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  1. I play or have played every LCG they've made. There's never been a card game from FFG in our area with the consistent turnout for tournaments we get for Destiny. Netrunner was close in its first and second year, L5R is about that size right now, but Destiny is the most played card game in our area outside Magic and we could definitely support Standard, Infinite and Draft.
  2. Anyone see the Hush-98 Comlink in there? Two cost upgrade with unknown die: Action: Remove this die to activate any number of your characters and/or supports in the order of your choice. I'd love to see the die, but that action is pretty strong for 3/4 character + support decks. Solves some of their tempo problem. Still takes two actions to pull off the all-out activation, but definitely speeds things up better than the current alternatives.
  3. I don't think we need to jump there with Aalya yet. Compare her to Kanan. She adds the two indirect damage side and her 'focus' ability does more but Kanan adds tempo to the focus side and works with My Ally, Force Misdirection, etc so much better. I think I'd rather run Kanan in mono-blue, but she'll definitely get a fair shot at it. She'll probably shine more in a 3 character multi-color deck. She does jump out, but not like 2-Player Phasma did to me.
  4. That's just an instance of Magic's continuing bad card design. If you design so that Legendaries and Super Rares are always better than a normal rare counterpart, then that's going to happen. I think FFG has stated and attempts to make their Legendaries influence a different way to look at the game, rather than just make the same type of card with lower cost and better die faces. Look at the new Obi-Wan. He's a rare and every bit as good as Windu or Luke or old Obi-Wan (all Legendaries). In every collectible game, there's a format for success and a healthy secondary market is part of that. Organized play drives the secondary market. A healthy secondary market drives the primary market. Once your cards lose secondary market value, that's when you know the game is dead or at least getting there. Happened to VS System. Happened to original L5R. Pretty much happened to every successful collectible game that died (except those that have their licenses pulled from them, i.e. Decipher LotR and SW).
  5. I wasn't saying the same players. I was talking in general. Incoming players that jump into the game would probably prefer the Trilogy format. Those players will also be the most likely to quit playing the game. The ones that stick around will likely graduate to Standard, but there will always be Trilogy only players that get in and out of the game before moving on. Usually by joining some Drafts, liking the game, graduating to constructed, playing for a while, then deciding they don't like the game anymore. Lots of turnover in that group, but it's also where the next wave of serious players will come from.
  6. This isn't Type One Magic where you have 20 years to catch up and $10,000 cards to buy. The game is new enough that, as long as there's still some balance, Infinite should be nearly as popular as Standard.
  7. Infinite players will likely also play Standard and Trilogy. Standard players will likely also play Trilogy. Then there will always be Trilogy only players that don't want to invest in the other two formats. The player base will in no way be split into three. This announcement protects value of old cards through Infinite format, which the hardcore will always play and which will definitely end up with its own championship cycle. I don't see any way it doesn't so long as they put some effort into balancing it. This announcement promotes new players by allowing them to jump in on even footing each December. New players that like it become Standard players and those that stick around become Infinite, further increasing the value of older sets. This doesn't just work in Magic. It works in any practical application. My only gripe is they didn't announce an official draft championship.
  8. That's correct. Modifiers can also be effected by cards like Reversal, which do not resolve the die, but instead work off the value. The same as Disarm and many others.
  9. Any effect that says 'resolve a die' only resolves one die and modifiers cannot be added for that die. Modifiers still have value. Typically they are higher damage sides when compared to unmodified with the same card cost. Also, modified dice make for one large source of damage, rather than more smaller sources. This helps get around characters like Dooku, and work well against shields when combined with cards like Vibro-Knife or Vibro-Ax.
  10. I really like No Survivors. Been using it very well in an Emperor deck to surprise kill someone. It'll be even better with Indirect Damage.
  11. I don't think I'd ever run a red ranged deck without Rearm. Especially since the rule change where you can discard for no reason. It's a super fast way to get a resource for free and protection against mill.
  12. Anyone find it curious that the Battle Droids have the Droid subtype. EMP Grenade special straight-up discards one. Thought they may leave that off characters like they did IG-88. Wonder if they'll make EMP Grenades see play. Edit: Also, common sense would say that a discarded character is also defeated. But, the rules will need to be updated to specifically mention that. As it is written now, the only way to defeat a character is by dealing damage equal to health, or specific card effects that have the 'defeat a character' text.
  13. If you're worried about rotation, then avoid everything but the two player starter. Rotation typically pushes out the whole year of content, not just one set at a time. 2player starter may be the only thing of this first year that survives the first rotation.
  14. Finn is going to love it.
  15. That is awesome. Definitely giving out pack crack next year.