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  1. I was a long-time player of the old L5R CCG and am interested in checking out the new LCG. I saw a few posts from people in Kitchener/Waterloo and wondered if there is there an active playgroup in the area.
  2. I'm still interested if you're still playing.
  3. Hamilton is less than an hour away for me.
  4. I'm an hour away in the Kitchener/Waterloo area but would be willing to make an occasional trip there for some LotR.
  5. I somehow missed your post before I went to make my own deck, and after coming back I realized that the deck I came up with uses the exact same hero lineup! I'm looking forward to trying this out. Thanks again for your input.
  6. That is a great suggestion, and I've been toying with the idea myself. I was convinced that Core Gandalf would be essential to winning because I could use him to "bomb" enemies or reduce my threat to stay below engagement until I was ready. It turns out that the time I won, I didn't get him until I had nearly gone through my entire deck. I used him to speed up killing the Nazgul, but by that point the victory was in the bag. I think I will try out OHUH Gandalf when I run the Mirkwood cycle; I like the idea of having another permanent ally with amazing stats. And like you said, I can replace the Sneak Attacks with quest-specific cards, or even Elrond's Counsel (these were crucial to winning Morgul Vale but I replaced Sword That Was Broken instead). With Steward, he is definitely affordable and as you pointed out, Aragorn takes care of the threat increase and, where low threat is especially key, Elrond's Counsel is a good sub for the slots left by Sneak Attack. The more I think about it, the more I like the idea of having space for tweaking according to quest.
  7. Victory! After a few losses (including one where I had the board owned going into the third stage and drew a Master's Malice; had the resources to pay for a Test of Will but didn't have it in hand, then found out it was the next card on top of my deck) and a bit of luck, I was able to grab Faramir (with 8 progress on To The Tower) and get the hell out of dodge. Thanks again for your input! I'm looking forward to taking this deck through the Mirkwood cycle next...
  8. Victory! I am stubborn and really wanted to beat this quest with my Aragorn/Sam/Glorfindel deck and, with a bit of tweaking, a few losses, and some luck, I made it! Thanks for all the replies and advice! Bullroarer, do you run a Vilya-style Elrond deck? I tried an Elrond deck the other day and had a lot of trouble getting set up. But that could of been as a result of my higher starting threat using Bilbo instead of Mirlonde...
  9. Ohhh I like the sound of that! Lore is my favourite sphere, especially rangers. I could try and use Denethor for treachery cancellation as well...
  10. I think I reached the third stage once or twice, but by then the number of enemies I was engaged with was out of control. One of my biggest problems with this deck has been getting overwhelmed and not having enough defenders/attackers. I've been able to consistently get Steward, Blood of Numenor, Burning Brand, and 2x Unexpected Courage on Aragorn, but even then he can only block so many attacks. And then there is the problem of actually killing enemies, especially the **** Bodyguards. I like your suggestion of more chump blockers, so I am going to try replacing the Ethir Swordsmen with Snowbourne Scouts and get rid of Dori for one more copy each of Warden of Healing and Bill the Pony. In many ways, Bill is the perfect chump blocker: he is free, has two hit points, and can quest or defend if necessary. I'm also going to try and make sure I can kill the first boss the very first time he attacks. Another thorn in my side has been the shadow card that returns enemies to the staging area showing up when I try to strike early. I'll get Gandalf out and be ready to finish him off, then the Orc boss will attack, return to the staging area, and have his ability trigger a Bodyguard into play. Thanks again for the suggestions!
  11. This quest is killing me! I beat it the first time I ran it with a Lore/Spirit deck, but ever since, I get overwhelmed by enemies, have an uncancellable treachery key off of Lieutenant of Mordor, or see an Orc Vanguard turn up. I've tried my tested and true Lore/Leadership/Spirit deck, an Elrond/Vilya deck, a Tactics/Spirit deck, and even a mono Tactics deck. Each time, the key weakness of each of these decks is fatal at a crucial moment. For example, Master's Malice keying off of the Lieutenant of Mordor late in the game against a tri-sphere deck or getting a bad wave of shadow effects against the pure Tactics deck. Any advice for how to beat this solo would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  12. That sounds like a great idea! Unfortunately, I'll have to wait to catch up on the sets that contain those allies (I own every set up till Morgul Vale and only recently got back into the game). Did you beat Morgul Vale with this deck? That quest has been a huge thorn in my side lately!
  13. This is something I am moving towards and would definitely like to here more about. What does your hero lineup look like?
  14. Well there was the one based on the movies, but the fact it exists is all I know about it. I haven't heard the ICE one referred to outside my circle of friends in a long time! We still get out our decks every now and then... I'm not familiar with the Arda deck though.
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