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  1. Hello everyone. Sorry for disappearing there. My laptop has run into an issue and I cannot use it at this time However, my game is going very well thus far. Both players are from the Crane Clan, one a seasoned and older female samurai while the other is a fresh young member of the Crane right out of the Doji school. They were invited to visit the Fox Clan where their Daimyo was holding a small feast which included representatives of the other minor clans I am including in my campaign. While there, the ronin families make their offers somewhat openly and in front of everyone. Being from the Crane and acting as a sort of diplomat to the minor clans, my PCs are tasked with rebuilding relations with the clans as the previous diplomat soured the relations between the minor clans and the Crane. They will be given the task to parse through the ronin and see what they do, if they fit the minor clans and rebuild relations. The relations are rebuildable but it requires some work to do. Of course, other nearby major clans, the Crab and Scorpion, may have something to say about it. As pointed out to me, I also changed the Ide to Imai. Hopefully it works. The samurai was tested in a nonviolent duel and won in one strike. During the duel I threw in a reference to Seven Samurai because why not! Lol. But so far, we are all really enjoying the game. It flows really well.
  2. Hey Hida! Thank for the reply! I am a fan of the Unicorn personally. True. They could go for one of the great clans but I thought it would be more interesting to have them pursue the minor clans and try to gain not only influence within that clan but also increase the clan's status. I will have to look into the Ide name. Could make for an interesting side story or depending on the campaign, have their name officially changed for better or worse. For them being families. I read up briefly on the Oriole clan and decided that the ronin families saw their success. So, they thought, if they renamed themselves as families and more formally established themselves along certain professions, they could increase their chances of moving up the social ladder. I appreciate the feedback I am excited to play/run a game in Rokugan.
  3. Hello everyone, Earlier this year I finished my first time GMing of FFG's Star Wars. It was fun and challenging but was not entirely fulfilling mechanics wise. Me and another more veteran player took a look at L5R and fell in love. The book itself is gorgeous and the rules and setting seem to fit much better with FFG's dice mechanics. So naturally, I will be running the game so my players can run around being samurai. I have been busy reading the rules when I can and have recently developed a rough outline of a story for the campaign. I am still VERY new to the setting so I hope my idea fits into it. I do not have time to jump into a premade story and learn it in time as a player may leave soon. Hence, just jumping in. Below is a brief outline of my story as it sits in my head. I do not mind some minor feedback on them. I have more details to share but as I am on my phone, I cannot at the moment. Some of it is very rough and may be rewritten to make more sense: Eight Decisions for Four Families (working Campaign title) Four ronin families are vying to join one of the minor clans (Monkey, Sparrow and Hare). All have earned hard won reputations as being reliable ronin families, often working alongside the major and minor clans. Protecting villages from bandits, settling disputes between minor clans and their families and even absorbing other ronin and turning them into honorable samurai and members of Rokugan society. One family has a long, deeply held grudge against 2 of the minor clans. They aim to use their favors with one of the other minor clans to weaken the other 2. They also see the other 3 ronin families joining the minor clans as problematic because they could not only strengthen those clans but, they could also expose some of the more unsavory aspects of their family due to the harsh life ronin sometimes live. The players are asked by the minor clans to investigate these families in more detail and provide the clans with their findings. They aim to see if the families will fit each clan's personality. The 4 ronin families are as follows: Ide - Known for raising koi fish for ponds located at inns, halfways houses and other establishments throughout Rokugan. Symbol- Two koi swimming in a circle. Okuda - Oversees a number of hillside rice paddy villages and owns a good number of halfways houses and inns along nearby roads. Has done a lot of work punishing bandit groups and protecting travelers. Symbol - Egret Yamashina - Has built a strong reputation for having skilled negotiators and diplomats. Works chiefly among Mercantile families, businesses and the minor clans. Symbol - The Great Purple Emperor Butterfly Rokkaku - Maintains a series of very secluded temples in the Shinomen Forest were they maintain relationships with spirits (think the anime Mushi-shi). Their members travel far and wide, helping to maintain balance with the spiritual health and well being of Rokugan and its people. Often, their arrival precedes storms and have often been associated with bad omens. Symbol - Wind and flowing water That is where I am at right now. I still have to fill out more details of the families (main characters) and their relationships with the Monkey, Hare and Sparrow minor clans. Also struggling to find a decent map too. All feedback is welcome!
  4. Not sure if I missed it but, did not someone make a blog of sorts for deck plans and ships? I have been looking for some ships to offer my players at a given point. I am looking for some blank deck plans but am struggling to find the original source. Nevermind! I found the site. It does not have floor plans but I am sure I can them when I need to! https://kainrath.wordpress.com/
  5. That is actually how I was treating the Empire's military in my game. I told my players that you will find more Imperial Army soldiers than stormtroopers. If you do, it is probably a good idea to get out of dodge.
  6. I was excited to see them too! And there were a handful of Stormtroopers but you had to dig through the background to find em. That was a great, chaotic battle scene.
  7. Enfys Nest since they seemed to tangle regularly with Crimson Dawn. Also that pole with thesShockwave Enfys uses at the end to down a bunch of the Crimson guards. Lando's capes.
  8. Saw this a few hours ago and I must say that I really enjoyed the movie. I went in with low expectations and came out very pleased. Donald Glover's representation of Lando was excellent. Beckett was a great addition though I wish we got more interactions with him and him crew. I thought Enfys Nest was pretty badass. So much material for GMs lol. Seeing the Star Destroyers being built was very cool and I like how they did not trash the Solo trilogy and incorporated aspects of it into the movie.
  9. I just ran my first ever GM session for Edge of the Empire. I did a test run with my GM from another game I am in beforehand. From that experience, I came up with the below character creation method. My players all thought it went incredibly well, was smooth, easy to get through and they had a lot of fun. Steps 1-3 covered background and appearance of the PCs. Probably spent a good hour pouring over these steps. Step #1) Species, gender, body type, name and etc. (Core + Explorer, Hired Gun & Smuggler source books were on hand.) Step #2) Profession + specialization(s) Step #3) I allowed the to pick Obligation and gave them x2 for extra credits and XP gained when choosing obligations. This helped flesh out their characters a lot more. I also had them pick their motivations. This helped them flesh out their background before spending XP. Gives them a chance to decide if they want to change their profession and or specialization before moving onto the next step. Steps 4-5 were all about spending XP and Credits. Spent another hour or more here as well. Step #4) Spending XP on characteristics, skills and talents. Step #5) Spending all them credits on armour, weapons and equipment. I gave everyone, for free, a backpack, commlink, and a datapad. Everything else they had to buy. I also started them with no ship. They are going to have to earn their first hunk of junk.
  10. These are great! I just ran my first session and these will be very helpful additions for my players to have on hand. Much appreciated RLogue177!
  11. I am jealous. I never got to play the OT, ever. I had to endure watching someone else play the entire series via youtube. What. A. Masterpiece. Since I only have the PS4, I do not have the chance to do so. :-(... But I agree, the narrative dice system will be perfect for the Mass Effect universe.
  12. It really does. And with Andromeda's future dlc and follow-up games getting canned, a table top rpg will totally fill that void.
  13. I forgot to mention a setting I have had mulling around in my head for sometime, a setting in the United States from the colonial Era to the tail end of the 1800's, inspired by the anime Mushishi. I haven't had a chance to really look into the idea but I wanted to share since this system seems like a good fit for it.
  14. I want to echo the suggestions for Mass Effect and Cowboy Bebop. My own mention is: One Piece - Of all the anime suggestions in this thread, I am surprised no one has mentioned this one, at all. (Unless I missed it.) It has a deep, very well developed setting that has a lot to offer players. When I first started following One Piece, I realized how much fun it would be on the table top. There is a lot of depth and diversity to the setting that also allows for a ton of creativity for the players to pursue.
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