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  1. Just tried the second scenario and I was defeated in every possible way I tried multiple deck combinations, but after all, I couldn't make any progress in 2B. After having defeated the Hill Troll (with a lot of luck due to good cards in my hand) I had the problem that when I had to draw two cards in every adventure phase I drew 2 location cards in the first two rounds of 2B. So after 2 rounds I had around 10-12 Threat strength just by location cards which I couldn't handle with my heroes so the threat level kept rising and rising. Well, guess I should practice a little more with the first scenario
  2. My first impression: I love this game, especially the Leadership Sphere, Aragorn and Theodred are an awesome combination, I've combined the Sphere with all other Spheres now and didn't have too many difficulties finishing the first scenario. Think I'm gonna try the second one tomorrow Still I have some questions, maybe someone could help me clarify: 1. What's the advantage of confronting enemies while they are already in the staging area? I still don't see no difference, except your threat level isn't high enough to make them attack the next round... If you attack an enemy in the staging area, still the enemy strikes first, doesn't it? 2. Can heroes also be declared as defenders? 3. Can I combine Gandalf with "Sneak attack?" So bring him into game, let him do his damage and then take him back onto my hand? Or do I have to discard him after the phase then?
  3. DrNate said: The online rulebook, page 10, says that there are only fifteen player cards that are green, they are the cards numbered 58-72. Your total, however, equals 16 (7 ally + 5 events + 4 reinforcements). However, the deck you listed does have 29 cards, that is exactly correct. Is it possible that you counted one of the cards as two different cards? Or, is the rulebook wrong and there really are 16 different cards? I'm dying of curiousity! Sorry, my mistake. Counted the cards once again and there are Reinforcements: 4 (1x1, 3x2 = 7) Allies: 5 (1x1, 3x2, 1x3) Events: 6 (1x1, 4x2, 1x3)
  4. Beravor, Dúnedain, ranger 10 Threat Cost, 2 Willpower, 2 Attackpower, 2 Defense, 4 Health Points Ability: (free translation from German, hope you understand what I mean) Action: Exhaust Beravor. Chose a player. This player draws 2 cards.
  5. Narsil0420 said: Yes! Definitely, thank you! Keep it coming! Could you name some of the allies and what sphere they belong to, if you recognize their name? I mean, if they're characters from the books that you recognize. Leadership: Heroes: Glóin (Dwarf), Aragorn, Théodred Allies: Faramir, Brok Ironfist, rest unnamed Tactics: Heroes: Thalin, Legolas, Gimli Allies: Beorn (Dwarf), rest unnamed Knowledge: Heroes: Denethor, Beravor, Glorfindel Allies: Glèowine, Henamarth Riversong, rest unnamed Spirit: Heores: Éowyn, Eleanor, Dúnhere all allies unnamed
  6. A bit more detail maybe on the Player Cards: I counted two of the Spheres (Tactics and Knowledge in German, the red and the green one) 29 Cards each. Kowledge: 7 Allies (2x1 copy, 3x2copies, 2x3copies = 14 Ally cards total) 5 Events (2x1 copy, 3x2 copies = 8 Event cards total) 4 Reinforcements (1x1 copy, 3x2 copies = 7 Reinforcement cards total) Tactics: 4 Allies (1x1 copy, 1x2 copies, 2x3 copies = 9 Ally cards total) 7 Events (2x1 copy, 4x2 copies, 1x3 copies = 13 Event cards total) 4 Reinforcements (1x1 copy, 3x2 copies = 7 Reinforcement cards total) I don't know if this information is useful to anyone, but if you wish I can add information about the other Spheres aswell if you like
  7. Watcher said: Yes.. It sucks we have to wait. Be kind to us and give us a card cout breakdown. Please? Okay, now let's see... 226 Cards total, 12 heroes, 4 heroes per Sphere. 10 Adventure Cards 120 Player Cards, so each Sphere Starter Deck contains 30 Cards (29 of each Sphere plus Gandalf, who is included four times in the core set) 84 Encounter Cards I have tried two of the Spheres, but couldn't succeed on finishing the first Scenario. But I must admit that I haven't played any of those card games yet so everything is quite new to me, so I'm not sure if my strategies (if you can call them so) are very efficient. I'll try to combine two of the spheres next, hope this will make it a bit easier for me...
  8. I bought it yesterday in Munich, but didn't have the time to dig into it yet. I'm a little disappointed about the cards, had expected them to be a little thicker, like in Arkham Horror for example, but that should be no problem if the game is even half as good as I imagine
  9. Frank6 said: In Germany the game will be available the 18th (the german version of the game). I ordered it today. Where did you order it? I found it on Amazon where they say it will be out on April 30...
  10. Thanks for your reply, during the course of my last game, another question came up: With the spell healing and the Unique Item "Stone of Healing" (again, I'm using the German version of the game so I don't know if these terms are correct in the English one), they say that after using them I gain health. Can I get more health than the maximum number of health points indicated on the investigator's card? The spell doesn't say anything about it, neither does the stone. I'm not sure about this, since especially with the spell you could gain enormous amounts of health with a portion of luck during only a few rounds...
  11. I've bought the game two weeks ago and I really enjoy playing it. I guess I've finally figured out most of the rules, but there is one question which I couldn't find the answer to yet, neither in the rulebook nor on the Internet: Note: I play the German version so I'm not sure if I use the correct terms of the game, but I hope you can understand what I mean. If an investigator has a high speed level (last time we played a player had 6 points) and therefore can move over quite long distances, is it then possible for him to go to a location, pick up a clue token, then move back onto the street to end his movement there or in another location? Or, in other words: Does the movement phase always end when you arrive at a location (such as the graveyard) or if you pick up a clue? Or is it possible to pick up clues "on the go", so you can pick up several clues of multiple locations within one movement phase (if investigator's speed level is high enough)? Thank you very much in advance for your responses.
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