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  1. Because I was hoping to get some interesting points of view and I got them
  2. Well... problem is in catholicism God died. For three days only, but he died. And decline it IS ARCH-HERESY. Unless your a member of one of the sects that believe that Jesus and God are seperate beings, sigh... it going to turn into one of those things 40k hand waves away by saying "oh it varies from place to place" AKA "Common Lore (Ministorum) is redundant"
  3. So many of the Imperiums institutions are so bogged down in bureaucracy, I wouldn't be surprised if the the details of their founding wasn't put in a filing cabinet and lost for ten thousand years. I take your point about Astra Telepatica, they might remember him. But aren't even sanctioned psykers feared by the populous? Would anyone listen if they went around saying "No guys, there was this guy, he was the Emperors BFF and we has the greatest moral psyker around!" Acknowledging that the Emperor is mortal? Remember that 40k takes inspiration from real world analogues. Imagine telling a devout Catholic that God and Satan got into a fight and God was mortally wounded but Saint Luke sacrificed himself so that God might not die, how would they react?
  4. I think you're on to something here, mentioned in historical records, but isn't really given wide recognition, hidden in the shadows of The Emperor's angels and saints. Didn't know about the tank, but a name of a vehicle doesn't really give context, why is an F18 called a Hornet? You have to know what a hornet is to understand the reference, otherwise it's just a name. I can see where your coming from, I guess my Emperor is perfect thing was a bit to broad. I guess its a matter of, who's stories are interesting and you would be allowed to tell. The Primarchs and Space Marines are The Emperors angels going out, performing mighty deeds and striking down the foes of Man. The story of Ollanius Pius is also easy to tell without exposing Heresy. While this is a flagrant manipulation of what actually happened that day, it covers the major points, provides an point of inspiration for the Guard and avoids Heresy. What can we say about Malcador that doesn't cover some form of Heresy or is, well boring? Ok great, good for him, what he did is massively important, but that's not a heroic epic that will keep the masses enthralled. Can't talk about any of that. I cant find any way to manipulate these facts that don't obviously raise more questions and the last thing The Imperial Creed needs is more questions that lead to forbidden knowledge.
  5. Would people in the setting know of Malcador and his exploits? In my season I ruled no, on the basis that a lot of what Malcador did was acting in The Emperor's absence or highly classified (founding the Inquisition, creating the Grey Knights etc), so the young Ecclesiarchy would remove him from stories because "The Emperor is perfect, he doesn't need any help" and the Inquisition would expunge all records of him for similar reasons. I conceded that some records probably exists in obscure scholastic and forbidden tomes (the character asking has Scholastic Lore (Legends) so I figured if anyone might know anything, it would this character), but even low ranking preachers, those who know the "Good Book" inside and out, would be unlikely to have encountered records of him. I was wondering if anyone else has some thoughts/sources on the matter?
  6. Create her as an Acolyte and upgrade her, if you create an "NPC Inquisitor" you wont have any skills, talents or characteristics besides your influence.
  7. All of them are equally dangerous. Too say any one of them is more dangerous than the others is to misunderstand their nature. That might seem like a non-answer, but allow me to explain. The Chaos gods are rivals, they constantly compete with one another to gain an upper hand and when one becomes too powerful the others conspire to weaken them. Kill any one of them and you create a power vacuum that the others will quickly fill, making the three remaining more powerful and dangerous to Mankind. The Chaos gods are also friends on occasion and they pose the biggest threat to Mankind when they throw away old rivalries and unite as "Chaos Undivided". Killing one god centralizes the forces and powers of Chaos, making them easier to unite and what better reason too abandon old rivalries than a bunch of god killers walking around? The threat posed by an individual god will wax and wane as the other three strive too match it's power. But the threat posed by "Chaos" will always remain constant.
  8. While I accept your design decision, there is one feature I would love as a GM: Some method of sorting/grouping character sheets. I use the app to keep copies of my players sheets and also to maintain sheets for important NPCs, I'm currently running two games and some method to separate "Game A" and "Game B" would be grand. That's what creating an NPC inquisitor is for. Create the inquisitor and you can 'attach' the members of warband A to inquisitor A and so on. NPCs I guess you could organise in a similar fashion Creating an NPC Inquisitor doesn't really "de-clutter" the character list though, it just adds another entry to scroll past. Warband information is fairly basic, since it copies the "GM" sheet for the subtly track, only listing Per,Wil & Inf characteristics, no skills, no talents. If individual Warbands were in seperate "folders" or something that would be great, then I could have an "NPC Warband", Or better yet some form of tagging. Character 1 is a PC in Game A, so has the tags "PC" & "Game A". Character 2 is an Allied NPC that has appeared in Game A and Game B so has the tags "NPC", "Game A" & "Game B" That might be too complex to implement, I'll settle for anything beyond the unsortable list we currently have
  9. *rolling awareness test: 4 degrees of failure* Huh... well there must be a hidden message within the numbers! *only use for Scholastic Lore: Numerology ever recorded: 3 degrees of failure* Well 5*6=30 so Table 7-30 - Vehicle Out of Control Direction... clearly the most important table! A vital clue in our investigations has been uncovered!
  10. While I accept your design decision, there is one feature I would love as a GM: Some method of sorting/grouping character sheets. I use the app to keep copies of my players sheets and also to maintain sheets for important NPCs, I'm currently running two games and some method to separate "Game A" and "Game B" would be grand. Well, if your only adding ONE table from Chapter VII then it's fairly obvious which one. Table 7-1 is probably the most important table in the book from a combat point of view. Everything else in that chapter is fairly situational, bar the crit tables, but that's more than one table .
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    Role: Player Looking For: GM, Group Type of Game: Online Session Specifics: Voice Chat, flexible Region: Western Europe Session Time and TZ: Evening GMT to Midnight, Monday to Thursdays Game Style: Narrative Game Specifics: flexible Comments: Got into this game as a GM, now want to see it as a player
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