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  1. Question about rotation casual play

    Right now, standard is everything printed. In the future, after the core set for 2019 is released, you can play infinite format to use everything printed, from Awakenings on. Otherwise, standard will start with Legacies and Trilogy would start with the 2019 core set.
  2. Neutral character question?

    Except the rules specifically say if a team has only neutral characters it cannot have hero or villain cards. This isn’t that difficult to understand. The rules clearly spell out that hero/villain choice is separate from color choice. I have no idea how you could read the rulebook and think different than how everyone else on this thread has replied. Spotting is something completely different from deck building. I don’t think a single person on this thread thinks spot a blue hero would mean spot a neutral blue character in a hero deck.
  3. returning player question?

    Ancients are great. The +3 is crazy good for a two cost. The heal can keep a character around one extra turn, which can win you games. The heal trigger can put a card back in your deck and counteract a mill victory, which can buy you one more turn and possibly win you the game. If you’re playing blue with weapons then two Ancient and two Shotto savers are how to start the deck.
  4. Neutral character question?

    The rulebook doesn’t specifically spell this out, but it is pretty clear. Having a Hero or Villain character makes your deck hero or villain. Having a color lets you include that color in your deck. It never mentions a color + faction match requirement. Page 12 of the RRG has these as two different rule points where color match does not mention faction at all. Thinking you need a color + faction match is a leap that just isn’t spelled out in the rules.
  5. Neutral character question?

    The only requirement in the rule book for deck building is a color match. It doesn’t mention a color + faction match, so I would say adding a neutral yellow to a blue hero gives you access to yellow hero cards as well.
  6. Game is Officially Dead...

    To date it only cost $800 retail to get a play set of this game. If you got years of play and joy out of it, then it’s likely one of the cheapest evolving card games ever on the market.
  7. Any ideas with new Palp

    Palp/eDocAphra looks decent. You play him more for the Ability. She’s got two different damage sides. BB-9E has two. BT-1 has two. ID9 for one resource is alright.
  8. Luke Yoda build

    Any 2 blue hero deck should consider Something Familiar. Ups the decks consistency a great deal if you pull it before one of them dies. Can be a game winner for one resource.
  9. Future of the Game

    Posts above said it was their second highest selling game, not LCG. If LCG, I completely buy that it would have been 2nd at some point.
  10. Future of the Game

    Depends on when they said that. Like I said, could have been totals from right after the core set, which I imagine distributors ate right up. Plus their sales numbers are based off distributor purchases from them, not sales at actual game stores. The first order of Star Wars LCG was probably huge in anticipation of a competitive card game in the SW IP. But, there is no way the game outsold Netrunner or XWing, at least on a level where product ended up in players’ hands.
  11. Future of the Game

    I’ve been to multiple GenCons and world champs at FFG HQ (including first year Netrunner and SW LCG were held there). Netrunner had three to four times the turnout of SW LCG from the start. In my local area, stores had to discount SW LCG during the first cycle, whereas Netrunner went through four or five local product shortages. I absolutely do not believe SW was ever their second best selling game. Of core sets, it may have sold as well as anything off SW name alone and distributors probably ate it up in the beginning before they realized it wouldn’t sell.
  12. Regionals 2017/2018 Results Thread

    Mission Board Games - Mission, KS 59 in attendance Winner: eQui-Gon/eKanan Top 8: eQui-Gon/eKanan; Hired Gun x2/Ezra/Rookie Pilot; 2x eCienna/eBala-Tik/Nightsister; 2x Palpatine; eSabine/eEzra; R2P2
  13. Future of the Game

    I don’t think Destiny or other Star Wars games impacted this at all. This game didn’t sell well from the start, being far outperformed by Netrunner. If anything, Destiny may have been created as a reaction to the poor performance of this game and the need to get a decent card game on the SW IP. A coop game wouldn’t impact Destiny or X-Wing at all. Maybe Imperial Assault, but that didn’t stop them from making Legion. A competitive living card game like Decipher’s old CCG wouldn’t impact Destiny much. They’re two completely different play experiences. One is an epic, long game based heavily off play strategy and deck building. The other is a quick, fast-paced action game. They’d scratch two different itches.
  14. How would you track the card back to the correct die? You’d have to roll character, upgrade all one die at a time. Your opponent would need to have die sides memorized to know what is a threat or not. The game’s pace of play would stink.
  15. Future of the Game

    Bad deck building mechanic. Mixed theater where Rancor can attack a Star Destroyer. Game design around ditching your hand every turn to filter for one or two cards that power your deck. It just wasn’t a well designed game with big misses in playability, deck building and theme.