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  1. There's already a sub. I think it's r/warhammerconquest
  2. I flipped for Armada, but I can see myself playing this more often. I'm curious how the campaign is going to play and feel. It kinda sounds like an RPG minus the Roleplaying, which isn't always a bad thing. The Pathfinder Card Game does that, and I love it. Thoughts?
  3. You have two options: House rule harder enemies. Make adversary 5 a things or something. Or, do what I did, and end the game when they are getting too powerful. I noticed this happening and wrote an ending. Tomorrow we start our second campaign.
  4. I love these games, bring it on! The tablet thing really interests me. I've thought for a while that tablets would be a great accessory to board gaming. Hope it works well.
  5. In the above instance, I assume you're using the Lightsaber custom skill? Yes, we use the skill connected with agility. I gave her the option of Agility or Brawn depending on what type of style of fighting she wanted to use. Basically, I went with what made the most sense for me and ran with it.
  6. One of my players has a lightsaber. She didn't start the game with it, and really only got to use it for the first time yesterday. Also, it wasn't just given to her, it took a while for her to get one and be able to use it. Other than that I've had a saber show up one with time with a Forsaken Jedi. Coming up in the next game there is going to be an inquisitor, who will most likely have one as well. So, since release, I've had it show up three times.
  7. Doesn't it say that with a ship with silhouette 3 or lower that the ship is destroyed when the Hull Points are exceeded? Sorry I don't have a page number.
  8. Alright, that does seem a bit better laid out like that. Dogfights still seem really risky, specially since I just remembered that silhouette 3 or less are destroyed and the pilot killed unless the GM decides it's just disabled. I think I'll just have to warn my players that going toe to toe in a fighter is a high risk situation. Thanks for rolling that for me, by the way. You rock.
  9. Can it be repaired? Cause that's a little too quick IMO for space combat.
  10. Hey guys, I've been GMing since the release of EotE and so far my party hasn't done any space combat for one reason for another. Last night we play a game of AoR and one of my players was in an A-Wing while the other two were on a Capitol ship. Doesn't really matter how, but the A-Wing and his squadron were attacked by Ties. One was an interceptor and on the first shot rolled two Succeses which, if I'm reading this right, destroyes that player. I've read the chapter in both books several times now and some of the stats don't make sense to me as far as armor and hull strength. Can anyone clear this up for me?
  11. Pick up a copy today at my local game store. Nearly had a hear attack because I had no idea they were released.
  12. At Order 66, we promise very little! But we deliver a lot! (And if we fail to do that - at least we didn't promise you anything.) That should be the tagline for the next show, seriously lol
  13. I didn't promise a nice answer. Just that we DID ask him about it. Lol, this is very true, you didn't promise anything.
  14. Yeah... We DO ask Fischer about that... Yeah, I listened to it at work today and was a tad bit mad with his answer. Then again, I didn't expect him to say something on there and the site not say anything about it. Oh well. Thanks for the great show, though!
  15. They had the perfect time to launch and that was before GenCon. A new iPhone got announced today, GTA V comes out soon, and that's just a couple of things. August was the best time to throw this beta out and the screwed it.
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