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  1. So if next level begins at any time, it will immediately go back to heros' turn like a new round begining without any reason, then OL's turn will pass the turn in previous level.
  2. So it means if each hero still has MPs or an attack in previous level after entering the portal. When next level begin, each hero still can finish their ronud action one by one, right ? I losed to read "constructing next level " sorry.
  3. maamets said: I think that heroes will always have the first turn on any dungeon level. I have seem FAQ about this: 19. Once the last of the heroes have entered the portal in a dungeon, does the OL receive a turn, or does he immediately begin constructing the next dungeon level? The overlord immediately begins constructing the next dungeon level. So it shuldn't be true.
  4. I have read the something question about portal. But maybe I wound't seem about following question: I have knew that when the last hero enter the portal, the new level will begin at OL's turn. When hero enter the portal, his(her) turn immediately end, right ? But, if there were 1~3 hero(s) had entered the portal at preceding turn, and then the last hero enters the portal or glyth at new turn. Who will begin next level first ? Begin the OL's turn immediately or continue hero's turn who had entered the portal at preceding turn Whether hero who had entered the portal will pass his turn until the new level begin ? I guess it will be : A, B and C enter the portal → D still in dungeon in this turn → new turn → only D can action at new turn → D enters the portal or glyth and immediately end his turn → next level begin → bacause A, B and C have been entered the portal at preceding turn so their turn will be passed → OL's turn begin first in next level
  5. There is a hypothesis in this question: There are 4 Trasure chche in copper tresure card in basic game. If all of the equipments are with heros, in other words, only tresure cache cards in pool. And then at the same time, heros open a copper chest in dungeon. So all of the tresure cache cards can be drawed. Question: Whether All of the tresure cache cards are effective to heros (like gain coins or potion etc.) or there is auything else to limit tresure cache cards be drawed ?
  6. Greeding I have a question again. I have see the RTL rulebook again. In the linger effect explain page about Frost, there is a note at the end of the sentence "Like heros receive over 5 damages(before armor), the armor discarded." (I key this at school, just approximately recount.) I don't remember there is a rule about up sentence like that. Who can tell me where the rule about the armor damaged and discard ?
  7. Why Dark Charm should not be a OL's attack ? When OL use Dark Charm, he may use Aim to reroll the attack. If it should not be a OL'a attack, why can OL play Aim to support it ?
  8. WoD expansion may be the best one the buy first and then is AoD expansion Just I thought lol
  9. Sorry to reply once again Q3 If hero upgrade their power dice, the block dice they extra training before whether the train token back to the pool or continue use that just place the siler or gold token on it ? Thanks for your answer
  10. Q1: In the RTL rulebook about encounters with lieutenants said that "Additionally, two cards without a trechery cost can be added to his(OV's) hand for one trechery of the current type." It mains that OV can only two cards add to his hand with one point of one kind of trechery he has only one time or many times until his hand cards up to 8 ? Q2: In FAQ about RTL wrote the topic about OV's deck in dungeon "If the Overlord cycles through his deck twice in the same dungeon level, the heroes are ejected from the dungeon and are forced to flee it. Note that the Overlord's Keep is not subject to this rule." First, Is it mains about the path: Dungeon begin → many rounds → OV's deck used up first time→ Mixing the deck and continue → many rounds → OV's deck used up second time → hero ejected from the dungeon Second, if the first correct, Is there any punishment about conquest token like OV gain 3 conquest ? And how about in OV's Keep ? Or just remix the deck ?
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