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  1. Ah, that's where I had seen it before. They really should add that language to the 'move' section of the RRG. Reminder text on one card is not a rule for all cards. Another thing that the FFG rules team should clarify if you ask me.
  2. Does the rules reference actually address this scenario? I was looking through it and see the part where assigning damage is limited by remaining health + shields, but it doesn't actually address moving damage. I thought for sure something was in there to answer this scenario, but I'm not seeing it.
  3. Kenobi is the best character of the bunch for sure. But, having a team start with four dice (I'm assuming you're running SOR Vader elite) vs a team with three is pretty rough. From a character perspective, I give the slight edge to the Vader/Kylo just because of the four dice. But, they should be fairly evenly matched depending on the cards ran in the deck. There's a lot of good, new blue cards in the Convergence starter that work well for Kenobi's die sides. If I were a betting man, I'd think that the game would start with Kenobi hurting Vader pretty badly, but then Vader killing Kenobi while Luke watched. Vader would taunt Luke and cut off his hand, but in the end Luke would finish off Vader. An angry Kylo would attack Luke, who would win with a well timed Force Illusion.
  4. No, they are different versions of Rey and Kylo. Outside maybe Flank, I cannot think of any cards that overlap between the original starters and the 2-player set.
  5. As it’s name suggests, Guardian let’s you protect other characters. After activating, you get to remove a damage die to the Guardian that may have hurt or killed another character. Typically, when playing with them, you out your upgrades on your non-Guardians and the Guardian makes the one with the upgrades last longer. Guardian also helps with modified dice. Though not as prevalent as they used to be, the blue modifiers are worthless if there isn’t a black with the same symbol. I’ve often guarded the black leaving a pool of useless blue dice. For Chewie in particular, Guardian makes sure he takes damage on your terms, getting him to the six he needs to increase his damage.
  6. His die is really poor for his cost. Until he has six damage on him, he’s just not that efficient. Thirteen health though for a 12/15 is insane. I would play cards that make him the damage target. Playing with a Smuggler to get Guardian is probably the best bet. Cards like Decoy are good too so you can make sure Chewie is taking the damage. After that it’s about keeping Chewie alive. I think he’d pair well with Red to get access to Field Medic and Riot Shield. With only one die at 12 points, I would pair with maybe the new Maz and then Rose or a Clone Trooper.
  7. As mentioned above, if you’re just playing casually, then the Amazon sale for Legacies and WotF is a great deal to get lots of cards. Other than that, really depends on which characters you guys prefer. The new Obi/Grievous starters are the best starter packs in my opinion. Never was much a fan of the Boba/Luke ones. Convergence is probably the best designed set that’s come yet, but outside Palpatine, lacks any of the super iconic characters (has Mace and Padme, but no Luke, Han, Lando, Vader, etc).
  8. “Include” is a term that is only used for deck building. I’m pretty certain the Hut will allow you to bring an Ewok into play without requiring a unique Ewok.
  9. I liked Rivals as a draft set, but I’m really excited for Allies. I love synergy cards and expect that a lot of the cards in this new draft pack will make a huge impact on constructed decks.
  10. I agree with Hannibal. The Middle Earth CCG was the best LotR card game. I really like the LCG and it’s cooperative nature, but I prefer competitive games. Unlike Decipher’s, there was global uniqueness. If you played Frodo, your opponent couldn’t. And the goal of the game wasn’t to destroy the ring (although that was an alternate win condition). The goal of the game was to be the chosen wizard or nazgul to challenge the opposing side, achieved through gaining marshaling points. It was a complex and intricate system that I really wish was still around. I did play Decipher’s for some time. I liked it as a competitive game through the first cycle. However, once they jumped to the Two Towers block, they threw me off by replacing the site path instead of adding to it. Basically made a form of unofficial rotation that I just didn’t like.
  11. It’s similar to Riot Shield and other cards. Riot Shield says block 2 damage or 3 if on a trooper. It doesn’t say up to. But, you can still use it on a trooper to block one or two damage. It doesn’t have to be three or over to use it.
  12. In Destiny, you always do as much as you can do, anything that you cannot is bypassed or ignored. For Crime Lord, the cost of five resources is after the special is resolved. So, you can resolve the special, then without having the five resources to spend, nothing would occur and the die would be removed. If, however, the resources were actually a cost on the die side itself, that would have to be paid in order to resolve.
  13. It’s just like Director Krennic and Seventh Sister’s Seeker Droid. Those dice are not tied to the original card once they are rolled in. If Phasma is killed, the FO Trooper die stays.
  14. The key for vehicle decks in particular is to change how you think about your characters. For vehicle builds, your characters are resources and health, not damage dealers or combo pieces. That’s why characters like Rose and Anakin are so great for them. Your goal becomes extend the game and get a support out each turn. Cards like Into the Garbage Chute and Respite can be clutch in those, whereas in a two character aggro build they are trash. For me, when building a deck, it isn’t the colors that really drive what to include, it’s the play style. Mill kind of builds itself more than others. Combo all depends on the combo. But, most aggro and vehicle deck builds end up about the same regardless of colors. Aggro is about fast ramp, getting upgrades out as quick as possible and using tricks to avoid mitigation. Vehicle is about extending the game and controlling the board as much as possible.
  15. Anyone know when this is expected? How much money does FFG lose not releasing the draft pack with the set. It should be dropped on the same day so we have a reason to buy more packs. I’m sick of drafting sets I already have all the cards for.
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