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  1. Hi all! I'm wondering if anyone can do a breakdown for me. I'm curious of changes made from 1st ed to 2nd ed. Any info is appreciated! Thanks thanks, -Dave
  2. Alrighty, thanks for the info.
  3. Anyone have any idea if there is a way to get a pdf version for folks who bought the hard copy? No addition cost would be nice.
  4. a simple youtube search for "gun explodes" proves that your statement is false. Thanks for the spam post People being wrong is not a reason to act like a jackass toward them You're correct. My apologies to Eyeless1 and community.
  5. a simple youtube search for "gun explodes" proves that your statement is false. Thanks for the spam post
  6. Page 22, left side gives the 3 options for voting. Raise Lower Keep
  7. Actually no. Everyone gave themselves 2 Vitality because they see themselves as unfit. It was more the social and metal stats where everyone felt that they didn't have enough points. I had to agree. uhhh... so.. Using your 16 point house rule. Vit had 2/2 Mental had 5/4 Socail had 5/4 wtf lawl To be more accurate, Vit 2/2 Mental and Social had 4/4/5/5
  8. You get 1 point by default in each, then you can increase by 10 points. So, you can have 4 out of the 6 stats at 2(33% chance) and the remaining 2 at 3(50% chance), if evenly distributed. These don't seem unreasonable. Correction it's more complicated than that simple math because positive and negative cancel each other out, and you roll multiple dice. But still seems reasonable.
  9. Wouldn't raising everyone's stats be the reason it was hard to hurt anyone?
  10. These decisions to house rule seem rushed to me. Lots to say on the topic, not sure how to state without coming across assholey.
  11. Played as overlord for Castle Daerion. won the first mission, 2nd mission won on round 2. killed the guy with 1 hero in the room. Jain Fairwood used her Heroic Feat to get alot of move. OL is easy. way too easy, everyone hates me now
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