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  1. gokubb

    New Cards Way of the force

    Grievous doesn’t allow you to break deck building restrictions. His ability breaks play restrictions. So, a blue weapon that says blue character only can play on him. Off the top of my head one use of his ability is to play Crafted Lightsaber on him. His ability ignores the exhausted character restriction.
  2. gokubb

    Rules Question - Battle Droid

    And the Ambush keyword.
  3. gokubb

    Plo Koon pairings?

    In another thread, they’ve already said the abilities for Padawan stack on him. Someone at Worlds got confirmation from the dev team.
  4. gokubb

    Deck Building Help For New Player

    There’s not a set formula really for the game. Ideally you want to start with four dice, that’s the biggest thing. Three dice to start just don’t compete well today, even big guys like Vader and Luke. In the deck, most I see have between 8 and 14 dice giving cards. Whether they be upgrades or supports doesn’t really matter. Some quick, aggro things may want more. Some control may be less, but you’ll typically end up there with 16 to 20 events. The cost curve is more important to deck building. Many new players go for expensive upgrades first. It’s important to keep the number of these down unless you dedicate a lot of the deck to resources. Two cost upgrades are the starting point as they can always be overwritten by a higher cost one for the cost difference. So, I’d always suggest at least a two to one two cost vs higher ratio.
  5. gokubb

    Plo Koon pairings?

    Two Outer Rim Smugglers May be interesting. That last card in your hand will net you four resources. Seems there may be a Support deck there. I see in the article they mention one Padawan. Two Padawans seems ideal. You get minus two cost on the first weapon on him. You could have a turn one with 6 resource worth of weapons on your characters. Too bad you can’t run them and Built to Last.
  6. FFG does advertise the game on the back cover of nearly all Star Wars comics published by Marvel. They have been for several months.
  7. gokubb

    Action cheating and then retreat

    Additional actions go to the end of the current queue. Do you get to take the extra action from ambush before resolving the card that had the ambush keyword? You play retreat and your opponent takes an action as the card states. After that action the ‘then’ effect of Retreat triggers, ending the action phase. If you ambush in Retreat, the ambush action enters the queue to follow Retreats resolution, meaning you don’t get the extra action because the phase ended. If your opponent uses their action from Retreat to resolve Force Speed, they get two actions added to after Retreat’s resolution. Which never get used because the action phase ends.
  8. gokubb

    A couple questions

    Have they ruled if exhausting a card is changing the game state, even if it does nothing? I was under the assumption that exhausting Backup Muscle, but moving zero damage still changed the game state because a card that wasn’t exhausted now is. Haven’t seen a ruling specifically on that yet. Anyone know?
  9. gokubb

    AT-ST ideas

    I’d run it in a three color deck so you can do the above and have access to Premonitions from blue.
  10. gokubb

    Question about rotation casual play

    Right now, standard is everything printed. In the future, after the core set for 2019 is released, you can play infinite format to use everything printed, from Awakenings on. Otherwise, standard will start with Legacies and Trilogy would start with the 2019 core set.
  11. gokubb

    Neutral character question?

    Except the rules specifically say if a team has only neutral characters it cannot have hero or villain cards. This isn’t that difficult to understand. The rules clearly spell out that hero/villain choice is separate from color choice. I have no idea how you could read the rulebook and think different than how everyone else on this thread has replied. Spotting is something completely different from deck building. I don’t think a single person on this thread thinks spot a blue hero would mean spot a neutral blue character in a hero deck.
  12. gokubb

    returning player question?

    Ancients are great. The +3 is crazy good for a two cost. The heal can keep a character around one extra turn, which can win you games. The heal trigger can put a card back in your deck and counteract a mill victory, which can buy you one more turn and possibly win you the game. If you’re playing blue with weapons then two Ancient and two Shotto savers are how to start the deck.
  13. gokubb

    Neutral character question?

    The rulebook doesn’t specifically spell this out, but it is pretty clear. Having a Hero or Villain character makes your deck hero or villain. Having a color lets you include that color in your deck. It never mentions a color + faction match requirement. Page 12 of the RRG has these as two different rule points where color match does not mention faction at all. Thinking you need a color + faction match is a leap that just isn’t spelled out in the rules.
  14. gokubb

    Neutral character question?

    The only requirement in the rule book for deck building is a color match. It doesn’t mention a color + faction match, so I would say adding a neutral yellow to a blue hero gives you access to yellow hero cards as well.
  15. gokubb

    Game is Officially Dead...

    To date it only cost $800 retail to get a play set of this game. If you got years of play and joy out of it, then it’s likely one of the cheapest evolving card games ever on the market.