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  1. You're silence has made the decision easy. I won't be coming. Thanks!
  2. For those of us coming in from out of town, when do the events start on Friday ? Trying to determine whether to fly in Thursday night or Friday morning. Thanks!
  3. Nothing about Wyldside is optional. You must sacrifice a click and draw two cards at the beginning of your turn. Plus, the only way to get rid of it is to use Aesops Pawn Shop.
  4. The runner immediately wins. From page 20: If at any time a player has seven agenda points in his score area, he immediately wins the game.
  5. Thanks! I'll give these a look. Check out the meetup group when I get home tonight.
  6. Because there may be cards (in the future) that let the runner get the top program/virus/event/whatever from his heap.
  7. This depends. Lets say the runner has a hand size of zero, due to brain damage, at the start of his action phase. Actions 1 and 2 he plays diesel and draws six cards. Action 3 the runner makes a run and suffers 1 brain damage. At that point he would discard a card, now the runner has 5 cards in his hand and a maximum hand size of -1. The runner loses at the end of his turn since his maximum hand size is less than zero. From page 20: If the Runner takes more damage than the number of cards in his grip, or if he has a maximum hand size of less than zero at the end of his turn, then he is flatlined and the Corporation wins the game.
  8. Unless it says otherwise a strength increase only lasts for the encounter of that particular piece of ice. From page 16. Increasing an Icebreaker’s Strength Many icebreakers allow the Runner to temporarily increase the icebreaker’s strength by spending credits. This helps the Runner deal with stronger pieces of ice, provided he has enough credits to spend. This strength increase lasts only while the current piece of ice is being encountered, unless otherwise noted by card abilities. After an encounter with a piece of ice, the icebreaker’s strength returns to the value shown on its card. This applies to any other strength modifiers given by icebreakers as well.
  9. Cards in the heap are discarded face-up. From page 6. Heap This is the Runner’s trash pile. The heap is kept adjacent to the Runner’s identity card. This is where Runner cards are placed when they are trashed or discarded. Cards in the heap are faceup and inactive. Both the Runner and Corporation may look through the heap at any time, but must maintain the order of its cards.
  10. That is correct Khudzlin. From page 21: Prevent or Avoid Some card abilities use the words “prevent” or “avoid.” Prevent or avoid effects are the only effects which can disrupt another effect. A prevent or avoid effect states what it is preventing or avoiding, and an effect that is prevented or avoided is not resolved. Prevent or avoid effects can be triggered whenever the effect they are preventing or avoiding is resolving.
  11. Love me some Max Headroom. Network 23 is certainly the template for NBN.
  12. The glossary clarifies that the wording applies to each unit of damage. Four brain damage reduces hand size by four.
  13. To be clear, 4 brain damage means you randomly discard 4 cards and take 4 brain damage tokens. Your new maximum hand size is 1.
  14. Maximum hand size would be reduced by 4 in your example. From page 30: Damage, Brain: A unit of damage that requires the Runner to trash one card from his grip at random, and reduces his maximum hand size by one card. One card randomly discarded per unit and a reduction of maximum hand size by one per unit.
  15. Looking for some games in Denver Colorado (and/or the surrounding area). I'm down in Castle Rock, but could make it to just about any of the local game stores. Dark Matter, Troll Country, Collectormania, Atomic Games, Enchanted Grounds. Tuesdays and Thursdays work best.
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