fees had something to do with this decision as well. They have to pay a mint to Disney to produce Star Wars card games and that raises the bar for something to be a success. KeyForge doesn't have this same burden, so it can exist even if it doesn't sell near as well as Destiny. Same really went for their LCG products on a lesser license deal. Personally, I think they dropped this because they didn't see the license fee for SW card games as something they could profit from anymore. They'd had two SW card games and both failed. I do wonder if they've got future plans for the Destiny system. They spent a ton of resources investing in the ability to produce dice components with the card game. The equity they have in the game system and in the production of the system should be used somewhere else. Jeremy even mentioned working on other projects. I wouldn't be surprised to see a Marvel Destiny game pop up in the next year. I don't know if they Destiny players would come back, but they might. And, the new license would introduce the system to a ton of gamers not already jaded by Destiny's shortcomings.
  11. After seeing RoS, I really have new respect for TLJ. TLJ is still in my top five least favorite movies of all time. I mean, the character choices and just lack of respect for established lore and the physics of the universe were astoundingly bad. From space bombs, to using hyperspeed as a weapon, to having the hero of the OT who refused to kill his own utterly evil father actually attempt to kill his nephew in his sleep. The bad storytelling is strong in that one. But, oh my. At least it was a movie with a cohesive underlying timing device. Sure, it's that they are running out of space gas. But, the movie flowed from point to point. Bad character choices and all, you could tell that at least Rian had read cinematography for dummies. Fast forward to JJ's recent effort. Sure, the character choices were probably a little bit better and more true to Star Wars. But, man did he just crap the bed on cohesion of storytelling. In the scene on waterworld, right after the fight, the heroes of the Resistance are suddenly teleported to their HQ planet. After their brief scene, the story drops back to waterworld where Kylo is still pouting. Unless they bent time and space, which I guess the force can do now, then that timing makes zero sense. Speaking of the Force, man did he destroy that. It's so all powerful now that without a retcon, we'll never see a KotOR that anyone that wants these movies grounded in at least some realism can enjoy. And, the acting. There was zero emotion throughout it all. The fakeout death of Chewie. Instead of tears and anguish, it was almost like JJ was there saying, "no Daisy! Don't show real emotion, remember Chewie isn't really dead..." What a flat performance. I did go into it expecting a comedy instead of something I would enjoy. But, I will say after a weak start, about fifteen minutes in, I was worried there might be a real decent movie brewing. The beginning of the macguffin chasing that united Rey, Poe and Finn was actually pretty decent. They had synergy on screen, it was acted decently. But, after another hour of that and them ping-ponging here and there just to stop and take a dump on the limits of the Force, I was starting to get what I expected. At least we got to see the Knights of Ren, right? Oh, but wait, they attack Kylo. Are they the Knights of Ren or of Palpatine? Doesn't matter I guess, they're as dumb as they sound anyway. And, the ending, oh what an ending. Why did Rey die again? Why did Kylo save her? Better yet, why did Palpatine die? Was there some climatic battle or plot point I missed? At least we did get to see Kylo ghost Rey, that gave me a chuckle.
  12. Shocker! I agree though, from what I have heard the new movie is a mess. The Mandolorian is really the only hope for any Star Wars fan at this point. Hopefully space horses gets everyone involved with RoS fired and we get Favreau and Filoni providing more of the overall direction going forward.
  13. Supports with a one resource side are OP? That's a stretch and downright false for Ghost. It sucks. It's another three cost that just doesn't do anything special. Hound's Tooth was a two cost that paid for itself even easier and it didn't see competitive play. My argument isn't that the characters I like aren't good. It's Star Wars. I like any well thought out character from the franchise. It's that the main characters that are in the 17 elite + cost are always legendary and usually stink! They are batting under the Mendoza line. They'd suck for baseball where you're supposed to fail, let alone at a balanced card game where you are not. Covert Ops Luke isn't going to be any good. The pilot mechanic isn't going to be any good without them introducing broken action cheating shenanigans into the game. Without a Desperate Measures nerf, then those decks are already answered. Even if they nerf DM, the new Vader discards supports when there's a pilot. It's not going to be a successful mechanic with the hate that they've made available. Again, that could change, but they'd have to action cheat break it like they did Sabine/Ezra for it to work. I also think you're overestimating the good cards that came from the last set. I'm underestimating with six to ten, but it isn't over twenty-five cards. The set wasn't good. Aside from the three force-fed, built by FFG in the set decks (Droids, Reylo and Ewoks), the rest of the set sucked.
  14. My point is based on the three main characters of the franchise, which are Luke, Leia and Han. You can add in Obi-Wan and Anakin/Vader, but none of the other characters are the main characters of the franchise. Rey and Kylo lead a terrible trilogy. The Rebels are probably closest being that they headlined a pretty solid TV show for so long. So, having staple characters like Watto, Wat and Talzin when none of the above have ever been a complete cycle's staple (aside from maybe Vader) is just a loss from a thematic design standpoint. Regardless though, the original argument isn't necessarily around the character names. It's around the discrepancy in card power. Legendaries, for at least while they follow that stupid release structure, should be powerful cards. Releasing this new Anakin is an example of them not getting it. Did you see the Hera and Ghost spoilers today? Two legendaries. Two pieces of junk. Hera is a Cienna clone and while an OK character shouldn't be a legendary at all. That new Ghost is trash. If it did what they say in the article and ready a Spectre character when it comes into play, then it would see play for sure. But it doesn't. Their article is wrong. It says it only activates a character. Give trash ambush and it's just ambushed trash. That's the reason to jump ship. Why spend so much money to get a full set of a collectible game where only six to ten cards each set are playable?
  15. Luke1 wasn't every really a legit contender. People played LukeBar, but it wasn't nearly as good as Vader/Raider. Tier 2 at best. I will give you Han1/Rey1 was a thing during Awakenings. Probably the best lightside deck at the time. But, that was Rey, not Han. Sure, he got some shields from the combo and gave access to another ambush weapon, but he himself was overcosted and not that great. I mean, 18 cost elite with 10 health was all it took. After Vibroknife he never saw the table in competitive play. Luke2 is alright. He's a tier 1.5. And, agree, Leia2 is a mill staple, but we all know mill is stupid. Leia3 replaced Hondo in a deck no one played anymore. Yoda decks got crushed by droids because they reliably kill him before his turn two die resolution. She's pretty good on her face, but the main deck for her just doesn't work anymore. Regardless, my real argument regarding the main characters is that none of them have ever matched the sheer power of Palpatine1 or 3, or any Vaders. The cheap ones also don't match the utility of Talzin, Watto, Wat, etc. ****, Rose even fits into more decks than any of them.
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