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    Alpha Chaos 13 reacted to Commediante in Snipers: are they really the death dealers that OW makes them?   
    I mean: in real world, are snipers really so op that they can kill entire platoons of enemies before they reach em?
    I'm not a proffesional soldier, but I play TF2, first person shooter from Valve, a lot. I'm not bad at playing sniper. I've got good reflexes, can aim under pressure and even while moving slowly - it saves me from other sniper's bullets and gives a chance even against charging groups of enemies. But here are couple things that seem to be impossible when playing sniper:
    - sniper's aim becomes very bad at about <10m range. While you can shoot from the hip, you can't really aim with a scope. Considering that most of sniper firepower comes from careful aminig, that should significantly lower the damage.
    - At the point blank range using his firearm is almost impossible. Enemy can make a step to the left and he's way off your scope view. Besides, sniper rifles are long and cumbersome, unsuited to wave them like a flag.
    - while aiming and focusing on enemy in the other end of the map, you can't really see what's going around you, especially behind your back. You may notice enemy crawling 200m away, but you'll miss spy that will sneak and stab you when you'll be hunting.
    I think that OW doesn't reflect those flaws that snipers bear. There are no penalties for shooting at close targets. On the contrary - there are bonuses! Besides snipers, according to RAW, can make awareness tests while aiming and shooting, regardless of their sight being obscured to a point on their enemy's forehead.
    Do you have any ideas on how to make snipers more realistic in OW? How to make those flaws count? I'd like to come up with something that wouldn't break the game and be simple enough to not become a problem.
    EDIT: Oh, and if there are any snipers among you guys, please write about how your service differs from that from OW.
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    Alpha Chaos 13 reacted to TheOGBluejay in The Defense of Cosecha   
    So for a while I have been running a game for my group of friends. In this game they are playing as the 137th Lamian Light Infantry, a unit of elite Schola Progenium Infantry raised and equipped on a world from a rich core sector. These light infantry were dispatched to the World of Cosecha to fend off a tendril of an unknown and unnamed Tyranid hive fleet.
    Session One:
    The first session saw the players playing a Risk-esque game wherein they played as the commanders of PDF and Imperial Guard units on the world, working to repel the initial Tyranid landings. They did better than I expected them to, setting the stage for an interesting rest of the campaign as the Tyranids would have to force another beachhead once they arrived in orbit.
                    As the Imperius Crusade burned its way across Sector Antium, a drama began to unfold upon the world of Cosecha. The Crusade was in full swing elsewhere, slowly beating back the remnants of Hive Fleet Titan, but on this peaceful agri-world all was calm. 2 Regiments of Elysian Drop Troopers and a company of Praetorian Space Marines rested on the world, resupplying and awaiting reinforcements before they would once again descend into the meat grinder that was the front. Unfortunately, they would not have to go very far at all to find the fighting they were preparing for. In desperation, the hive fleet had sent out a multitude of spores to scout for biomass to replenish their failing fleets, as the Imperials had been fighting for many months to keep the fleet away from any worlds with healthy amounts of biomass. One cluster of spores had found their way into the Cosecha system, and were now heading towards the vulnerable world. The world’s deep space radars detected their approach, but with only 11 days prior warning. An astropathic distress call was sent out from the world, and support quickly promised, but it would not arrive in time to contain the spores. That would be up to the PDF and the small force of guardsmen and marines already upon the world.
                    Moving quickly, the PDF mobilized their best divisions to surround three potential landing sites identified by the Marines and Elysians, with the 2 regiments of Elysians divided into three fast attack units in Valkyries. When the attack finally materialized, the Imperials were not as prepared as they would like to be. Landing in what the Imperials called zone Alpha – an area of hills and marshy lowlands – the three spores soon found themselves set upon by Imperial forces hoping to deliver a deathblow before the fight even started. The plan the Imperials had concocted involved a lightning attack by the Elysians and Praetorians while the PDF units nearest the landing zone encircled the Tyranid spores. At 0445 the Imperial units first engaged the Tyranid forces, kicking off a 13 hour engagement.
                    In the predawn haze, Elysian units blasted out a landing zone less than 2 kilometers from the furthest eastward spore, fighting a brutal battle to do so. In many places the Imperials and Tyranids were no more than 20 meters apart, the fighting often devolving to the level of grenades and bayonets. As this was going on, Astartes drop pods rained from the sky, delivering their deadly cargo into the heart of the fray. Soon, 2 full brigades of Elysians and a full company of Astartes were fighting their way towards the nearest spore. At 0945, 5 full hours after their landing, the Imperial forces made contact with the first spore, drilling and blasting their way through the surface. Sensing an impending threat, the Tyranids launched a vicious counter-attack. Soon, the Imperials found themselves pushed back from their breakthrough; all but a few. B Company, 2nd Brigade of the Elysian 27th and 4 Squad of the Praetorian 4th Company found themselves cut off and pressed against the edge of the spore. 138 Guardsmen and 9 Astartes faced assault from both directions. A quick consultation between the commanding officers of both units led them to the conclusion that the only way they had left to go was forwards. With a battle cry on their lips the warriors of the Emperor charged into the breach they had made, fighting their way tooth and nail to the birthing vats near the center; here they planted their demolition and infernus charges, destroying fully 1/3rd of the Tyranid’s capability to reproduce in one fell swoop. After a brutal fight out of the spore and back to the initial landing zone there were only 23 survivors; 3 Astartes and 20 Guardsmen, 11 of whom would later die of their injuries. Over the next 7 hours the Imperials tried again and again to reach the second and third spores, but they were forced to withdraw at 1700 hours as the Tyranids threatened to overrun their initial landing zone. 207 Elysians died, 559 more were wounded; 15 Astartes died, with 2 more unable to continue fighting due to their wounds.
                    Though the planetary governor wanted the heads of the commanding officers for what he saw as a dismal failure, he was soon forced to admit that the operation was at least partially a success despite the cost. During those 13 hours of furious battle the Tyranids had no opportunity for reconnaissance or expansion as their whole attention was focused on the threat to their spores. This had allowed 3 divisions of PDF infantry to take up positions surrounding their landing zone, as well as giving the rest of the Elysians time to relocate to the area. The destruction of even one spore’s birthing vats was an irreplaceable loss for the small, queenless force; they now had to focus all of their energy on replacing lost organisms to mount a desperate defense. Luckily for the Imperials, the Tyranids soon discovered that no matter what they did they could not win this fight. Instead, they devoted their energies to contacting the Hive Fleet, informing them of the feast of biomass available on the vulnerable Agri-World.
                    Barely a full day after the initial airborne assault, on L-Day +1 at 0900 hours, the Imperials launched their assault against the Tyranid’s position. The next 36 hours played host to a brutal knock-down drag out fight as the Tyranids fought the Imperials right up to the edge of their birthing vats to allow the Fleet time to home in on their position. As the last shots were fired, the last gouts of promethium cooled, and the last knives were removed from xeno corpses, the Imperials cheered their victory. Though 3 of the PDF’s best infantry divisions had been badly mauled in the fighthing –taking nearly 14,000 casualties- they had beaten the Xenos back, giving their world a chance. It soon became appallingly apparent to high command that the victory was not as worthy as originally hoped. Even as the people of Cosecha celebrated their victory the Crusade’s commanders watched the Tyranid Fleet consolidate and begin moving towards the world. Racing against time, they shifted their own forces towards the planet. As the pieces fell into place it became apparent that Cosecha would be the deciding battle of the Crusade; whoever won here would win control of the sector.
                    As more and more troops arrived on Cosecha, so too did the Imperial Navy. Soon, 1.9 million Imperial Guardsmen, 18.3 million PDF troopers, and 300 Astartes were digging in all across the world, preparing to give their lives to defend this small part of the Emperor’s domain. Even as this was happening, nearly 100 vessels of the Imperial Navy took up station in orbit, prepared to counter the Tyranids as soon as they arrived in system. When they finally arrived in system, the battle began in earnest.
                    For three weeks, the Tyranid fleet skirmished with the Imperials, attempting to bring them into a set piece battle; the Imperials did not take the bait. Finally, running low on stored biomass and time, the Tyranids assaulted the world directly. For 3 days the sky burned with ships falling from space; people on the ground described it as the most beautiful sight they had ever seen. As the battle began to draw to a close, the Hive Ship was critically wounded; in desperation it drove itself into the planet’s atmosphere, crashing down not far from the site of the initial battle against the scout spores. Soon it was rebuilding itself into a heavily armored and fortified surface hive, surrounded by bio-plasma cannons that could fire into space to protect it from orbital bombardment. Great waves of creatures spewed forth from within, starting the ground war in earnest.
                    It was here that the 445th Imperial Guard Infantry Division was rushed into position to give the rest of the defences in the area time to consolidate; with them the 137th Lamian light infantry marched into their first ever battle with the Tyranids.
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    Alpha Chaos 13 reacted to ShoggySeldom in The All Guardsmen Party   
    Fate was omitted for the intro, for the reason you stated and because the GM claimed it would slow the pace of combat. He was probably right about that, but mostly he just wanted us to die I think.
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