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  1. Brother-Captain Braellen Petraeus of the Iron Snakes Chapter reporting in with a number of 0199/2000. For Ithaka!!! For the Primarch!!! For Terra!!! For the Emperor!!!
  2. Rictus said: Nice fluff-eise for the Nemesis incident and adding a touch of mystery to DW... However, is there going to be a follow on which includes details on the following chapters: Raven Guard, Iron Hands, Salamanders and the Iron Snakes? ...Or are we going to still use the exceptional fan based material on the first three and wait for a later supplement to come on 8-12 months down the line. I cannot help but wonder, having noticed in previous titles such as the Radicals Handbook and Blood of Martyrs for DH, that elements get mentioned yet are not detailed (e.g. the Fire hammer and Fire Lance in BoM), only to be derided by others as typos/errata before DLC detailing them appears. I loved seeing the artwork in the Core book featuring The Iron Snakes. It was definitely surprising to see the beloved Snakes of Ithaka featured in some of the main books artwork.
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